“Hu Ge……”Hua Zi is about to speak。

Hu Yang interrupted him:“Tell me the truth!This transformer,Belongs to the customized version,The value should be between 50,000 and 70,000。If you don’t believe it,You go to check,Don’t let this Vietnamese take advantage。”
He made it public on the spot,Tens of thousands of dollars,Populus euphratica is indifferent。Anyway,Just can’t let this Vietnamese boy succeed。
Get!this time,The audience in the live broadcast room is comfortable。really,This is Brother Hu!
Only Fang Ru feels a bit pity,If Brother Hu tells them,This small fortune,They have a chance to post。
The boss was shocked again,Ignore others,I quickly checked it with my phone。This is not a secret thing,You can still check if you want。
Shortly after,She really found,Even if this kind of figure is second-hand,Also worth tens of thousands,Commemorative。
See this,The lady boss immediately cast a grateful look at Populus:“Little brother,Thank you!”
Just now,Didn’t Hu Yang keep calling sister??She listened very smoothly,Feels good,So I named Hu Yang brother。
As for the Vietnamese boy,You don’t have a good face。Unexpectedly,Want to pick up the bargain from her?A foreigner,I didn’t cheat you,Already pretty good。
At this moment,Yuan Hongwu’s cell phone rings,It was from my Chinese girlfriend。
Angrily,He answered in front of Hu Yang and others,Scolded:“The quality of you Chinese is really bad,I met several silly people today.force。I am……”
Not finished yet,Oncoming,Just a fist。
This punch,Ge Jung hit it。

“Oh……Then i get it,Xiao Fan,Your trick is really high,If he told Liu Shanshan that he was going to invite a friend’s company to help Heartwarming Home to deal with her,So now I have this bet with you,Even if he was fake at first,So now to be able to beat you,He will also have to do these things truly!”Lin Yuna said。

“Yes,Our family Yoona deserves to be the chairman of the Lin Group,Think the problem is transparency!”Xiao Fan praised。
Lin Yuner didn’t expect Xiao Fan to say such a thing suddenly,So the face immediately became flushed。
Although she and Xiao Fan have already communicated with each other,But it’s a love story similar to the one just now,Lin Yoona thinks she still can’t adapt。
but,A moment later,Lin Yoona returned to her normal face,Then asked Xiao Fandao:“but,I think Song Haiyang is already unreliable,His friends can really be so reliable,Was he pulled to raise money??”
Xiao Fan smiled:“That’s not something we should worry about,To win me,Song Haiyang, even if he couldn’t raise the donation from his friends,Even if he pays out of his own pocket,That must also come with a sum of money。It’s about defeating me,An important question that humiliates me,Song Haiyang won’t just let it go。”
“Puff!”Lin Yoona didn’t hold back any of them,Just laughed,Fortunately, Song Haiyang and Liu Shanshan are far away now,otherwise,If what Xiao Fan said just now was heard by Song Haiyang,I’m afraid it will be vomiting blood。
“All right,Let’s go quickly,We also need to go back to the company to contact those in charge of the Qiao company,After all, the heart-warming home,Counting on Song Haiyang is definitely not counting on,Let’s go back and think of a solution。”Xiao Fan said。
Lin Yoona nodded,And Xiao Fan walked in the direction of his car。
“ocean,Why are you always targeting Xiao Fan and Lin Yoona?,Obviously this is the first time we met today,Could it be that Xiao Fan had offended you before??”Liu Shanshan sitting in a BMW asked Song Haidao。
“No!What am i,How could I know such a poor boy!”Song Haiyang said with disdain。
“Since I don’t know,Then why did you meet people on the first day,You have to treat people like this!look at you,From the first time I met him,Just keep looking for opportunities to humiliate him。”Liu Shanshan said dissatisfiedly。
She thought that Xiao Fan and Song Haiyang had a grudge before,otherwise,She really didn’t understand why Song Haiyang would target Xiao Fan like that。
and so,Before,Liu Shanshan’s rude behavior towards Song Haiyang,She basically didn’t care about it。
but,Good now,What did she hear,Song Haiyang actually told himself that he had never seen Xiao Fan before.。
so,The current situation is that Xiao Fan has never offended Song Haiyang.,Was targeted by him repeatedly,It should be like this!

