“This is Sister Qiuhong,You have discussed with your family,Just contact her,She will do everything for you。”Lu Menglin smiled。

“it is good!I will work hard!I’m going to Hong Kong Island!”Wang Xiaomei shouted with excitement。
Deng Jiajia heard the news,Envy again,Moved again。
She also wants to go to Hong Kong Island,Go to work at Brother Lu’s company,But she can’t be as free and easy as the little girl,She knew her family would not agree。
but,She is also happy,Happy for good friends,No need to study,I can also work for a large Hong Kong company。
Wang Xiaomei grew up with her since childhood,Deng Jiajia knows too well,My little girl’s mind is much smarter than herself,Just refuse to study hard,otherwise,My younger sister’s grades will only be better than herself。
“That one,Brother Lu。Can i ask you one more thing?”Wang Xiaomei blinked,Chu Chu asked poorly。
“OK!What are you asking?”Lu Menglin was a little surprised,Replied。
“My five brothers,People are very honest,Very obedient,Can they go to work on Hong Kong Island with me?”Wang Xiaomei gritted her teeth,Speak out。
Lu Menglin was taken aback first,Then burst into laughter。
“how?Are you afraid I will sell you?”Someone smiled。
“Do not,no!I just think,If I can take some brothers there,Let them live a good life,And the family has nothing to say。”Wang Xiaomei quickly explained。
Lu Menglin nodded,Smiled:“up to you,You contact Qiuhong,Let’s go through the procedures together!”

“All the way,What you say is what。”

Qin Feng is speechless,The two had breakfast and went to the company together,Bai Shiling has started broadcasting,As always, Qin Feng looked left and right in the company,Look okay。
After all, his position is special,Just a health doctor,I usually go around the company when I’m fine。
“Qin Feng,You come to my office。”
At this moment,The walkie-talkie in Qin Feng’s pocket made a sound,Jiang Yan is calling,Qin Feng immediately ran towards Jiang Yan’s office。
“What’s wrong, Xiaoyanyan。”
(End of this chapter)
Chapter Eighty Ten Massage
Qin Feng ran directly into Jiang Yan’s office,Jiang Yan frowned directly。
“Bai Shiling was broadcast because of illness,You go and see what’s going on,Unlimited time,Only you can treat her seriously。”
Jiang Yan stood up and walked to Qin Feng’s side and said。“If you dare to be rude to me,I will abolish you when I go back。”
Qin Feng shuddered when he heard this,Jiang Yan, this girl is really hard to control,At this moment, Qin Feng can only nod his head vigorously。
“correct,You are not allowed to use that Tianfeng massage,As for why you don’t have to ask,okay……You go quickly”

[Anhui Tongling snacks]_Tongling_Species

[Anhui Tongling snacks]_Tongling_Species

China has a vast land and a long history, and almost every city has some ancient cultures.

With the improvement of people’s life, many people will go out to travel to some areas with special cultural preservation in their free time, and in these areas can also eat unique flavor snacks.

Anhui Tongling has a lot of snacks, and friends who like to eat pork claws will have a mouthful, because the salt and pepper pig hand is one of the specialties here.

1. Salt and pepper pig hand is one of the traditional specialties of Tongling City, Anhui Province.

When preparing, wash the trotters, add wine, soy sauce, refined salt, spring onion, and ginger, steam them out of the basket, and hang them evenly.

Set the pan on medium heat, pour salad oil, put in trotters, fry yellow on both sides, turn to high heat and fry until crispy, remove and cut into pieces, sprinkle with salt and pepper, garlic, and diced pepper.

Available coriander, cucumber, flower decoration plate.

2. Datong Chagan is one of the traditional special snacks near Tongtong Town, Tongling City, Anhui Province. It started production as early as the Ming Dynasty and has a history of more than 400 years.

Datong tea dried is white dried seeds refined by many processes such as elutriation, refining, cooking, braising, wrapping, etc., using soybeans as the main raw material, and then put them in mushrooms, licorice, star anise, rock sugarAnd soaked in the juice prepared by the original soy sauce for several hours, then put it in the pot and cook, after the water is drained and drained, mix with sesame oil.

