[Can I eat bananas on my aunt’s liver]

銆 愯 刚 閙  倽 鍙  咖 咮 刮  咑 夊 悧 銆 慱 雝 傝 凘 戣 戣 晣 _ 雳 悆 悆 钖?
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[He Shou Wu Bubble Wine]_Recommended Diet

[He Shou Wu Bubble Wine]_Recommended Diet

Polygonum multiflorum is a common Chinese medicine. Polygonum multiflorum has good biochemical hair-care and nourishing effects. It has a certain effect of nourishing yin and kidneys. There are many ways to eat polygonum multiflorum.Sparkling wine, let’s find out what is the effect of Heshouwu sparkling wine?

Let’s take a look at this.

Polygonum multiflorum sparkling wine has a good effect to promote the dark and beautiful hair.

It has a certain effect on the treatment of whitening hair, in addition, it can brighten the hair turtle everywhere, drink a little Ho Shou bubble wine in normal life, and also have a good effect of activating blood, which has a certain effect of intestinal laxative.

Polygonum multiflorum has a good effect of removing plasma from the blood. It can also achieve good results in the prevention of coronary heart disease and atherosclerosis. Drinking a little appropriately has the effect of relaxing tendons and promoting blood circulation, which can promote blood circulation.It also has a certain effect in preventing aging, and has a certain effect on beauty and beauty.

Drinking a little can get the effect of nourishing liver and kidney. The effect of Polygonum multiflorum on kidney is good!

It has the effect of replenishing essence blood and nourishing liver and kidney. In normal life, if there is yin and blood or liver and kidney are unhealthy, you can drink it appropriately, which has the effect of improving the body’s disease resistance.

The above is a brief understanding of what and the effects of Heshouwu sparkling wine. Drinking some Heshouwu sparkling wine properly has a good conditioning effect on the body, can promote blood circulation, and has a certain effect of nourishing kidney and yang!

Of course, you should also pay attention to the fact that Ho Shou Wu Sake does not overlap too much. It is accompanied by a good conditioning effect. If there is too much, it is not conducive to health.

[Foreign body back pain in the throat]_ Back pain _ Taboo

[Foreign body back pain in the throat]_ Back pain _ Taboo

No matter in the advertisement or daily life, I often see or hear the disease of pharyngitis, what is the performance of pharyngitis, and how to cure pharyngitis, we need to read to learn to understand.

Patients with pharyngitis will have a foreign body sensation in the throat, accompanied by pain and itching. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to dietary issues, what can be eaten, and what should not be eaten. Doing these can better relieve symptoms.

What should patients with chronic pharyngitis eat?

1, avoid overeating.

If meal time and quality cannot be guaranteed, gastrointestinal function of patients will be disturbed.

Affects the digestion and absorption of the patient’s stomach, causing the patient’s physique to decline.

It is very easy to catch a cold, which makes pharyngitis worse.

2, avoid eating too cold or too hot, or eating too fast.

If the food is swallowed without slow chewing, it will increase the burden on the throat and increase the obstruction of the throat.

3. In daily life, you should try not to drink tobacco, alcohol, tea, coffee and other drinks.

Try to avoid onions, ginger, garlic, pepper and other irritating spices in your daily diet.

Especially do not smoke, because the harm to the throat area is very large.

Therefore, people with chronic chronic inflammation must quit smoking.

What should I pay attention to?

1. Drink plenty of warm water. In daily life, drinking plenty of water is very helpful to the human body.

It can not only provide sufficient nutrients to the body, but also nourish the throat area of patients.

However, do not drink hot water.

Because of the high temperature of water, it may burn the patient, throat and esophagus, which is harmful to the disease.

2. Intake more foods containing vitamin b in food.

Vitamin B foods are mainly animal livers, green vegetables, and fruits.

Vitamin b can not only promote the repair of the throat area, but also relieve inflammation of the mucosa of the throat area.

3, eat less or do not eat spicy, fried food.

Patients need to avoid spicy and greasy food in their daily diet. Try to eat light food.

In cooking methods, you should try cooking with steaming, stewing, etc. These cooked foods can protect the respiratory tract.

In addition, irritating foods should not be consumed.

4, do not exercise too high blood pressure.

The precipitation that may have experienced the night once every morning has reached the ground, so the air pollution is very serious at this time.

So when you exercise in the morning, the patient will become a large vacuum cleaner, sucking air pollution into his body.

