Self-assessment of skin color after cupping

Self-assessment of skin color after cupping

Cupping can dredge the meridians, adjust qi and blood, and alleviate neck pain and cold caused by qi and blood block.

Because Chinese medicine pays attention to the dialectical treatment of physique, and observes the color and smell of the skin after cupping, you can understand the state of the body and its own physique at that time.

  1. Skin is white: Moisture in the body is manifested: In the change of skin color, if small white water drops appear, it is indicated that the body is moist.

Some people have severe moisture in their bodies, so much water, and pores cannot be completely discharged from the body. After cupping, they will show small blisters on the skin.

  Method: Moisture in the body is heavy. Cupping alone may not completely eliminate the moisture.

The best way is to let the sun shine.

The sun in the human body is yang, which can be dissipated by supplementing it.

Women can use moxibustion to mute Guanyuan and Uterine points, and use one moxibustion box to moxibuste two points simultaneously.

  2. The appearance of yellow substances: the presence of disease in the body: the appearance of yellow substances may indicate the existence of other diseases in the body; the yellow substances also emit a foul odor, usually skin diseases such as acne.

  Methods: The lotus needle cupping method was used to remove the stasis. After the skin was stabbed with a lotus needle, cupping was performed. At this time, the congestion inside the body accompanied the replacement of the body.

  3, the skin was black and red: cold caused performance: the skin was dark red after cupping, no secretions, reddish color is mostly pimple, usually a cold.

  Method: Cupping can discharge toxins. In addition, massage acupoints can relieve cold symptoms.

  4, the skin is blackish: performance caused by fatigue: blackish color is congestion block, the usual symptoms are fatigue, strain.

  Method: In addition to cupping, the better method is to massage and cope with traditional Chinese medicine, and use heat therapy to activate blood circulation.

  Imprint after cupping to see if the body is healthy. If the pot is purple and dark, it usually indicates that the body has blood stasis, such as poor menstruation, dysmenorrhea or inadequate blood supply to the heart.Spots.

If the spots do not return for several days, it often means that the disease course has been long, and more parking lots are needed.

If a large area of dark purple spots appears in the walking tank, it indicates that the area caused by wind cold is very large, and the symptoms should be treated to expel cold and eliminate evil.

  Purple cans printed with plaques can indicate cold stasis.

  The can mark showed scattered purple dots, with different shades, which generally indicated the evidence of qi stagnation and blood stasis.

  Light purple hair is accompanied by plaques, and is generally predominantly deficient, with blood stasis. If present in the Shenshu acupoint, it indicates that the kidney is deficient.

This is often accompanied by tenderness.

  The can mark is bright red and colorful, generally indicating deficiency of yin and deficiency of qi and yin.

Yin spots Huowang can also appear this spot.

  The can mark is a bright red scattered point, which usually appears after walking in a large area, and is not higher than the skin.

If it is concentrated in a certain point and its vicinity, it indicates that there is a disease in the viscera of the point.

(In clinical practice, cans are used to find such red spots, and acupuncture is used to treat the disease.

) The cans are gray and untouchable, mostly cold and damp.

  The surface of the can printed with texture and itching, indicating wind evil and dampness.

  Moisture in the tank indicates moisture in the area.

  The presence of blisters on the pot marks indicates that the body is humid, and if there is blood in the blisters, it is a reflection of heat, humidity, and toxicity.

  Blisters in the cupping area, excessive edema and moisture, revealing Qi syndrome.

  Appears crimson, purple black, or danshen, or touches the body with fever, suggesting a fever syndrome, and those who do not have a fever, suggesting stasis syndrome.

  The skin color does not change, and those who are not touched are suggestive of suffering from deficiency syndrome.

  The above describes the physical health problems represented by skin color after cupping. Cupping is a good way to relieve moisture and pain. After cupping, be careful not to take a bath immediately, do not get wind, and keep warm.

The nutrients of crude rice are most suitable for the needs of the human body.

The nutrients of crude rice are most suitable for the needs of the human body.