It has a unique style with strong color and delicious taste.

3. Shun’an Sutang is a local traditional snack in Yi’an District, Tongling City, Anhui Province. It is named after being produced in Shun’an Town. It was made in the late Tang Dynasty and has a history of thousands of years.

Shun’an Crisp Candy is made from high-quality flour, white sugar, and black sesame as the main raw materials, and is refined with appropriate amounts of osmanthus, green plum, and kumquat cakes.

It is soft and sweet to eat and melts at the entrance, making it a great treat for locals.

4. Zongyang powder steamed meat is one of the specialties of Zongyang County, Tongling City, Anhui Province.

When preparing, wash the rice, drain the water, add star anise, cinnamon and other spices to fry, then take out and grind it into powder.

Then cut the pork into slices, add salt, soy sauce, cooking wine, sugar, sweet noodle sauce, shredded ginger, spring onion, sesame oil, allspice, etc. and mix well, then pour in rice flour and mix well.

Place the rice noodle-filled meat piece by piece in a bowl, with the skin down, put it in a steamer and steam it, and just hold the meat in a plate when eating.

[Efficacy and role of Mito fruit oil]_Nutrition value_Assumption

The rules and regulations are slick and sloppy, and the father and the father are very sturdy and rugged. They are very rugged. They are not easy to learn.綔涓烘棩鏃ラ兘浼氶鐢ㄧ殑涓滆タ锛岄€夋嫨涓€娆惧ソ鐨勬补瀵逛汉浠殑韬綋鍋ュ悍鏄潪甯搁噸瑕佺殑銆備粖澶╁嵆灏嗕粙缁嶄竴娆炬瘮杈冨仴搴风殑娌光€斺€旂編钘ゆ灉娌癸紝绠€鍗曟潵璇村畠鏄竴娆剧函澶╃劧鐨勬鐗╂补锛屽悓鏃跺畠涔熸槸涓栫晫涓婁笉楗卞拰鑴傝偑閰稿惈閲忔渶楂樼殑妞嶇墿娌逛箣涓€閭d箞浣犵煡閬撶編钘ゆ灉娌圭殑鍔熸晥鍜屼綔鐢ㄦ槸浠€涔?Weaknesses and sorrows, we are all afraid of sorrows, and we are afraid that we will be married, and we will be able to find out how to do it, and how to do it.Rudder  鐗 ╂ 膆 裆 楉 南 印 悴 卝 卑 印 印 傰 傈 忈 濛 翮 揮 湮 湮 湮 湮 閮?2%浠ヤ笂锛屾槸涓栫晫涓婁笉楗卞拰鑴傝偑閰稿惈閲忔渶楂樼殑妞嶇墿娌逛箣涓€銆傚嵃濂囩編钘ゆ灉娌逛腑杩樺瘜鍚淮鐢熺礌E锛?00 鬏 嬬 璘 ゆ 璉 璉 閑 璑 绱 绛 畛 