This time is very bad for the body, and it is not good for the treatment of pharyngitis.

People with chronic pharyngitis should not eat too much spicy and irritating food. Special attention should be paid to light in the diet.

Pharyngitis patients should not be too vertical when exercising, this will cause recurrence of pharyngitis.

Insurance funds-bottom of the box-stock exposure: these 60 heavy stocks have been held for more than 4 years

Insurance funds “press the bottom of the box” stock exposure: these 60 heavy stocks have been held for more than 4 years

Source: Brokerage China A few days ago, the CSRC proposed to deepen 12 capital market reforms, including promoting more medium- and long-term funds to enter the market. There will be more long-term funds entering the market in the future. What are the characteristics of these funds?

What are their stock selection preferences?

As one of the most important long-term funds in the market, insurance funds are worthy of observation.

  Following the regular performance report tracking of listed companies, it can be found that the number of top ten shareholders of insurance capital entering the listed company is increasing, prefers high indicators, big blue chips, and has the characteristics of long-term holding.

According to statistics from Chinese reporters of securities companies, since 2015, insurance capital has gradually increased positions, and at least 60 stocks have been held by the insurers since 2015.

  The holding of insurance funds has increased gradually in the past 5 years. According to the CBRC, at the end of June, the market value of insurance funds holding stock funds reached 2.

19 trillion.

Wind data shows that at the end of June, there were 412 stocks of the top ten shareholders of insurance companies in listed companies, holding a stock market value of 1.

34 trillion, second only to public funds, is the second largest institutional investor in the market.

  The continuous inflow of funds is one of the important characteristics of long-term funds.

  Observing the data of the top ten shareholders of the listed companies with the risk capital position in the past 5 years, the number of risk capital holdings is in a rising trend. Although the stock market value will fluctuate due to market fluctuations, it is generally on the rise.

  The increase in insurance fund budget premiums will be allocated to the stock market every year. Therefore, regardless of market fluctuations, insurance funds need to be passively increased in order to play the role of “ballast stone” in the market.

This is also one of the characteristics of long-term funds such as insurance funds, enterprise annuities, and social security funds.

  The preference for high-index big blue chips has been repeated through the semi-annual report, and the path of insurance funds heavy stocks in the first half of this year has also surfaced.

  In the second quarter, risk capital increased positions in the banking, real estate, energy, materials, and utilities sectors.

In the banking sector, multiple accounts of China Life increased their holdings of Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China, and reduced their holdings of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, exposing China Life’s thinking on adjusting bank stocks.

However, overall, China Life still held a significant increase in bank shares in the second quarter.

  In the real estate sector, Ping An Life increased its holdings of Huaxia Happiness, and China Life increased its investment in Shekou; in the public utility sector, Ping An Life increased its holding of Yangtze Power, which was the largest increase in insurance capital in the second quarter; in the energy sector, China Life increased its holdingsSinopec and Huaxia Life increase their holdings in Shaanxi Coal.

  Judging from the characteristics of the increased holdings, big blue chips, undervalued and high dividend 杭州桑拿 yield listed companies are important considerations when selecting insurance institutions.

  How often have 60 stocks been held in 2015 and have long-term funds been swapped?

Broker Chinese reporters extended the perspective to five reporting periods and found that many stocks had been bought by insurance capital in 2015, and they are still held today, which can be described as “pressing the bottom of the box”.

  Since 2015, the A-share market has experienced several ups and downs, and each shock has tested the patience and vision of institutional investors.

However, there are 60 stocks, and insurance institutions have always given up on them (list below).

  Excluding Ping An Group’s shareholding in Ping An Bank, a subsidiary of China Life Group, and China Life’s shareholding in its subsidiary, China Insurance Group, the total number of shares held by insurance institutions in the past 5 years totaled 26.8 billion shares, with a market value of 271.4 billion (as of(Late June 2019).