When Xia Chenglong heard this dragon chant,When he heard this dragon chant,I also trembled in my heart,Because just this dragon,Yunxia Jackie Chan knew,This dragon is definitely not a common product。

Just after Xia Chenglong felt the breath of this dragon,There was also a sudden tremor in my heart at that time。
At this moment, he took a deep breath,I calmed down my excitement a little bit,And according to rumors,This dragon sword is in the wild mountain,This is the fiercest place in Dahuang Mountain。
Generally speaking,Peerless treasures will come to life,Unless there are some places where they are fierce or good at Feng Shui,Maybe the kind of place to hide the treasure,To be able to hide certain treasures。
But if these treasures are great signs,By luck,In addition to being suppressed by the fierce land,There is no other way。
In fact, Xia Chenglong is watching the mountains in the distance,Feng shui,Already noticed this place,As soon as I came here,This place is as he expected,It is indeed that place。
But he originally planned to come back when he was ready。
The first thousand and fifty-six chapters Fighting Blood Corpse
But now it looks like he is not ready。
And look like this now,Not only was he not ready,On the contrary, his condition should be very bad at this time,Although Xia Chenglong is not afraid of this monstrous resentment,But at this moment,He has also been eroded by this resentment。
So Xia Chenglong’s breath is very unstable at this time,Footsteps,No God in front of you,Now he looked bitterly in the direction of the blood corpse,A dignified look flashed indifferently in his eyes。
Xia Chenglong at this time has a very good understanding of his physical condition.,Needless to say this point,And the blood corpse looked at Jackie Chan like this,There was also a wicked smile at the time,The corners of the mouth rise slightly,Evoked a cold smile。
“Quack,Kid,This is really a way to heaven, you don’t go,There is no way to hell,This man with great heart,I’m afraid it’s never happened since ancient times。”
“This thing only exists in the legend,I never thought of it today,Unexpectedly met by me,It’s you if you meet me today,Bad luck,But don’t worry,This seat will give you a happy one,But if you dare to resist,I’m not sure。”
When Xia Chenglong heard the blood corpse say so,There was a sudden inexplicable killing intent in the eyes。
Don’t say it’s a blood corpse at this time,Even the Dragon Yin Sword present,With a peerless weapon,All felt this cold killing intent。
When the blood corpse felt it,When Xia Chenglong was killing one cold,,The expression is suddenly tight,At this time, he naturally felt the cold killing intent on Xia Chenglong.,When he felt this cold killing intent,My face suddenly became pale,And it looks ugly。
However, this blood corpse was transformed from vitality after all,Fight hard,Naturally, there is no need to say more about this。
At this time, the blood corpse opened its blood basin and turned towards,Xia Chenglong jumped over here,He hurriedly responded,But fortunately,This time he,The reaction speed is also alert enough,So everything about him is still normal。
But now this time,The blood corpse still doesn’t seem to want to let Xia Chenglong go,A blow after a miss,The blood corpse formula is like a surging river,Continuous,A wave of unrest,Wave after wave。

Looking at the two cars on the ground“Aerial crane”Carter medium excavator slowly hoisted into the air,The envy and greedy saliva of the Chinese delegation flowed all over the place:Fucking!so fun!Old beauty really can play!I want to play too!

First604chapter This is not a slaughter,This is unloading a leg
? The next negotiation process,For avoidance of suspicion,Also because I am a consultant,Chen Geng did not participate——After he was going to attend the evening dinner,Back to Detroit overnight。
Unexpected,Haven’t waited for the dinner,Li Jianguo came to the door,Dude’s bitter face,Coming up, I held Chen Geng’s hand tightly:“Mr. Chen,You must help us this time……”
“what happened again?”Seeing Li Jianguo whose expression seemed to have been ravaged by a hundred hippos,Chen Geng asked。
“The Pentagon’s offer is too dark,”Li Jianguo’s grief and indignation:“Their offer800Ten thousand dollars a frame……”
I didn’t wait for Li Jianguo to finish,Chen Geng squirted out water:“How many?!”
“800Ten thousand dollars a frame……”
Chen Geng is speechless:The Pentagon is really dark!
How dark is it,1962In the year,U.S. Army Flower1300Ten thousand dollars purchased6frameS—64For technical and performance evaluation,And where4The rack was sent to Vietnam for actual combat evaluation,6frameS—64,In total1300Ten thousand U.S. dollars,The average unit price is less than220USD。

“and so,I think this time I still don’t want to save you out of trouble,Anyway, you have been suppressed for so many years,Don’t care about being suppressed for a few more years,More than ten years。”