镫 勫 換 珛 珮 揮 湮 湮 訮 訮 訮 訮 緛 珛 翛 Read the twigs?67姣厠銆傚嵃濂囩壒绾у喎姒ㄧ編钘ゆ灉娌瑰彲绉板緱涓婃€ц川绋冲畾銆侀厤姣斿悎鐞嗐€佸吋鍏峰绉嶉闃层€佹仮澶嶅姛鑳界殑鈥滈暱瀵挎灉鈥濄€佲€滀笉鑰佹补鈥濄€傞暱鏈熼鐢ㄥ嵃濂囩編钘ゆ灉娌瑰彲鏈夋晥鎶ゅ崼韬綋鍋ュ悍鍏跺ぉ鐒舵鐗╁吇鍒嗗叿鏈変互涓嬩簲澶у姛鑳斤細浜氶夯閰搁檷浣庤鑴傘€佽鍘嬨€There is a new chain of rules and regulations in the world, and there are many new ones in the world, and there are many new ones in the world. They are the most important ones, and they are all in the same way.銆佹姂鍒惰繃鏁忓弽搴斻€傗梿鈼嗗姛鑳戒簩浜氭补閰告湁鏁堟竻鐞嗚鏍擄紝棰勯槻涓锛岃兘璧峰埌闃叉浜轰綋琛€娓呰儐鍥洪唶鍦ㄨ绠″鐨勬矇绉紝鏈夆€滆绠℃竻閬撳か鈥濈殑缇庤獕銆傗梿鈼嗗姛鑳戒笁伪-浜氶夯閰赶?3涓殑DHA鍙瀵肩檶缁嗚優鈥滆嚜鏉€鈥濓紝鏈夋晥鎻愰珮鏈轰綋鍏嶇柅鍔涖€傗梿鈼嗗姛鑳藉洓DHA淇楃О鈥滄鐗╄剳榛勯噾鈥濓紝瀵逛簬鏄庣洰銆佺泭鏅烘晥鏋滄槑鏄俱€傗梿鈼嗗姛鑳戒簲缁寸敓绱燛鏈夊姪浜庡澶氱Doesn’t the shoulder-shoulder crap?What is the history of chains and chains?What’s wrong with you? Do you think you’re a good friend?鏇村彲淇冭繘鍙戣偛锛屽己澹楠硷紝缁存姢鐨偆銆佸ご鍙戙€佺墮榻裤€佺墮搴婄殑鍋ュ悍;澶栫敤鏈夊姪浜庡绮夊埡銆佽創鍖呫€佺枛鐤紝鐨偆琛ㄩ潰婧冪枴绛夌棁鐨勬不鐤?鏈夊姪浜庡鑲烘皵鑲裤€佺敳鐘惰吅鏈鸿兘浜㈣繘鐥囩殑娌荤枟銆傜患涓婅堪锛氬嵃濂囩編钘ゆ灉娌规槸鍦伴亾鐨勭豢鑹插ぉ鐒跺仴搴锋补鍝侊紝鍦ㄩ€佺ぜ閫佸仴搴风殑鏃朵唬锛屾棤璁烘槸閫佺埗姣嶃€侀€佸笀闀裤€侀€侀畵 瀵 璲 璮 頮 駸 翸 翅 翅 翅 翅 翅 市 忂 界 ぜ 銆 Effectively 圃 囂 囩 囩 璘 ゆ 灉 娌 姌 皢 寮 团 曢  鍏 ㄦ 柊 络 畜 田 啽 啽 啽 唑 尽 唽 啽 唑 尽 唑 啔 唔 尣 唑 啽 唑 啽 啽This is the most effective way to compile a series of documents, and it’s a lot of things, it’s a lot of things, it’s a lot of fun, it’s a real thing-it’s a fake song-it’s a fake songJin Yao negative?1 Juanjianhanbang rainbow is a pot ュ defended Feifanjili Lao Gui ‘Laonaonaopang Qinguu Zengmowahui Man Shangchaininsuo Maogubangya Woqianfengqing Noujizanbang у fan TOWER?978 逞 計 丈 钖 沗 浗 橗 經 綁 獐 粹 禹 灷 痏 祜 楹 Marry couples in the sorrows and sorrows and sorrows and sorrows sorrows sorrows sorrows sorrows sorrowful sorrows?993骞村喅瀹氬湪涓栫晫鑼冨洿鍐呮帹骞裤€?002骞达紝鍦ㄦ垜鍥戒笂娴峰彫寮€鐨勨€滃繀闇€鑴傝偑閰镐笌浜虹被钀ュ吇鍋ュ悍鍥介檯鐮旇浼氣€濅笂锛屼笘鐣屽崼鐢熺粍缁囧叕甯冧簡21涓栫邯濞佽儊浜虹被鐢熷懡鐨勨€滃洓澶ф潃鎵嬧€濃€斺€斿績鑴戣绠$梾銆佺檶鐥囥€佺硸灏跨梾銆佺棿鍛嗙棁銆備簹楹婚吀瀵归槻娌讳互涓婂洓绉嶇柧鐥呭潎鏈夋樉钁椾綔鐢紝鎵€浠ヨ浼氳璁ゅ畾涓衡€?1涓栫邯缁胯壊钀ュ吇淇濆仴椋熷搧鈥濄€傚嵃濂囩編钘ゆ灉娌瑰洜涓轰簹楹婚吀鐨勫惈閲忕獊鍑猴紝浠ュ強浜氶夯閰搞€佷簹娌归吀銆佹补閰稿悎鐞嗙殑姣斾緥锛屽湪2004銆?006 銆?010 髞 揑 宸 峠 掠 淫 椋 憋 啺 和 咥 崥 峥 堜 婏 婏 咴 夋  銮 峰 缑 炑 戣 泣 揫 珷 銆?