After the rough rice has undergone the treatment of the three digestive juices (saliva, gastric juice, gastric juice), it will enter the stage of absorption.

Having said that, a sound human body cannot be quickly absorbed by grass.

Because after adding the above three digestive juices, it is necessary to add bile, duodenal juice and intestinal fluid, and then carry out fine digestion and absorption operations.

This type of operation is inconsistent with the achievement of all the scores of the light meters.

  About now, nutrition now advocates adding more than 30 foods a day.

In this way, the relationship between nutrition and life of each food is never taken into account, and the digestive organs are not considered.

  In this case, the type, concentration, and secretion of the digestive juice can only cope with those foods in a disorderly manner, so that when eating, the internal organs and nerves will be abnormally fatigued.

  For the dietary methods advocated by modern nutrition, the more faithful the observance, the more the burden of the internal organs and nerves will be aggravated.

  Because of this, there are many people who follow this method of eating, and the body is prone to fatigue and fatigue, and the waist is heavy and the eyes are tired.

Some people may have liver, kidney function deterioration, cancer, allergic constitution and other symptoms.

  The modern nutrition diet seems to be luxurious and rich, but when those foods enter the body, they will turn into uncollected garbage, injuring the organs and nerves in the body.

  The so-called nutrition is difficult to control the natural level of the human body, it is unreasonable, and it is an anti-natural rebellious behavior.

  It is best to take a very natural way of eating. As long as this can be done, the various functions in the body will become normal and will be of great help to our health.

  The above points can be easily achieved by eating coarse rice.

  Let’s take a look at the example of the coarse rice being absorbed by the human body.

The outermost layer of rough rice is guaranteed, and part of it will be transformed into the material of our skin cream.

In other words, the skin of micron meters contains a lot of ingredients that become human skin cream.

However, this is not the only way.

A part will combine with the germ of the center of the rigid rice to become a superficial membrane of red blood cells, parasitism, genetic factors and the like.

  In this way, the layers of the coarse rice can not only complete the positive and negative differentiation and transformation of the nutrients, but also reduce the burden of organs and nerves to a minimum.

  Because of this, as long as you eat a little rice, you can adjust the function of the internal organs in a short time.

So it can relieve constipation and improve our health.

The effect is better than eating more than 30 nutritious foods a day.

  In the process of digestion, if the sugar is corrupted because it is not completely burned, it will become lactic acid.

After intense labor or exercise, the muscles will feel pain, and the lactic acid (produced by sugar and old waste) produced by incomplete combustion cannot be metabolized and stayed in muscle tissue.

  Lactic acid sometimes turns into fatigue.

In order not to make lactic acid into fatigue, it is necessary to have vitamin B1.

  One hundred grams of crude rice contains 0.16 mg of vitamin B1.

These vitamin B1 levels are sufficient to activate the saccharide contained in the slender rice so that no fatigue is accumulated.

  In order for the white rice to be digested and absorbed, it is necessary to supplement vitamins and minerals from the body or other foods.

Therefore, eating white rice is easy to accumulate fatigue, eating white rice is equivalent to eating something that is easy to corrupt.

  Although alkaline rice and white rice are both attached, their role in the human body is very different.

People who eat white rice tend to have an unsound state and are unhealthy, so that they often get sick and need medical care and medicine.

  Food that meets our appetite is likely to become a toxin after entering our body.

This must be understood.

The body is sick, can you eat fruit?

The body is sick, can you eat fruit?

I am sick, can I eat fruit?
Although eating moderate amounts of fruit has many benefits for health, for some special people, not all types of fruit can be eaten.

Recommend some fruits that are suitable for them today.


Diabetic patients: should eat apples, pears, peaches, apricots, plums, cherries, oranges, pomelo and other fruits with increased glycemic index, help to supplement a variety of phytochemicals, such as carotenoids, flavonoids and so on.

Eat less fresh dates, raisins and other fruits with higher glycemic index.


Hypertension, hyperlipidemia, atherosclerosis patients: should eat hawthorn, citrus, grapefruit, fresh dates, etc., in addition to vitamin C, minerals, these fruits also contain health care functional factors.