Medici (688202) 19-year performance newsletter review: revenue growth accelerates into the fast lane

Medici (688202) 19-year performance newsletter review: revenue growth accelerates into the fast lane
Event: The company released a report on 2019 performance, and the company achieved revenue in 20194.49 ppm, an increase of 38 in ten years.14%; net profit attributable to mother is 0.66 ppm, a ten-year increase of 8.87%; net profit deducted from non-attribution to 0.580,000 yuan, an increase of 9 in ten years.57%. The company’s revenue has grown rapidly in 2019, and its development has entered the fast track.The company’s revenue growth accelerated in the second half of 2019. In H1, 2019Q3 and 2019Q4, the company’s revenue growth was 30.3%, 45.2% and 45.0%.According to the company announcement, the company’s new extension order for 2019 is 6.1.6 billion, an annual increase of 46.49%.The company’s revenue growth has accelerated in the past two years. At the same time, based on the growth of orders, we expect the company to continue to maintain a high growth rate in the next two years.Taking into account the company’s years of intensive cultivation, it has completed the pre-clinical CRO entire industry chain layout through horizontal expansion and preliminary in-depth methods. The internal CRO market has a relatively obvious competitive advantage. At the same time, the company has more abundant funds after listing and the capacity expansion plan changesUpon landing, we believe that the rapid development of medium and long-term companies is expected to maintain. The company continuously expands its marketing efforts, invests in independent research and development projects, and actively promotes the construction of new production capacity, which will serve as a basis for more orders in the future.The growth rate of the company’s profit in 2019 is lower than the growth rate of revenue, which is mainly affected by one-time expenditures, increased marketing and research and development, and the promotion of new capacity construction.The company’s net 武汉夜生活网 profit attributable to the parent in 2019 is 14.7%, which is lower than the average level of net profit attributable to mothers in the past 3 years.0%.In H1, 2019Q3 and 2019Q4, the company’s net profit attributable to the parent was 13 respectively.6%, 17.2% and 16.8%, the company’s net profit attributable to the mother in the first half of 2019 was significantly lower than in previous years, mainly due to the company’s 19H1 antiques and the “15th Anniversary” marketing activities, resulting in an increase of 255 market fees.170,000 yuan. At the same time, in order to strengthen the expansion of overseas markets, increase the expansion of overseas markets 173.440,000 yuan. Investment advice: We expect the company’s revenue from 2019 to 2021 to be 4 respectively.4.9 billion (+38.1%), 6.4.1 billion (+42.7%), 8.8.7 billion (+38.6%), net profit attributable to mothers is 0.6.6 billion (+8.9%), 0.9.5 billion (+44.0%), 1.3.4 billion (+40.3%), the corresponding EPS is 1.07 yuan, 1.54 yuan, 2.16 yuan, corresponding to 68 for PE.3 times, 47.5 times, 33.8 times.We are optimistic about the rapid growth of the company’s CRO business in the future and give it an “Overweight-A” rating. Risk Warning: Order growth is lower than expected, capacity release is lower than expected, intensified competition leads to decline in order prices, and the industry is weaker than expected, etc.

SDIC Power (600886) 2018 Annual Report Comments: Thermal Power Seriously Reduces Loss of Hydropower More Than Expected

SDIC Power (600886) 2018 Annual Report Comments: Thermal Power Seriously Reduces Loss of Hydropower More Than Expected

Guide to this report: Benefiting from the improvement of utilization hours and the increase of electricity prices, the thermal power sector has significantly reduced losses in 18 years, and it is forecast to turn losses into profit in 19 years; Hydropower has benefited from the reduction of policy benefits, and its performance exceeded expectations.

Maintain overweight.

  Investment highlights: Investment advice: Target price 9.

76 yuan, to maintain overweight.

Thermal power reduced losses significantly, hydropower 武汉桑拿 exceeded expectations, and the company’s 18-year performance exceeded expectations. Taking into account the adjustment of the conversion rate, it raised 19/20 years and increased the EPS forecast for 21 years to 0.



77 yuan (19/20 before adjustment is 0.


65 yuan), giving the company an average of 14 times PE, 19-year target price of 9.

76 yuan, to maintain overweight.

  Event: On March 27, the company released its 2018 annual report with revenue of 410.

11 ppm, an increase of 29 in ten years.

61%; net profit attributable to mother 43.

64 ppm, an increase of 35 in ten years.


Performance exceeded expectations.

  Thermal power has severely reduced its losses in 18 years, and it is expected to turn losses into profits in 19 years.

18-year thermal power sector net profit -1.

0.6 billion, the previous actual reduction of 700 million losses, mainly due to the increase in volume and price, gross profit has improved significantly.

1) Ten-year revenue growth of 54.