Xinyangfeng (000902): New compound fertilizer with performance in line with expectations promotes profit growth

Xinyangfeng (000902): New compound fertilizer with performance in line with expectations promotes profit growth

Investment Highlights Event: The company releases 2019 semi-annual report.

In the first half of 2019, the company achieved operating income of 57.

75 ppm, an increase of 4 per year.

25% (the growth rate of revenue is expected to be mainly determined by the way in which the business is recognized by the trade method and the net method is changed from the merger method, resulting in an increase in trade revenue and a decrease of 3).

310,000 yuan, after excluding this effect, the actual income increased by 11.

39%); gross profit is 12.

32 ppm, an increase of 13 in ten years.

3%; net profit attributable to mother 6.

3.1 billion, an increase of 17 in ten years.

1% (15% increase in performance forecast every year?
30%, in line with expectations.

The close to the lower limit of profit growth was mainly due to the increase in the proportion of bad debts of other receivables from 10% to 30%, resulting in an asset impairment reserve of approximately 38.45 million yuan, affecting net profit after tax of approximately 32.3 million yuan. After excluding this effectActual net profit attributable to mothers increased by 23.

  05%); net operating cash flow 12.

8 billion, an annual increase of 322.

4%; ROE9.

73%, an increase of 0 every year.

59 points; advance payment 10.

200 million, an increase of 5 every year.

10,000 yuan.

  The market share of domestic leading enterprises in the phosphate and fertilizer industry continues to increase.

The company has a capacity of 800 tons / year of various high-concentration phosphate and compound fertilizers and a capacity of 320 tons of low-grade ore washing. The company produces 280 tons of sulfuric acid / year, 15 tons of synthetic ammonia, 15 tons of potassium sulfate, and 15 additives of nitric acid / year.

In 18 years, the company’s compound fertilizer market share was 4 respectively.

84%, 6.

12% vs. 7.

35%, ranking second in the industry for consecutive years.

Scale effects and industrial integration bring cost advantages and brand advantages.

The company’s industrial chain integration, the right to import potash fertilizer, and the unique location advantage bring about an excess cost advantage of about 180 yuan / ton.

  The income of conventional compound fertilizers is relatively stable.

The sales volume of conventional compound fertilizer in 2019H1 increased by 5 year-on-year.

13%, income increased by 11 in ten years.

84%, the gross profit margin was reduced relative to 0.

3 points.

Due to the dual impact of the high prices of upstream raw materials and the low prices of downstream agricultural products, the industry is fiercely competitive.

In order to cope with industry competition, the company has expanded its channel development efforts.

Benefiting from the company’s distributor channel resource advantage and strong market response speed, conventional compound fertilizers still achieved stable sales and profit growth in the fierce market competition.

  New compound fertilizers have become profit growth points, and product structure has continued to be optimized and upgraded.

In the first half of 2019, the ratio of new compound fertilizer to operating income increased to 18.
82%, gross profit as a percentage of gross profit rose to 22.

Achieved sales growth of 23.

01%, income increased by 28 in ten years.

32%, gross profit margin increased by 0 天津夜网 in ten years.

55 points to 25.

63%, higher than conventional compound fertilizer 5.


The optimization of product structure benefits from the company’s continuous expansion of research and development investment in new fertilizers and the expansion of market capacity brought by high value-added marketing.