“Wait till the time is right,I will save you from the trouble,As for when the time is right,I do not know either,You just wait here slowly。”
“Sometimes,When you are bored,You can see the scenery here,Since becoming the master of the Yaozu,I haven’t had a drink so leisurely for a long time,No need to think about trivial matters,Talking vigorously。”
Monkey King looked at the Monkey King in front of him,Said with a smile,What about advanced fourth-order?There are even higher scenery waiting for him to appreciate,How could his Monkey King stop moving forward?
“in fact,I think after I get out of trouble,Better not let me see you again,Otherwise I’m afraid I can’t help but beat you up。”
After Sun Monkey heard the short white man in front of him,,Silence for a breath,Said quietly,He found himself in another world a bit too arrogant,Bullying him is suppressed at the moment under Wuzhi Mountain, can’t he move??
What does it mean to be suppressed for so many years?,Don’t care about being suppressed for more than ten years?Decades?Have the ability to wait for him to get out of trouble,This guy appears in front of him again,Monkey Sun must let himself in another world see what is the strength of the Monkey King。
“It’s like you can come out and beat me now?I am in a good mood,I won’t beat you up,I hope you can see the situation clearly next time and speak later。”
“Even if I put a bunch of wine and food in front of you at this moment,You can’t eat,and so,Junjie,Don’t be ignorant of current affairs。”
After Sun Wukong heard the words of the Great Sage Qitian,Surprised,What’s going on here?I was still dying just now,Look so desperate,Why are you so arrogant right now?
If it weren’t for the monkey grandson at this moment, it would be too miserable,Sun Wukong must teach himself in this world,Let him know what it means to respect the strong。
“Walk slowly。”

Explode your shameful headlight!

As for Yuqin sister,Then it’s more gentle。
She said that the headlight of the Lianfeng beauty is a bit small,Need a man’s help to grow,of course,It’s basically impossible in this life!
“No more!”Yuqin and Lianfeng shouted at the same time,He stopped Xin Zhao and continued to describe the situation。
At this moment,Lianfeng and Yuqin both have an open seam,The idea of jumping。
The two of them thought Xin Zhao was asleep,And Yuqin temporarily closed the surrounding channels,In the absence of anyone here,Play around a little bit,Nothing。
Wait until after,The two of them realized that everything they did was seen by Xin Zhao。
This is more embarrassing。
“That one,I still have something,You can explain the rest of Lianfeng to Xin Zhao!”Finished,Yuqin left in a hurry,I didn’t even look at Lianfeng’s face full of greetings。
Lianfeng feels so angry now,But there is no alternative,Yuqin left without telling,Xin Zhao in front of this looks innocent,Actually, my heart is very dirty。
‘Is it,I really want……,what,nausea!’
Xin Zhao at this time is looking at Lianfeng,Of course he can’t look at anything else at all,Now Lianfeng presses his shoulder with one hand,Hold his chin with the other hand,It looks like he’s teasing a man。
Seeing Lianfeng suddenly trembled,Xin Zhao’s eyes lit up suddenly。
“Pitiful beauty,You see, there is no one around anyway,Please let go,Ravage me to your heart’s content!”
Finished,Xin Zhao closed his eyes directly。
“nausea,You guy is dying!”
Heard Xin Zhao’s words,I feel a little uncomfortable in my heart,Directly and subconsciously let go of Xin Zhao,And several meters away from him。

“This is Sister Qiuhong,You have discussed with your family,Just contact her,She will do everything for you。”Lu Menglin smiled。

“it is good!I will work hard!I’m going to Hong Kong Island!”Wang Xiaomei shouted with excitement。
Deng Jiajia heard the news,Envy again,Moved again。
She also wants to go to Hong Kong Island,Go to work at Brother Lu’s company,But she can’t be as free and easy as the little girl,She knew her family would not agree。
but,She is also happy,Happy for good friends,No need to study,I can also work for a large Hong Kong company。
Wang Xiaomei grew up with her since childhood,Deng Jiajia knows too well,My little girl’s mind is much smarter than herself,Just refuse to study hard,otherwise,My younger sister’s grades will only be better than herself。
“That one,Brother Lu。Can i ask you one more thing?”Wang Xiaomei blinked,Chu Chu asked poorly。
“OK!What are you asking?”Lu Menglin was a little surprised,Replied。
“My five brothers,People are very honest,Very obedient,Can they go to work on Hong Kong Island with me?”Wang Xiaomei gritted her teeth,Speak out。
Lu Menglin was taken aback first,Then burst into laughter。
“how?Are you afraid I will sell you?”Someone smiled。
“Do not,no!I just think,If I can take some brothers there,Let them live a good life,And the family has nothing to say。”Wang Xiaomei quickly explained。
Lu Menglin nodded,Smiled:“up to you,You contact Qiuhong,Let’s go through the procedures together!”