14%: Benefit from the commissioning of additional units (2 million kilowatts of SDIC Beijiang Phase II in the first half of 2018 and 2 million kilowatts of Meizhou Bay Phase II in the second half of 2017) and utilization hours improvement (shortened thermal power utilization hours significantly increased 823 hours), Thermal power grid-connected power increases by 47 per year.

36%; Affected by the increase in the benchmark electricity price in 2017 and the narrowing of trading electricity discounts, thermal power prices rose by more than 3.


2) Costs increase by 44 per year.

62%: Cost increases are mainly affected by the increase in electricity and coal prices.

As the revenue growth rate is higher than the cost growth rate, the gross profit margin of thermal power increased significantly from 6% in 17 years to 12% in 18 years.

We expect the thermal power utilization hours in 19 years to continue to increase, overlapping coal prices to decline, and the thermal power sector is expected to turn losses into profits.

  The policy benefits were reduced, and hydropower performance exceeded expectations.

Yalong River Hydropower has a net profit of 72 in 18 years.

8.5 billion, an annual increase of 5.

72%, in the case that the expected repayment has not yet occurred (increased tax rebates in 18 years decreased by 6 compared with 17 years.

2.6 billion), the performance exceeded market expectations, the growth in performance was mainly due to the significant increase in electricity prices (18 to 0.

277 yuan / kWh, an increase of 5 per year.

32%). The reason for the increase in electricity prices is that the government has reduced its profit provision significantly and the transaction electricity discount has narrowed.

In addition, Dachaoshan benefited from the reduction of policy-based concessions, and the electricity price in 2018 was 0.

188 yuan / kWh, an increase of 41 a year.

4%, 18-year net profit 9.1 ‰, an increase of 61 a decade ago.


  Risk warning: electricity demand is not up to expectations, coal prices rise more than expected

Jogging can be a disease of seven parts of the body

Jogging can be a disease of seven parts of the body

Walking, running, and jogging are the simplest but most ideal sports methods in the world, which can continuously “charge” the body and ensure our health.

Life is movement!

If you just sit lazily on the sofa or in bed, almost all human organs will be damaged and your brain will malfunction!

This is not alarmist!

  First, the brain: active brain thinking often exercise can help you use your brain and active thinking.

The active movement of human muscles can send information to promote the production of a protein in the human brain, which is medically named brain-derived neurotrophic factor.

The body needs this protein to promote new nerve growth and to establish neural connections.

In middle-aged people, if they insist on exercising for 40 minutes twice a week, the chance of developing Alzheimer’s disease can drop by about 60%.

  Second, the heart: jogging to treat hypertension. During jogging, the heart supplies oxygen to the working muscles with high blood pressure by accelerating the pulse.

If a person runs frequently, the load on the heart will increase.

In this way, unless the body is in a non-moving state, the heart can transport more blood every time the heart beats, and all cells of the body can get better oxygen supply.

During body movement, blood pressure can be normalized by reducing weight and stress hormones in the blood.

For patients with mild hypertension, active exercise can take less medicine!

  3. Lungs: Jogging increases lung capacity. Muscles consume a lot of oxygen in a short period of time during running, thus exercising the human body to learn to inhale more oxygen while resting.

Studies have shown that jogging for 30 minutes every day can increase the lung volume (spiratory capacity) by 1/3 and improve the ability of blood to combine with oxygen.

  Intestines: Exercise relieves constipation. Physical exercise and physical labor can help the parasympathetic nerves stimulate the transformation of the digestive system.

Too little exercise is the main cause of constipation. Physicians recommend that patients with constipation do not rush to help with laxatives first, which does not prevent at least 30 minutes of physical exercise every day, which promotes peristalsis. The pain of constipation is also resolved!

  Fifth, skin: exercise increases the heart’s blood circulation. The heart’s “pumping” speed increases during physical exercise, blood circulation improves, and more oxygen is input, which also delivers more nutrients to the cells and makes the skin ruddy.

Just like the British UniSt.

Andrews’ psychologist’s research has shown that exercise can make people look brighter and brighter!

  Six, the abdomen: exercise treatment of diabetes The brain will send a message when the human body is engaged in physical exercise and physical labor, and consume the remaining layers of the abdomen.

Medical research has proven that this is also a good way to reduce the risk of diabetes.

Unfortunately, the substances released by the cells can interfere with the production of insulin, so regular military exercise has become an “over-the-counter” treatment for type 2 diabetes.

