Morning massage to resolve dull edema

Morning massage to resolve dull edema

The swollen eyes that get up in the morning make the eyes half smaller, and the dull complexion also makes the makeup look uncomfortable. It looks good or bad, I was afraid to be found playing all night last night!

I really hope that there will be first aid pills. After eating, the puffy face will immediately shrink into a goose egg face!

In fact, choosing the right maintenance product and adding a 5-minute massage can quickly improve the problematic morning muscles!

When you go out during the day, you will have a firm and rosy complexion.

  [Key point 1]Use a cotton pad to soak the “keratinous fluid” and massage the skin to help the skin wipe away the old dead skin cells.

For example, when you get up in the morning, sometimes your face is very dull. That ‘s because the old waste keratin that has not been metabolized is accumulated on the surface. You can choose a mild composition, a lotion that removes old waste keratin, and the skin wiping lighter.So as not to pull too much and cause skin injury.

  Product recommendation: Clinique Moisturizing Cleansing Water No. 1 Reference price: 180.

0 Product Specifications: 200ml Editor’s Comment: While effectively and gently cleaning the cortex, keep the skin water and oil balance, so that the skin is not dry.

At the same time improve skin brightness, smoothness and softness, so that subsequent moisturizers are better absorbed, and all skin problems are improved.

And this product is also very suitable for this allergy-prone spring.

  [Key point 2]Choose a high-performance moisturizing lotion, pat the skin with warm palms, awaken the sleeping skin, restore skin elasticity and vitality, and then use the gentle flapping motion of warm palms to help the skin recover.Let the skin “move” and restore ruddy blood color.

  Product recommendation: Shiseido Whitening and Brightening Moisturizing Toner (Moisturizing) Reference Price: ¥ 390.

0 Product Specifications: 150ml Editor’s Comment: Moisturizing and brightening skin toner makes the skin softer, more effectively suppresses the formation of melanin, reduces the prominentness of pigmented spots and dull complexion, bringing a smooth, uniform and shiny complexion.

Moisturizing lotion is also one of the must-have products in spring. Only by moisturizing to the end can the most thorough whitening be achieved in spring.

  [Key Point 3]Choose an eye cream that eliminates edema, and use your palm to align the eye area to help eliminate eye water.

Some people may drink too much water before going to bed, so they may have puffy eyes and their eyes become smaller. You can choose an eye cream product that removes moisture to help eliminate water around the eyes.

  Product recommendation: Estee Lauder Eye Repair Essence Reference Price: ¥ 480.

0 Product Specifications: 15ml Editor’s Comment: Light and soft, repairs skin damage to the eyes; it can diminish fine lines and wrinkles, reduce puffiness, lighten dark circles and brighten eyes; lock moisture to prevent loss and help resistStimulation and external environmental aggression make the eye skin smooth and smooth.

  [Focus 4]Choose DAY Whitening Essence, massage the skin with your fingertips, give skin whitening ingredients, dull complexion, so that makeup is not obedient, you can choose a daily whitening serum that can increase skin translucency, let the skinThe whitening effect lasts all day.

  Product recommendation: Lu Zhen Rui Di Ai-Whitening Essence Reference Price: ¥ 299.

0 Product Specifications: 50ml Editor’s Comment: It is light and moist on both ends, and it is easy to absorb. It feels like the essence disappears after a while, and it is not sticky at all.

It’s enough to use this serum every day, and it will keep the skin moisturized all day without using extra hydrating serum.

  [Key point 5]Choose a moisturizing lotion, wipe the skin with a cotton pad, and form a protective film on the surface of the skin that locks in moisture.

The facial skin that is full of moisture is very elastic. At this time, a layer of oily moisturizing emulsion is applied to the skin and a protective film is formed on the skin surface to lock these beauty ingredients in the inner layer of the skin.

  Product recommendation: Elizabeth Arden Water Sensitive 24 Hours Moisturizing Lotion Reference Price: ¥ 420

0 Product Specifications: 50ml Editor’s Comment: An efficient moisturizing product that provides 24-hour moisturization to the skin. It can also effectively prevent water loss, make the skin feel moisturized and comfortable throughout the day, and significantly reverse the skin’s dullness caused by lack of water.Peeling, tightness and roughness make the skin look fresher and brighter.

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