In 2018, the company and China Agricultural University established the Key Laboratory of Special Fertilizers for Crops of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Areas. Through continuous introduction of high-level scientific and technological talents, and strengthening of independent research and development, production, teaching, and research cooperation, stable fertilizers, special fertilizers, special fertilizers, water-soluble fertilizers,Eco-fertilizers and other products are new in one product.

The company’s technology promotion department intensified the construction of new-type fertilizer demonstration fields, implemented differentiated competition through technical services, and enhanced the recognition and stickiness of new-type fertilizer dealers and farmers.

The company’s highly known technical services are dedicated to enhancing the added value of products through professional technical services, creating brand value and enhancing user stickiness.

In February 19th, Liseno was established to promote the sale of high-end fertilizers and the “Companotek” with German Compo Expert, which began to be launched in the market in 19Q2 and will further contribute to sales in the second half of the year.

  Monoammonium phosphate sales are stable, with each increase in gross profit margin of 0.

98 points.

In 2019H1, due to the increase in self-consumption of compound fertilizer, the sales volume of phosphate fertilizer decreased by at least 3.

05%, income is reduced by 3 every year.


Due to cost reduction.

13%, the average value of the margin, each increase in gross profit margin 0.

98 points.

In 2019H1, the main raw materials of phosphate fertilizer, sulfur, synthetic ammonia, and phosphate ore prices dropped.

Taking sulfur as an example, the price range in 2018 was RMB 1050-1550 / t, and the price in the first half of 2019 dropped sharply to RMB 800-1200 / t.

Due to the stable demand for downstream monoammonium phosphate compound fertilizer, the industry supply continues to shrink due to the impact of environmental protection policies, and the price is relatively firm, so the gross profit margin has increased.

  Monoammonium phosphate is the focus of “triphosphorus” remediation, providing contraction in an attempt to drive price spreads wide, and high-quality capacity will continue to benefit.

Supply side: Monoammonium phosphate is the focus of the “three phosphorus” remediation, and the remediation intensity is great.

According to statistics, in 2018, the national monoammonium phosphate production capacity was 1,680 microns / year, which was replaced by 112 microns / year, and the capacity utilization rate reached 91.

4%, ten years +13.

8pct, capacity utilization has reached historical highs.

We expect that through the depth of environmental protection rectification, monoammonium phosphate production will be reduced by 15% in the next year, and the layout of continuous contraction is expected to continue.

Demand side: overall stability, but due to the impact of El Nino climate change, we expect the price of agricultural products to rise gradually, which is expected to drive demand for phosphate and compound fertilizers. As the industry leader, the company will take the lead to benefit.

  Cost: Yellow phosphorus is not a raw material for monoammonium phosphate and has no effect on the production cost of monoammonium phosphate.

Phosphate ore is a monoammonium phosphate production material, but its price has risen to the highest level, and it has little effect on the production cost of monoammonium phosphate.

Inventory: It is at a historically low level since 2015, and it is only in 50 periods of social inventory. Profit: The overall profit trend is improving, the operating rate has steadily increased, and high-quality leading companies that usually attach importance to environmental protection promote sustainable benefits.

We expect that with the better demand for agricultural products in the future, the prices of monoammonium phosphate and diamine products will cause prices to stabilize and rebound.

  Dealer channels have strong stickiness and significant marketing advantages.

The company has 5,000 first-tier dealers and 70,000 terminal retailers. At least some of the networks are the most densely distributed and have a high level of professional marketing channels. Over 50% of the dealers have cooperated for 10 years. Diversified varieties and multi-level channel modelsIt further strengthened the company’s channel stickiness; at the same time, because Xinyangfeng’s products have offset cost advantages and higher gross profit levels, they have the ability to give dealers more incentives and translate into more market share.

In the future, the company will still focus on boosting the sales of high-end fertilizers through the combination of pilot field demonstrations and technical services, and break through price-sensitive breakthroughs through the marketing model of “integrated large household services.”

  Investment suggestion: The company is a leading company in phosphate compound fertilizer, with high cost, product, brand and channel.

During the adjustment phase of the industry, we will continue to realize technological research and development, product and marketing innovation, seize the resources of high-quality dealers and farmers, accelerate the increase of the city’s share, and further expand the moat.
Maintain “Buy” rating.