  7. Joints: The nutrients that reduce joint bones do not come from blood vessels, but from synovial fluid produced by cells in the upper layers of cartilage.

The reason that jogging can supply dialysis and hip joint filling is because the human body tries to insert and absorb the joint synovial fluid every step, and then press it out again.

In addition, regular running can help reduce the burden on the thigh joints because the strengthened muscle tissue can better support the joints on the ground.

  Editor’s Tip: What you need to do is to develop an appropriate diet plan to match your running habits.

You need to know exactly when to supplement to provide energy for running.

You also need to eat protein and heart health-friendly aunt, these substances can keep you happy while losing weight.

Determine the total number of calories you should consume each day to reach your ideal weight.

This is a 50-25-25 diet plan, 50% of the total calories are replenished by glucose, 25% by protein, and 25% by micro-supply.

Yoga beginners make five mistakes

Yoga beginners make five mistakes

First, deliberately breathing breathes through the whole movement.

When a bottle of perfume is placed in front of you, you will normally inhale and exhale, but when you are reminded to smell the perfume, your breath will intensify subconsciously.

Practicing yoga also encounters the same problem. Often when it comes to breathing, the human brain becomes nervous subconsciously, making it difficult to breathe freely.

  Adjustment method: practice more.

Breathing can be practiced. Control your thoughts slowly. Don’t imply that you intentionally breathe.

Slowly restore the subconscious breath to a free, natural state, coordinate breathing and many body movements, and drive the movement to swim in each form.

  Second, many actions of forcing yourself to exercise yoga require multiple levels to achieve position.

For example, a common small movement of pulling the two hands at the top can be done normally by the right arm, but it is quite difficult for the left arm to do it.

If you are impatient, force yourself to do this stiffly.

The result is that although both hands are pulled together, they are either sprained too much or their arms are painful after exercise.

  How to adjust: Keep the rhythm of your movements and think of assistive methods.

Practice this action must be peaceful, you can replace a towel to help complete.

Hold the towel in both hands and try to get closer.

Practice this one more time. After cutting, you will find that the left arm can easily achieve the effect you want.

  Third, the process of practicing yoga without observing self-perception should be a process of making yourself very relaxed and comfortable.

But when you practice, you find yourself uncomfortable, or your neck is tight, or your chest is stuffy . Adjustment: self-respect.

It is important to do yoga to learn to respect yourself.

When you feel uncomfortable, it is best to stop and adjust immediately.

You should use your brain to think about why you are uncomfortable.

Neck tension may be that hands are not flat, chest tightness may be breathing is not coordinated with movement and so on.

In short, you must respect your feelings, even if the actions are not very standardized, but you must make yourself feel comfortable.

  Fourth, I care too much about the perfection of the action because doing yoga can make the form and behavior beautiful.

So you imitate every move seriously and hope to do as well as the coach.

But after one lesson, you find yourself exhausted by the beauty and torment, without happiness.

  Adjustment method: Recognize that yoga is not a “competitive” sport, and “enjoying happiness and doing your best” is the best state.

Pursuing perfection deliberately makes it difficult to truly experience spiritual happiness.

The beauty of yoga is slowly achieved through continuous practice. It is a beauty from the inside to the outside. As long as you complete the basic movements in a comfortable and comfortable state, the effect is almost the same as the standard movements.
  Fifth, think that the action is not in place. You think that pain is an inevitable reaction to exercise.

Therefore, in the case of incomplete physical conditions, force yourself to do actions that are currently unattainable.

As a result, he suffered backache and back pain, and unfortunately suffered a fall sprain.

  Adjustment method: change your own misconceptions.

Pain is not an inevitable reaction to practicing yoga.

Many movements, as long as they are completed in a coordinated and relaxed state of the body, can achieve the effect of exercise regardless of whether they are in place.

It is important to exercise properly according to your physical condition, so that not only will not be easily injured, but it will also deepen the pleasure of stretching your limbs.

Lying hidden hidden psychological problems

Lying hidden hidden psychological problems

We are all familiar with the story of the sheep-raising child in Aesop’s fable “The Wolf Is Coming.”

The lying sheep-going kid was bored and smirked like a joke: “The wolf is here, help!

“People in the surrounding fields and on the hillsides came to the rescue when they heard the news, but found that it was a prank. The lying children laughed and laughed.

The child thought it was fun to lie, and it didn’t take long before he shouted again and again: “The wolf is here, help!