Chapter Nine Hundred and Ninety Three Moon Demon Spider
If only to attract a group of Sirius spiders,Of course Lu Menglin won’t take that long。
With Lu Menglin’s heart moved slightly,In the passage on the left,Another group of spiders rushed out。
This time, it’s not just the sirius spider that moves very fast.,It’s a flower-snout spider with a size and lethality far above it。
The defensive power of these flower-nose spiders is more than five times that of Sirius spiders,Ordinary attacks are for them,It’s just tickling。
This giant spider,A heavy tank among the spiders,Blood thickness,The attack power is also terrifying,Just one or two,This one burst out is seven or eight,Earth-shattering,It’s really shocking。
Long Zhanye and Zhong Yefu and their group,Just stabilized the battle,Is preparing to forcibly destroy the Sirius spiders ahead,Suddenly encountered seven or eight flower kiss spiders,Suddenly suffered heavy casualties,The lines of defense have retreated。
There are three big fighters at the forefront,Too late,Being hit by the flower-snout spiders all the way up close,One person was provoked by spider teeth,Tragic death on the spot。
The other two are also desperate,Unexpectedly, I chose the self-explosive light pattern power。
A large group of white light shone in the cave,The shock wave from the two explosions spread in all directions,With a strong light pattern power。
Under the helpless blew of these two forty-level warriors,The fastest rushing flower-nose spiders crashed to the ground,Spider feet are corroded by the power of light,Like being chopped by a knife,Have broken,Lost mobility。
The Sirius spiders around could not withstand the violent spread and explosion of the power of the light pattern,Follow instinct,Retreat。
Lu Menglin stuck to the top of the rock wall,See this scene,Also secretly surprised。
Those two are mostly dead men raised by those super gangs,The kind that has been brainwashed for a long time,Don’t violate it at first sight,Immediately blew up。

The Dark Lord raised the box above his head while speaking,Then the whole hall began to tremble,This shaking is more than just shaking,As if the sky they are in is falling。

Everyone looks around,Don’t know what happened?
Murong Qianxue stood by Xia Chenglong’s side,As long as there is a little strangeness around,She will react immediately。
“Humanity,Sad human,It’s a great honor for you to witness this great moment,You should also be grateful to be our sacrifice。”
Everyone is deserted,The opponent’s strong people already know,Especially after getting the treasure box,This black demon has expanded to an unimaginable level。
This power……
“Look everyone!”
do not know when,Heaven and earth have completely turned black,Outside,And the whole hall is collapsing,As if entering a piece of hell。
Yes,Here is hell,It’s where the dark demons were suppressed thousands of years ago。
The Dark Lord shakes up casually,The entire Sanqing Sword Hall turned into scraps,And everyone can see the surrounding environment clearly now。
No marginal place,All around is filled with black air,The sky is filled with layers of dark clouds,Thunder and lightning,A layer of black mist covers the ground,But I can feel that something is hitting below。

“Old couple!”

Lu Jinning sullenly said the answer,It’s not just Yang Liu who is smiling now,Even Yang Qiuyun couldn’t help laughing。
The man can’t hold his face anymore,Authentic:“What is laughing?Do not laugh,Did you hear me?A woman almost fifty,Dressed up all day long,I don’t know. I thought I had two daughters.。”
Now,The mother and daughter laughed louder,Yangliu can’t eat anything,Lie on the table and laugh out of breath;Yang Qiuyun is old no matter what,I can still hear the sweet words of men,Old faces are blushing。
Lu Jinning watched his wife and children smile happily,Also laughed。
Happy family,How nice。
When Lu Liang appeared in front of Yang Liu,She just finished a market survey,This job is different from distributing flyers before,You must make a good record,And not everyone wants to be an interviewee,One out of ten is willing to stop and listen to her.,Some men look pretty,Still very warm in speech Ignorant。
If I didn’t think I was a Huo Shi employee,Can’t discredit the company,With her violent temper,Will never swallow。
Fortunately this kind of Not many trivial men,These days down,Only encountered two,And she also learned a lesson,Look at the picture before asking,The honest-looking only came forward to consult politely。
The weather today is too hot,The uniform on her body is wet with sweat,Did not complete a few questionnaires。
Shade by hand,Look down at the questionnaire,A shadow over her,Willow bows reflexively,“Hello,I am an employee of Huo Group,Here is a questionnaire”
From the voice,The professional smile on his face will show up,When I saw that the person was Lu Liang,Relieved,Looking at him lazily,Said weakly:“How did you come?Go away,Don’t disturb my work。”
Hand holding questionnaire,Also waved a few times,Very impatient。
“Are you driving flies?What attitude!”
Lu Liang saw the sweat on her face,It’s been so long,I didn’t seem to drink any water,Can’t help but scold Huo Yun and inhumanity secretly,“have you eaten?I have not eaten,Have a bite?”

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