As the study confirmed, hawthorn has anti-oxidation, lowering blood pressure, lowering blood fat and relieving hardening of the arteries.


Hepatitis patients: should eat fresh dates, kiwi, hawthorn, bananas, apples, pears, watermelons, oranges and lemons, they are rich in vitamin C and carotene, and promote liver cell regeneration.


Patients with stomach and duodenal diseases: patients with hyperacidity or Chinese medicine believe that stomach heat should eat watermelon, banana, etc., carefully eat hawthorn, lemon, bayberry, plum, etc., because a certain fruit is more acidic, it will increase the stomachAcidity stimulates the gastric mucosa and affects ulcer healing.


Patients with diarrhea: When the disease is serious, it is advisable to eat watermelon. After the disease is relieved, you can eat grape, pomegranate, apple, bayberry and other sour and appetizing, astringent fruit. It is not suitable to eat pears and other cold fruits, otherwise it may lead to diarrhea.Not conducive to the recovery of the disease.


Constipation, acne patients: should eat bananas, pears, peaches, citrus, apples, etc., these fruits are conducive to laxative, should not eat persimmons, hawthorn, lotus seeds, pomegranates, etc., because these fruits contain protein acid, have antidiarrheal effectIt is easy to increase constipation after eating.


Kidney disease patients: should eat watermelon, melon, pear, mulberry, strawberry and other fruits.

For example, people with impaired renal dysfunction should not eat bananas. Because bananas contain rich sodium and potassium salts, they will aggravate edema and increase the burden on the kidneys.


Patients with myocardial infarction and stroke: should eat bananas that are good for laxatives, watermelons and hawthorns that soften blood vessels.


Inconvenient long-term activities or bedridden patients: Eat more bananas, watermelons, peaches, etc. to help digestion, run the fruit, carefully eat more amino acids, astringent persimmons, pomegranates, etc., so as not to cause constipation, aggravating the condition.


Patients with respiratory infections: should eat pears, clams, oranges, apricots, clams, mangosteen, etc. These fruits have various effects such as phlegm, lungs, and cough, which are beneficial to the respiratory tract.

Principles of application of drug health

Principles of application of drug health

The application principle of drug health The specific application of drug health has been focused on both the supplement and the diarrhea.

When used properly, it can be used to a certain extent to prolong life.

But drugs are not omnipotent. If you only allow drugs, not relying on your own exercise and adoption, after all, it is passive and negative.

Drugs are only an auxiliary health measure. In practical applications, the following principles should be mastered.

First, do not blindly tonic to use the tonic method for nursed back to health, generally used for the elderly and frail and sick, these people’s physique is mostly “virtual”, it is appropriate to use the method of replenishment.

People who are not healthy are generally not required to take it.

In particular, it should be noted that taking supplements should be targeted. If you see a tonic, you think it is completely beneficial and harmless. If you take it up, it will easily aggravate the body’s qi and yin balance imbalance, or even useless, but harmful, so you should not blindlyTonic, should be targeted to make up for the fact that it is false and true.

Cheng Guopeng, a doctor of the Qing Dynasty, pointed out: “To make up for it, big!”

However, there are those who do not make up for mistakes; those who do not make mistakes and make up for mistakes; there are also those who do not divide the qi and blood, do not distinguish between cold and heat, do not know the opening and closing, do not know the urgency, do not divide the five internal organs, do not know the fundamental, not deepIf you want to adjust the party to the wrong person, you must not talk about it. This is the first principle that needs to be clarified.

Second, the purpose of making up for the over-subscription is to harmonize yin and yang, which should be just right, not too biased.

If it is too biased, it will become harmful, leading to a new imbalance between yin and yang, causing the body to suffocate and hurt again.

For example, although it is qi deficiency, but a large dose of qi does not care about other, make up too much, but it leads to stagnation of the air machine, chest, abdominal fullness, up and down; although it is yin deficiency, but a large dose of Yin andIf you don’t pay attention to moderation, the yin is too much, but it will prevent the yang from damaging, causing the human body to be chilly and dignified.

