My family ancestral financial 3S

The annual carnival largest Chinese community finally came to an end – in too good.But, the hands of a child that stack of gift money, how to take care of?Chinese children’s financial education needs to be strengthened, but how to understand the proper financial education?We start from the tin or Yasui.I was a kid, got a tin Yasui fifty dollars, is already a huge sum of money, this is limited to the grandparents have so generous, the other drops in despair pull Yasui tin, are shown with the parents to recycling – parents must distribute it to other friends and relatives of children.Yasui was not turned over Tin, except for a small part of the small things to buy like, for my parents and brother will each open a bank account.Parents think that children can not have too much spare cash in your pocket.This is our financial Yasui Tin.I was born banking family, grandfather Mu Cheng Hao played 29 years as vice president of Shanghai Bank of China, Bank of China, Shanghai is the youngest Vice President.His financial education of our childhood is the third generation 3S: savings (savings), consumption (consumption) and share (share).3S financial management concepts from where is not known, but my family are regarded as a classic for generations.3S in the primary energy-saving, as the banker grandfather I do not speculate in gold and real estate stocks, not speculation, one is Bixian Yi, but also because he did realize from the practice, long-term holding fast timing savings the benefit is actually quite impressive and because of security.I remember when I work, wages in January 48.5 yuan (1960s), net of transport costs and petty meal ticket, went to the bank to buy a decal savings – the equivalent of today’s fixed investment, and if so to me getting married, QianLao new account on the money with interest, had a number four digit.In the 1970s, also is quite a sum of components of the press box dowry money!Or by 3S influence, my husband and I never no real estate stocks, and therefore probably lose a lot of opportunity to get rich, but the mood is calm, stock and property markets ups and downs of the financial turmoil has nothing to do with us, meditation reading and writing can watch the scenery of life.Although there is no date rich, at least enough to live comfortably.Life case, when re want anything else?The second S (expenses) consumer.Money is not stingy to you, the ultimate goal is to improve the quality of life of the financial.Consumption is very important in life a pleasure.Only know money with money, but not the consumer, such a man stingy stingy, fewer friends and less social.Of course, maybe they can earn enough money to re-consumption and so on, but how to count to earn enough?Family friendship human capability most lacking in fresh, stingy stingy is the biggest killer.Of course, consumption is not equal to splurge, how to consume itself is an aesthetic life, our joy in life is very important to ensure.Sharing– share, and this should be quite similar to the Department of consumer spending.Money to someone to share it with you, have a sense of happiness and satisfaction of accomplishment.Even if only a small sum of year-end awards, such as your parents could get out, the other half to buy a gift, give Junior a surprise, and that more warmth, far better than trying to money begets money!From the big picture, donation, help others, but also a share.As a banker grandfather did not live Luxury.Father, grandfather sent men into pure heart and Sino-French University, Shanghai is a first-class school, but my father was a part-time tutor at the college to earn pocket money from.Public-spirited grandfather donation, donate countless lives, in order to set up private savings in travel Mu Shanghai Hao prize for culture, encouraging newcomers.The real financial education, not specifically teach you the money begets money details of the operation and judgment, which in itself is difficult to church, otherwise too easy to make a fortune.We want to teach the younger generation, is the attitude toward money.To recommend the latest information sauna