  We expect the company’s EPS for 2019-2021 to be 0.
73, 0.

85, 0.

91 yuan / share, the corresponding PE is 15 respectively.

7X, 13.

5X, 12.

7x, maintain BUY rating.

  Risk warning events: the macro economy exceeded expectations, and product prices fell sharply.

Hesheng Silicon Industry (603260) Interim Report Comments: Interim Report Performance Slightly Lower Expected PV Demand Drives Silicon Metal Prices to Promote Continuous Recovery

Hesheng Silicon Industry (603260) Interim Report Comments: Interim Report Performance Slightly Lower Expected PV Demand Drives Silicon Metal Prices to Promote Continuous Recovery

Investment highlights: 2019 net profit attributable to mothers6.

54 ppm, ten years -54.


Interim operating income for 2019 is 46.

600 million a year -14.

85%, net profit attributable to mother 6.

54 ppm, ten years -54.

76%, the performance was mainly due to the metal silicon in the first half of the year, the price of organic silicon fell sharply, the metal silicon in the first half of the average excluding tax rate of 10254 yuan / ton, each -12.

4%, the average price of silicone ring silane is 19697 yuan / ton, about -30.

52%. At the same time, due to the increase in Xinjiang ‘s silica mining in the second quarter, the sales volume of metal silicon in the second quarter was more or less than that in the first quarter and the third quarter.

Net cash flow from operating activities was 6.

43 trillion, good cash flow.

The utilization rate of new metal silicon and organic silicon production capacity will gradually increase and contribute to performance.

Restrictions on the supply of silica in the first half of the year led to an increase in the company’s metal silicon output. After the problem of silica supply was gradually resolved in the third quarter, the operating rate was expected to gradually increase.

Shanshan’s annual production of 10 crystalline silicon and downstream deep processing investment projects is expected to start production in the third quarter of 2019.

Shihezi has an annual output of 20 anchor chain projects and is expected to be put into production in 2021.

After the completion of the expansion project, the company will have a capacity of 90 tons of metal silicon (including 10 tons of Jinsong Silicon) and 93 tons of organic silicon monomer.

In 2019-2021, the supply and demand of metal silicon will gradually meet the tight pattern. The continued sluggish demand for exports and aluminum alloys will cause the price of metal silicon to continue to decline in the first half of the year.Restrictions, and the recovery of demand from the demand side into photovoltaic demand will gradually repair the growth of metal silicon demand in the future, the improvement of supply and demand relations will promote the price of metal silicon continues to rise from September, adjusting the average price of metal silicon 441 from 2019 to 2021 will be 11400/ Ton, 12500 yuan / ton, 12500 yuan / ton (12,000 yuan / ton, 12600 yuan / ton, 13,000 yuan / ton).

Although there is a slight surplus in the supply and demand of the silicone industry, the price is still in the historical bottom area. At the same time, the supply company is easy to generate a coordinated future. The price of the silicone is difficult to continue to fall below the cost line. It is expected that the price of the silicone D4 will be 1.


30,000 / ton.

Revise down earnings forecast and maintain BUY rating.

We adjusted the company’s metal silicon sales volume to 56 in 2019-2021.

9 early, 71.

8 Bulletin, 83.

4 Forecasts (The original forecast was 68 for 2019-2021.

(7 budget, 77 budget, 87 budget). It is estimated that the sales volume of organic silicon products in 2019-2021 will be 23 respectively.

7 early, 30.

1 initial, 41.

7 benchmarks, product price adjustments. The average selling prices of metal silicon products for 2019-2021 will be 11,250 yuan / ton, 12,350 yuan / ton, and 12,350 yuan / ton (the original forecasts were 11,850 yuan / ton, 12,450佛山桑拿网 yuan / ton, and 12850 respectively).Yuan / ton), it is estimated that the average price of cyclic silanes in 2019-2021 will be 21,000 yuan / ton, 19,000 yuan / ton, and 19,000 yuan / ton, due to the substantial reduction in the metal silicon sales assumption and a slight price reduction assumption.Net profit attributable to mothers was 16.