Therefore, it should be appropriate to pay attention to appropriateness, to be appropriate, and to make up for it. This is another principle that should be paid attention to when supplementing.

Third, dialectical in addition to the virtual person tonic, but the specific situation of the virtual person is different, so when tonic, must be clear of the dirty, blood, yin and yang, cold and heat, false and real, syndrome differentiation, in order to obtain longevity, andNot biased.

In addition, taking tonic, it is advisable to take different methods according to the changes in the yin and yang of the four seasons.

Otherwise, it will not only be useless, but it will be harmful to health.

Fourth, the Shengyi Yixie drug health care is certainly an auxiliary method for the elderly and the weak, and it is understandable to supplement the deficiency.

However, the physical sense is also too common.

Just talking about the facts is not the truth, and it is not lost.

Just as Xu Lingtai said: “If you can be a long-term, you must have a unique place. If you are alone, you should make up your yin.””Yin”; “If there are winds, colds, sputum, wetness, etc., especially when they are eager to sneak out”, the current people, the standard of living has improved, often replenishing and lax.

However, the plain cream has a lot of taste and taste, and often the fat alcohol is overflowing, the body is too much, and the blood and blood stagnation has become a hidden danger.

Therefore, the law of diarrhea is also an important principle of anti-aging.

The “Tibetan Scriptures” said that “the person who is the real person, the nature of the declaration must extend its life”, that is what it means.

Five, diarrhea does not hurt the body to live the evil spirits, the Xuan Xie Tong Li Fang can balance the yin and yang blood.

However, in the health adjustment, we must also pay attention to the proper use of the law of attack and diarrhea.

It is not allowed to over-spray due to its physical fitness. If it is too violent, it will lead to the lack of vitality in the human body. Not only will it not be able to prolong life, but it will be counterproductive.

Therefore, the law of diarrhea in drug health should not be harmed by the principle.

Strive to achieve sweaty sputum, clear and cold, and sturdy and fierce. In practical application, the following points should be noted: 1 If there is indeed a stagnation, you can consider using the method of attacking and diarrhea;The medicine must be affixed, safe and effective; 3 the dose must be appropriate, just as appropriate; 4 can not be eager to seek, and strive for quick results.

Sixth, medication gradual aging is a complicated and slow process, and any method of prolonging life and longevity will not be effective overnight.

Drug health is no exception, and it is impossible to expect to continue to achieve health and longevity in a short period of time.

Therefore, the use of medicine should slow down its work, there must be a level of process, and should not be eager to achieve.

If you don’t know why, you can’t get it fast, it’s not beneficial, it’s harmful.

This is the principle of application in drug health, and it is also a thousand years of experience in the history of health caregivers. It should be at least enough to know.

Yoga: a mentor for breast cancer patients


Yoga: a mentor for breast cancer patients

A recent study in the United States shows that for breast cancer survivors, practicing yoga can significantly relieve the craze (women’s menopause symptoms, paroxysmal skin disease fever) and various signs of menopause.

  Laura from Duke University?

Dr. Porter said in a press conference: In the past, after research, we already know that yoga can help healthy women reduce the number (frequency) of crazes, but no one has studied how it can bring breast cancerEffect.

  Survivors who have had breast cancer are not suitable for hormone replacement therapy for physical reasons.

And other breast cancer treatments, some kind of tamoxifen (an anti-estrogen) “is likely to induce worsening menopause and worsening”, replacing Laura?

Potter and her colleagues (including health from Oregon?

(University of Science) showed the same in their research.

  The yoga research subjects mentioned in this article include 37 women with common characteristics, all of whom have completed the early stages of breast cancer treatment.

Researchers included them in two groups.

One group was scheduled to participate in an eight-week, two-hour yoga training session.

Out of the training class, they practice yoga at home for about 30 minutes every day.

For comparison purposes, each of them is a supplement to the yoga class and does not participate in training for the time being.

  This yoga project, named “Yoga Awareness Journey”, the purpose is obviously to see if it can have a positive impact on the craze and various menopause.


