to listen to Murong Lan, on the point of feeling is not there a false.

  Coupled Murong Lan This is not a smart caring person, and from this brother never put himself in the eye, Murong Sheng said she believed all naturally.
  Murong Lan bumbling sigh a sigh of relief, turned around, walked curl Nana Murong Sheng’s side, reached out and patted Murong Sheng robe on hand.
  ”I have two siblings since childhood, you would close, although not a mother gave birth, but my brother’s heart to be, and not the slightest trace of his brother than his own poor exchange a.”
  Murong Lan say these two words, with a pair of Lei Yingying eyes, do not know, really I thought she and Murong Sheng is feeling it close siblings.
  ”Long said Tuesday that small, it is thanks to the elder sister and mother care, or I and aunt of the d深圳桑拿全套ay do not know how many hard times.”Murong Sheng quickly exposed to a ‘grateful’ appearance.
  Murong Lan kept about her look after it, but I remember clearly but Murong Sheng.
  Small, he and aunt had all kind of day.
  Hungry, clothed, dignified Murong home second son, turned out to be even enough to eat, even to exchange a long and sister keep their own dogs to grab something to eat!
  Not to mention, that candied taste of the meat is really good, no wonder the taste of dog meat is so good.
  They are actually eating something good, it will be so fresh and delicious.
  And his aunt, but relying on the dog through the most difficult period of time it.
  Otherwise, maybe we should own and aunt died of illness or starvation is that nobody will come in the backyard.
  ”I know my brother know that you are a conscie北京夜网ntious gratitude old friends, old sister and aunt of the kindness of his brother naturally do not have to say more, I beg brother today sake of our friendship for many years to help a bunch of siblings sister long , brother, you can like it?”Murong Murong Sheng Lan heard nodded promised, suddenly interrupted his words, can not wait to hear the way clearly is not Murong Sheng recall the memory of their ‘affectionate siblings’ past.
  Murong S