“People came to the rescue again, but when they found themselves fooled again, they had doubts about the child’s integrity.

For the third time, when the sheep-raising child shouted for help “the wolf is here”, people no longer believed that they were still busy with the work at hand.

However, this time the wolf really came, the child who lied paid the price of the sheep being taken away.

  This story tells us: first of all, the sheep-going children are happy to lie, and seeing so many people being fooled, they have a certain kind of contentment in the heart; secondly, once lying becomes addicted, it feels like something is missing if they don’t lieMoreover, liars do harm to others and are not self-interested, just to satisfy some kind of pleasure; in the end, liars can lie to people once or twice, they cannot lie to others for a long time, it is impossible not to be punished, and they must ultimately pay for their actions.cost.
  There is a mental illness called “lying” in psychology.

Everyone may lie, but some lies are in good faith, some conceal the condition from critically ill patients; some lies are compelling, such as to keep some secrets.

But if you try to deceive others for no reason, if you lie for too long or too often, so that those who confuse lies or even cause some harm themselves, such lying is a disease.

  Lying addicted people, even when they do n’t need to lie, still intentionally or habitually or naturally lie, sometimes to hurt others. When they see someone believe a lie, they are complacent. Lying becomes an integral part of life.
This kind of person has a long-formed or genius performance characteristic, fabricates facts, creates lies, and some develop into a political fraud.

Some liars may use lie to obtain perverted psychological satisfaction, resulting in the actual consequences of bragging and deceiving, and they are still unwilling to be exposed.

  Lying is a personal behavior and a social behavior, which often causes great harm to oneself, others and society.

Lies conceal the truth and directly affect the evaluation of one thing and one person.

If a person lied more often, he would lose his integrity. If this person has higher power, he may cause harm to the country and the people.

There is a story in Chinese history that works the same way as “Wolf Is Coming”. That is, King Zhou You smiled at the beauties and ignited the beacon to lie about the military situation.

For the first time, the princes led soldiers to rescue them, and the princes no longer believed.

As a result, Inu Rong really came, and Western Zhou died like this.

  For those who are addicted to lying, we have sympathy, secondly, don’t believe it, and thirdly, we recommend that he go to see a psychologist as soon as possible, and correct his illness as soon as possible, so as not to harm others.

Seven rules of contemporary white-collar fitness

Seven rules of contemporary white-collar fitness

Both ends are always busy at the desk.

Using a computer, reading documents, discussing research . It is very easy to get diseases such as obesity, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, diabetes, osteoporosis.

Appropriate adherence to exercise to eliminate fatigue and stay away from disease.

Here are some simple and effective fitness methods that help you work faster.

  First, hoe.

Gently tap the head every morning or night before bed-to stimulate the acupuncture points on the head.

Stand upright and relax.

With both hands, tap the head lightly with your fingers, and tap from the forehead to the top of the head, then from the sides of the head to the center of the head.

The number of times is self-determined, generally about 50 times.

  Second, comb your hair.

Use a wooden comb (don’t use plastic or metal combs, preferably boxwood combs, if you don’t have a wooden comb, you can also use your fingers to replace it). Straighten the comb first, from the top of your forehead to the back, and gradually speed up.

Don’t use too much force to avoid scratching your scalp.

About 20 per minute?
30 times, once a day, each time 3?
5 minutes.

  Third, rub your ears.

There are many acupoints on the auricle.

Use your two index fingers, middle finger, and third finger to rub your ears back and forth.

The number of times depends on each person’s situation, generally around 20 times as the degree.

  Fourth, knead the dough.

Place the kneaded hands flat on the skin, with the fingers of both hands going down from the front nose to the sides of the nose, and rub repeatedly until the face becomes hot.

Then close your eyes and massage the eyes and surroundings with the tips of your two fingers.

  Fifth, abdominal deep breathing.

Stand upright with hands on hips and inhale first.

After a short pause, exhale slowly until you finish spitting, take a deep breath, and repeat it more than ten times.

  Six, bend over.

Keep your feet apart naturally, with your hands on your hips, bend sideways several times, then pitch forward and backward several times, and then expand your arms left and right several times.

Number of times.

  Seven, take a walk.

Walk easily and calmly, throwing away all trivial matters temporarily, to relieve fatigue and puzzle.

Walking should be done step by step, do what you can, and do not tire.

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