波特在新闻发布会中还讲,“本次‘瑜伽感知之旅’是建立在传统的瑜伽技巧之上的,为了达到减轻压力,提高成员对事物的感知能力,并让他们学会接受自己的Physical skills and mental state, we have designed many exercises and taught some special postures to integrate all the exercises.

“At the beginning and end of each exercise, scholars will report their daily craze and other symptoms of menopause.

  Studies have shown that by comparing before and after training, the physical condition of women participating in yoga training classes has been greatly improved from that of the untrained group, especially in the menopause phenomenon, including the frequency and severity of crazes,Their fatigue, joint pain and insomnia also improved significantly.

  Subsequent follow-up data shows that after 3 months, the yoga training group’s progress is quite good (from the perspective of the improvement of the craze and menopause symptoms).

  The above research results were formally published on March 8th at the International Conference on Yoga Therapists at the Anticipation Promotion Yoga Therapy and Research in Antiques in Los Angeles.

  The participating experts plan to further develop the research and teach their yoga programs nationwide to yoga trainers.

  Meanwhile, Laura?

Porter also stated that although people can’t be exposed to the same yoga training journey at local yoga training venues, yoga trainers have the ability to teach some of the basic principles and methods.

Football City fell!

The Dalian side reproduces the excitement of the second act: the post-defense collective health + superstar is questioned for 3 seconds.

Football City fell!
The Dalian side reproduces the excitement of the second act: the post-defense collective health + superstar is questioned for 3 seconds.

In the fourth round of the Chinese Super League, the Dalian side suffered a two-game losing streak at home. The football city once again fell to let Tianjin TEDA ushered in two consecutive victories. Compared with the 1-2 loss, the Dalian side is more serious in attack and defense to avoid frustration.Carrasco and the state did not reach the best Musheike picking the girders, passing superstar Hamsik continued to slump in the game, passing and shooting did not reach the level they should.

In order to release Hamsik’s offensive attributes, Cui Kangxi specially arranged the two beasts of Qin Sheng and Zhao Xuri to escort, but unfortunately Hamsik was still unacceptable, and the Dalian side reappeared in the game.In one scene, the director of Hamsik, Hamsik directly wasted the chance to win by Carrasco, and the other scene was the collective health of the defense line of Dalian.

At the beginning of the game, the Dalian side actually showed a very good momentum. On the offensive end, the sprint was frequently launched. Carrasco repeatedly singled out the opponent’s defense. Unfortunately, Mu Xiekui just recovered from injury and shot.In the best state, after one side’s offense was blocked, Tianjin Teda seized the opportunity early and had Jonathan’s low-shooting rate to break the deadlock in the 15th minute of the game.

Entering the second half, the offensive end of the Dalian side was fully awakened. Carrasco continued the true spirit of the madman. Mu Xiekui gradually found the feeling of Fengba. In the 52nd minute of the game, Carrasco moved laterally with the ball in the midfield.After the defensive player directly sent a world-class over-the-top pass to find the forward Zhao Mingjian, Zhao Mingjian directly kept the ball across the front door, Mu Xiekui rushed to the front point and directly left the left foot to push the goal, DalianEqualize the score.

After the flattening score, the party completely occupied the initiative on the field. At one time, TEDA was slammed in the half, but one side defeated Gaitan. In the 61st minute of the game, a legendary star Hamsik made an amazing shot.After receiving the pass from Carrasco, he faced the goalkeeper Du Jia’s direct anti-aircraft gun. The entire attack process took only 3 seconds. It was hard to imagine that this is a superstar.Level, seeing teammates so wasted opportunities, Carrasco crazy fighting head + pickpockets, full of helplessness, for Hamsik’s performance can not bear to look straight.