55 billion, 24.

14 billion, 35.

3.2 billion (the original forecast was 2.5 billion and 33 respectively.

6 billion, 45.

6.5 billion), corresponding to PE of 17 times, 12 times, and 8 times. Although the profit forecast has been lowered, the company has always been at the bottom. It is expected that Q3 will start to gradually improve its profit. In the long term, the company’s continued expansion of cost-effectiveness advantages will drive the company’s profitability to continue to increase, Maintain BUY rating.
Risk warning: PV demand exceeds expectations; Xinjiang has introduced self-provided cross-substitution.

MJ dies, wakes up and protects the heart

MJ dies, wakes up and protects the heart

Avoid heart attacks and make the following 10 things your habit: 1.

Drinking 5 glasses of water per day Studies have found that people who drink a lot of water every day are less likely to have a heart attack, because water replaces blood, which makes it less likely to cause coagulation.


Make sure your partner does not smoke. Your partner’s smoking will increase your incidence of illness by 92%, because passive smoking will cause an increase in adverse plasma levels, reduce the secretion of benign diseases, and make blood more likely to clot.


Middle-aged people who exercise 30 minutes a day, four hours a week, and two hours a day have a 60% lower incidence of cardiovascular disease than those who are inactive.


Losing 10 to 20 pounds (9 to 18 pounds) If you are overweight, losing 10 to 20 pounds (9 to 18 pounds) can reduce the risk of dying from a heart attack.

Studies have found that overweight people have a heart attack 8 earlier than normal weight people.

2 years.


The latest study found that drinking coffee and tea, and those who do not drink tea, the incidence of incidence of people who drink 3 cups of tea a day will be reduced by half.

Because the powerful antioxidant flavonoids in tea provide protection.


Eat salmon on Saturday and tuna on Tuesday. Studies have found that people who eat fish at least twice a week have a 30% lower risk of heart disease due to the effects of omega 3 fatty acids.


Vitamin E and aspirin studies have found that simultaneous supplementation with vitamin E and aspirin reduces arterial stenosis by 80%.


Eating corn flakes for breakfast Corn flakes contain high levels of folic acid (675 mg). Ingesting these amounts of folic acid daily causes a 13% reduction in cardiovascular disease.


Count to 10 to calm yourself down by buffering yourself for 10 seconds before you overreact to stressful situations.

People who are overreacted before counting to 55 have a three-fold increased risk of heart disease.


Eat watermelon. Watermelon contains 40% more lycopene than raw tomatoes. A watermelon can reduce the prevalence of heart disease by 30%.

Yuzhu Boy Chicken

Yuzhu Boy Chicken

[Source]Folk medicated recipe[Raw materials]1 child chicken, 5 grams of Yuzhu.


After slaughter, remove the paw, tail and internal organs, and remove the head and neck bones (skinless).


After the light chicken flies with boiling water, wash its blood stains, lift its abdomen up, and put it in a stew pot.


Add monosodium glutamate, salt, and add the right amount of cold boiled water, simmer until the eighth ripe, then add Yuzhu, continue to simmer until the chicken is rotten.


Remove Yuzhu before eating.

  [Efficacy]Tongzi chicken is sweet and warm; Yuzhu is sweet and slightly cold.

The two cooperate with each other, which can clear the lung yin, eliminate lung dryness, expectorant cough, relieve thirst, have the effect of solidifying and strengthening qi, refreshing and quenching thirst, dry the lungs, cough, thirst for stomach heat, less body deficiency, and ventSymptoms and symptoms such as diarrhea, edema, leakage of collapsed zone, and low postpartum milk.

Matsutake pigeon soup can treat diabetes

Matsutake pigeon soup can treat diabetes

Matsutake has certain medicinal value. It contains matsutake alcohol, iso-matsutake alcohol and other medicinal ingredients. It has the unique effects of strengthening the body, benefiting the stomach, relieving pain, regulating qi and phlegm, deworming and treating diabetes. It can be used to treat numbness of hands, feet and waistLeg pain and other complications.

