Liqiu eat more nourishing and anti-dry food

Liqiu eat more nourishing and anti-dry food

Liqiu eat more nourishing lungs and anti-drying food. Finally, the Liqiu season is finally ushered in today. Although Liqiu is not so hot, don’t forget that there is still a volt after the autumn.

The old Chinese medicine reminded that in dietary maintenance, the main purpose should be to nourish the lungs and prevent dryness. Appropriately, eat more refreshing and moisturized and sweet and sour diet.

Because dry qi is used in autumn, and dry qi is easy to hurt lung gold and consume body fluids, you should pay attention to nourishing yin and moistening lungs and suppressing warm and dry things.

Eat more melon, bitter gourd and loofah.


Winter melon Winter melon has the highest plasma volume, contains almost no traces, and has a small amount, so it has a low caloric value and is a light food with a share of more than 96%. Due to its cold nature, it can clear away heat and relieve heat, diuretic and laxative, and helpFor detoxifying and detoxifying the human body, cooking the soup together with the skin, the effect is more obvious.

Obese people, vitamin C deficiency people, pregnancy edema, kidney disease edema, athlete’s foot, diabetes patients are particularly suitable.

However, it is not advisable to eat melon when taking nourishing medicines, those who have not been cured for a long time, or those who have yin deficiency and fire, and those who have spleen and stomach deficiency and diarrhea should be cautious.


Bitter gourd Bitter gourd protein, trace amounts, and impurities are higher in melon vegetables, especially vitamin C content, up to 84 mg per 100 grams, ranking first in melon.

Bitter melon also contains crude fiber, carotene, momordin, phosphorus, iron, and various minerals, amino acids and other nutrients, which can clear away heat and clear the heat, clear the eyes and clear the fatigue.

Bitter melon contains substances similar to insulin, which has a significant effect on lowering blood sugar.

Children have zongzi and scrub it with bitter gourd and boil water.

But pregnant women, those with spleen and stomach deficiency should not eat.


Loofah Loofah Juice is called “Beauty Water”.

This is because the loofah contains vitamin B1 to prevent skin aging and vitamin C to whiten the skin, which can protect the skin, eliminate plaque, and make the skin white and tender.

Its taste is sweet and flat, it has Qingshu cooling blood, detoxification and laxative, expelling wind and phlegm, channeling meridians, blood lines, lower milk and other effects.

After the beginning of autumn, pay more attention to eating more fruits and vegetables, and increase fiber and moisture. Therefore, it is not appropriate to focus on meat at this time.

In addition, the humidity in the air is small in autumn, and the skin is easy to dry.

Therefore, water and vitamin intake should be estimated throughout the fall.

The elderly drive you leisurely

The elderly drive you leisurely

Generally, the elderly who like to drive by themselves are mostly those who do not accept the old.

However, it must be acknowledged that physical weaknesses such as increased physical fitness, mental retardation, and slow movement in the elderly have added a certain risk factor to elderly drivers.

  The vision of the elderly is reduced, and it is easy to produce “eye blindness” when visibility is low, especially when driving at night or in fog or rain, the vision will be more blurred.

When encountering a vehicle in the opposite direction, the other person’s lights are likely to dazzle the elderly and cause judgment errors.

An elderly driver told reporters that when he was driving on the road, he would “slow three minutes rather than grab a second.” However, when facing the situation where the car is full of cars, it is difficult to be calm.

Sometimes the ability to judge the speed, distance and ability to deal with distress situations is obviously inadequate.

  The biggest feature of the elderly is the decline in physical fitness and endurance. Long-term driving, especially long-distance driving, the elderly often can’t afford to eat and are easily fatigued.

An old man in his early seventies and his wife drove to travel to other places. As a result, traffic jams on the expressway were delayed for more than an hour.

In order to catch up, he continued to drive with great effort, but eventually collided with a large truck due to fatigue driving.

  The survey found that older drivers are more likely to crash at intersections, especially when the vehicle turns to the left, and the chance of a traffic accident is more than double that of young drivers.

With the increase of age, the elderly in prosperous areas like crossroads, because of vision problems, are prone to mistakes.

Therefore, with young driver ratings, older drivers are more likely to ignore some traffic signals.

Therefore, it is better for elderly drivers to drive in the area above the intersection, or only on the right lane.

  The research on the advantages of avoiding short-term and short-term cautious driving has found that the elderly have certain psychological advantages in driving. Some of them have a more peaceful attitude, are more stable in driving, and rarely use their spirits. Even those who are stubborn and aggressive will not compete.

Elderly people must learn to take advantage of these advantages when driving.

  Under normal circumstances, elderly drivers should try to avoid nighttime, and drive alone when the weather is bad. When driving, usually keep the rearview mirror and windshield clean.

If you have to drive alone, you should control the speed of your car, and drive on a slow lane. Leave enough space before and after you drive, and try not to overtake.

Do not drive for more than two hours each time. If you experience fatigue, dizziness, etc., get out of the car immediately and breathe fresh air before continuing to drive.

Try to avoid driving when you are feeling down and irritable, and try not to “get busy” on the road during the rush hour.

  In order to avoid accidents, elderly drivers can prepare some snacks in advance when driving out, and at the same time, it is essential to bring some emergency medicine with them.

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