The waste of opportunity will be punished after all. This is a common picture in football matches. In the 81st minute of the game, the defense line of Dalian reproduces the twisting operation. At that time, Tijiang took the ball in the midfield, Jonathan quietly inserted, and one sideThe two central defenders directly gave Jonathan an open space. They bought Tijiang and sent the pass to find Jonathan. Jonathan caught the ball and entered the penalty area. In the face of Zhang Wei’s attack and Zhao Mingjian’s defense, Jonathan created a defense against the enemy.Mistakenly hit the second attack and complete the turn and shoot the goal, one side of the defensive team members to maintain the target, very good.

In the whole game, the performance of the Dalian side made people see the downturn of last season’s appearance. The fans immediately slogan “Return Metan”. It is easy that this is Hamsik’s 3-second offensive anti-aircraft gun.Phenomenon, as a Serie A superstar, Hamsik has been very stable. He came to the Super League in Dalian to recognize the fans. He needs to find the status as soon as possible. Otherwise, the party is really dangerous this season, and he is afraid to fall into the relegation problem again.

Spring allergies, these ingredients help you prevent

Spring allergies, these ingredients help you prevent

Double mushroom python: 2 large black snakes, 25 grams of mushrooms, 25 grams of mushrooms, 3 grams of dried tangerine peel, 10 grams of medlar, seasoning amount.

After the snake is killed, peeled, cut into sections, add rice wine, onion, ginger, dried tangerine peel and steam for 1 hour, tear the meat and leave the bones, and the snake meat is reserved.

Tricholoma, mushrooms are cut and ready for use.

Lard with onion, ginger scented, add water to boil, under the snake bone (gauze wrapped), simmer for 30 minutes, leave the bone to leave soup.

Add mushrooms, mushrooms and snake meat, cook for 30 minutes, season with pepper and simmer.

Hurricane dampness.

Applicable to skin eczema repeated authors.

Tofu Chrysanthemum: Composition: 100 grams of tofu, 10 grams of wild chrysanthemum, 15 grams of dandelion.

Method: Wild chrysanthemum, dandelion decoction juice about 200 ml, add tofu, seasonings with boiling, with the right amount of water starch thicken, stir well Serve.

Function: Detoxification, for the recovery of eczema, itchy skin and eczema.

Reed fish and grass drink: composition: fresh reed root 100 grams, 15 grams of Houttuynia cordata.

Method: Fresh radish roots are washed and cut into sections, and 250 ml of juice is cooked with the squid, and the amount of sugar is added.

You can also wash the boil directly from the affected area.

Function: heat detoxification, drainage.

Anti-eczema infection, preventing eczema infection patients.

How to wash your face properly First, wash your hands, and the foam from the dirty hands will not wash your face a little. You must remember to wash your hands first.

Rinse the external dust and dirt first with clean water, rinse the dirt and dirt with water, and make the facial cleanser easier to function at the same time.

Then apply the cleanser; the solid is inserted into the telescopic hose. The liquid cleanser can be applied directly to the tube, and the solid cleaning product must first be foamed on the hand.

Adding two or three drops of water is the key point. If the concentration is too strong, it will not be fully foamed. Add some water foam to appear immediately.

Gently apply the facial cleanser to the skin and gently massage the cleanser at both ends in a spiral shape.

Wash any part thoroughly, wash the entire face, and then wash the oily part and the easily overlooked part; some of the ears can be wiped with your fingers; if you feel the difficulty, you can wash it together when you take a bath, here isThe easiest to forget.

Wash as much as possible with running water. Washing your face with a basin is not easy to wash away the cleanser thoroughly.

The rinsing time is about three times that of washing your face. If the facial cleanser is not clean, it may cause skin problems. It should be washed with warm water.

Do not rub your face with a towel, but use a light rub and use a towel to easily injure your face. It should be gently inserted to dry the water.

Then apply a lotion to relieve the skin. Sensitive skin can use special anti-allergic products, and its desensitization effect is very good!

Do 3 things every day after meals, strengthen your stomach and keep your body, and grasp the golden health period!

Do 3 things every day after meals, strengthen your stomach and keep your body, and grasp the “golden health period”!

We often say that half an hour after a meal is the “golden time” for health care. It can be digested and digested by food, and it is good for many organs of the body.

1 half an hour after breakfast, half an hour after breakfast, we can beat the acupoint on the outside of the calf – Zusanli.