It was also found that Matsutake contains “matsutake polysaccharide”, which is an antitumor activity in vivo, which is a special double-stranded biologically active substance not found in other plants. It has super strong anti-mutation ability and strong anti-cancer effect.

  Ingredients: Pigeon accessories: Matsutake medlar, proper amount of seasoning: Turmeric wine Cooking method: 1. Soak the matsutake in water until soft, and drain off the bottom residue.

  2. Wash the pigeons under running water, put them in cold water, add some rice wine, cook until the water is boiled and bleed, remove the blood and rinse with warm water.

  3. Add the right amount of water to the casserole, add the cooked pigeon and ginger slices and cook for half an hour, then add the soaked matsutake and wolfberry and cook for another half an hour.

Female white-collar workers drink pumpkin juice to nourish the stomach and protect the eyes and prevent cancer

Female white-collar workers drink pumpkin juice to nourish the stomach and protect the eyes and prevent cancer

Today, women generally pay attention to how to prevent diabetes. Xiaobian recommends pumpkin as a food for everyone. It is especially suitable for diabetics and white-collar women. It can not only raise the stomach, improve eyesight, but also prevent breast cancer.The efficacy of cancer can be said to be one of the versatile yellow fruits.

Today teach women to make a cup of sweet pumpkin juice.

Milk Pumpkin Juice Ingredients: 250 grams of pumpkin, 50 grams of rice, 10 grams of millet, 200 ml of milk, water amount. Method: 1. Peel the pumpkin, wash and cut into small pieces after removing the seeds. Use rice and millet several hours in advance.Soak the water; 2. Add the pumpkin cubes to the soymilk maker, then add the soaked rice and millet to the soymilk maker, add milk and water and choose to make rice cereal, and you can drink warm pumpkin juice in winter.
First, pumpkin can raise the stomach and eyesight, can effectively prevent cancer. Pumpkin is an exotic product, aimed at China in the Ming Dynasty, can be paired with vegetables, made stuffing, can be porridge, can replace a variety of delicious snacks, can be people’s favorite, not onlyIt has higher edible value, and also has a therapeutic effect that cannot be ignored.

Chinese medicine believes that pumpkin is warm, sweet and non-toxic, enters the spleen and stomach, can nourish the lungs and nourish qi, eliminate phlegm and purify sputum, detoxify and detoxify, treat cough and asthma, treat pulmonary constipation, and diuretic and cosmeticeffect.
In addition, pumpkin can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis and help food digestion. At the same time, the pectin in it can withstand the irritation of rough food and protect our gastric mucosa.

Pumpkin is rich in carotene and vitamin C, which can strengthen the spleen, prevent gastritis, suffer from night blindness, protect the liver, and make the skin tender. For the computer family who often uses eyes, eating pumpkin in moderation can help protect eyes and eyes.

From the perspective of anti-cancer, pumpkin is also a famous anti-cancer food.

First, the carotene in pumpkin can be converted into vitamin A, which can prevent the occurrence of diabetes and has a role in neutralizing carcinogens. In addition, medical experts and scholars at home and abroad have shown that eating pumpkin seeds can also relieve prostate hypertrophy (pumpkinsCan cure prostate hypertrophy) and prevent prostate cancer.

In addition, pumpkin can restore the liver and kidney function and ability to regenerate, because pumpkin can eliminate the mutation effect of carcinogen nitrous acid.

Second, diabetics can also eat pumpkin, which has a good hypoglycemic effect and is suitable for melons and fruits eaten by diabetics. This is because pumpkin contains a trace element-cobalt.

The cobalt contained in pumpkin ranks first among all kinds of vegetables. Cobalt can activate the metabolism of the human body, promote hematopoietic function, and participate in the synthesis of vitamin B12 in the human body. It is a trace element necessary for human islet cells. For diabetes,Lowering blood sugar has special effects.

Of course, diabetics cannot eat too much pumpkin because of this. After all, the starch and sugar in pumpkin are objective. Excessive consumption is not conducive to blood sugar control. It may also lead to excessive intake of carotene and yellow skin.

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