Jiangxia watermelon fetched a spoon into his mouth with a spoon, “ah, not a business trip recently.All work scheduled to go都市夜网 on, I can take a rest.”

  Jiangxia hear the answer, children and the elderly have smiled, too good!
  Lu Shaoyang afternoon home from work, he almost did not see Jiangxia predict with confidence the hands of the briefcase, “Sciascia, come back how not say in advance.”I had known, he should go home early from work today.
  Jiangxia smiled and walked over, took his hand bag, “a day of work it must have worked hard?I give you this is a surprise.”
  Lu Shaoyang Jiangxia holding hands, eyes glued to her body, the original is not large, thin little face, but people seemed to take it pretty spirit.
  Dinner is on the table Jiangxia favorite dishes, but unfortunately her stomach is too small to hold so many delicious.
  Three children body is a long age, Liu Nguyen appetite has been very good, compared with their peers, her arms, waist, legs, was beautifully hand muscles.Lu Haiming appetite just a little less than Liu Nguyen, after he entered junior high school, elementary school longer than tall with a big slice, but still not high Liu Nguyen.
  However, some of the boys develop common late, going to high school will whiz to go up.
  Ann careless tonight eat stays, he relies on the couch, with a baby Jiangxia.
  ”Mom, I eat well enough.Dudu uncomfortable, you help me rub okay?”
  Jiangxia not opening, Ann Di Liu Lu Shaoyang directly to them, “Your mother did not come back, you begin instructed her to do things.Eat a lot of their own to walk in the yard digestion!”
  Ann Resentment looked Lu Shaoyang, do not think he does not want to know my father is an exclusive mother.
  ”Mom, we go out together for a walk!I’m not a walk in the yard, too small.”Ann Lu Shaoyang break the shackles, came Jiangxia side, holding her arm and shook his.
  ”Come on, I also eat very full.Walk after dinner, live to 99.”Jiangxia Ann nodded his little nose, usually eat a bowl of rice to eat two bowls of Ann today, do not hold strange.
  Ruan and Liu Lu Haiming, as one, stood up together, “We want to go.”
  ”Come on, starting.”Jiangxia see a smile to the children, and then looked back Lu Shaoyang,” Shaoyang, you’re going to do?”
  Lu Shaoyang raised his eyebrows, “of course, is going.”
  Just out of the house, the three children Jiangxia around the middle, Lu Shaoyang had no place in four of them behind with.
  Jiangxia watching and talking and laughing like children, Lu Shaoyang warm heart.There Sciascia in place, is home!
  In the evening, Lu Shaoyang Jiangxia to take away arms from his waist, “too hot, open air obviously, how you told a stove like.”
  Lu Shaoyang smiled and leaned over, his hands tightly clasped Jiangxia, “His wife, good enough to help me cool down it.Otherwise, I almost want to spontaneous combustion.”
  Jiangxia body Jiaoruan cool, comes with a touch of floral, hold up too comfortable.