her.Ng Tian could not help tighten the thigh with both hands stacked.

  Great nephew looks very good nutrition.
  Were all in attendance, Chou began to organize self-introduction.She took the overall roster named, point to the students to stand up and introduce yourself so she can recognize people, but also facilitate mutual understanding between students.
  Jiang was the first time when, not surprisingly called up to be the first to introduce myself.
  He is now on the fast visual height meter eighty, and broad shoulders leg length coat hanger, casual clothes are dressed fashion sense.Ng Tian gently tilted his head, the line of sight when the river are广州桑拿网 abnormal slender figure, “When I called the river are very pleased to be classmates with you, thank you.”
  Juvenile change the sound of the voice slightly hoarse, the simple sentence will be completed Introduction.Then nodded politely seated.
  Ng Tian sight back, she felt their own children a little high cold.
  She is the tenth turn.Greeting the gaze of the whole class, Wu Tian nervously rose from his seat.
  She hates everything from small to large public presentation, performances, lectures and scenes!As a semi-residential property, this scene was really awkward good QAQ.
  especially.She is also a stammer = =
  ”Hello everyone, I am, Tim Wu, thank you.”
  Bow, seated.Less than ten words, the achievements reached in the shortest introduce myself.
  At first glance all heard the name when the river covered with a stiff, turned positive for the first time looked carefully place new students.There is no similar appearance and instantly make him sober, to uphold look back.
  Ng Tian name has been his heart’s a lock, met so many years regardless of how many people will automatically unlock the same name.May his memory is not a man.
  He withdrew lost heart to laugh at myself, thinking about it, and hit it the name of the.
  ”Finished?”Chou thou南宁桑拿ght it was a start, I did not expect direct over, looked up to see this little girl, a shy of the face, female students gave her a smile, tight body is Bengzhi.
  ”Yeah so shy.”Chou laugh,