There is a saying in Chinese medicine called “three-legged stay in the belly”, which means that the intestines are indigestion and can be solved with Zusanli.

After the meal, tapping the outside of the calf can stimulate the Zusanli acupoint, improve the performance of the qi and spleen, and is very beneficial for gastrointestinal digestion.

The position of the Zusanli Point is in the axially outward depression, about three inches down.

We can also massage cardiovascular.

Chinese medicine believes that 7 in the morning?
At 9 o’clock, the main stomach, the stomach is called “longevity” in the traditional Chinese medicine meridians, it will pass the knee joint.

Therefore, rubbing the knee joint with both hands for about 20 minutes after breakfast can make the stomach smooth.

2 Half an hour after lunch, half an hour after lunch is suitable for a cup of yogurt, then take a nap.

First of all, yogurt contains a lot of probiotics, which can promote tandem peristalsis.

The sour taste of yogurt can also stimulate the secretion of gastric juice, thereby improving the digestion capacity of the stomach and adding power to the stomach.

In fact, yogurt also has calcium, and a cup of yogurt about half an hour after a meal helps to protect the bones.

In addition, half an hour after lunch is a crucial moment to adjust your physical and mental state. It is recommended that you take a nap.

Studies have shown that taking a nap at noon can help relieve stress and improve memory. Even in just a few minutes, it can refresh your mind and make your work more efficient in the afternoon.

If you can’t take a nap, you can also use this time to do stretching exercises, stretching your waist, rubbing your toes, or doing a few deep breaths to improve your mental state.

3 Half an hour after dinner, do not rush to take a walk for half an hour after dinner, so as not to affect digestion and absorption.

Using these time to do some housework can not only consume energy, but also properly move the bones and muscles, and will not burden the digestive system.

In addition, massage the abdomen is also a good body movement, proper massage of the abdomen after meals can make the fluid flow.

Modern medicine also shows that using the palm of the hand around the abdomen umbilical clockwise, alternating counterclockwise massage, is conducive to promoting gastrointestinal motility, speed up food digestion, while stimulating the brain’s nervous system, has a good fitness and disease prevention.

Half an hour after a meal, if you use it well, you can become our “health time”. It can not only help digestion, invigorate the spirit, but also improve the body and improve the body.

Usually, what do you usually do half an hour after a meal?

What kind of health knowledge is there, welcome to share it with everyone.

Exercise to lose weight 7 small 诀窍

Exercise to lose weight 7 small 诀窍

Tell you a fact you may not know: At the age of 25, your metabolism can help you burn 200 calories a day. After this age, your body’s metabolism will be relatively degraded and the calories burned will be reduced.

If last year’s jeans were a bit tight, don’t panic, and now you’re desperately trying to cut calories (something too fast or crazy to lose weight quickly) will only make things worse.

Instead, try some smarter ways to lose weight, but instead bring you healthy to achieve weight loss.

Here are seven ways to lose weight, which will help your metabolism (even when you are sleeping), making your calories burn faster and slimming faster!

  1, to outdoor sports research found that walking or running outdoors is 10% more calories than running on a treadmill.

Outdoors, relatively rugged roads produce greater friction; affected by natural winds, the moving body is subject to offset resistance; in addition, uphill and downhill changes allow outdoor sports to constantly change rhythm.
Therefore, whether it is running, riding a bicycle or roller skating, the exerciser will be twisted by the impact in the outdoor sports, and the body itself needs to consume more energy.

Can you spend 3% more on outdoor running than on a treadmill?
The trajectory of the 5% card.

In addition, fresh air and changing views can make fitness more fun and help practitioners stay longer.

  2, know that warm-up exercise Many people do not like to warm up when they start to exercise, I think it can save time.

But in fact, you are wasting your calories burning moments. Proper warm-up exercises can increase your body temperature and increase the activity of light burning.

When your body temperature increases by one degree during exercise, your cells will increase the metabolic rate by about 13%.

Before exercise, do a simple to moderate intensity of at least 5 minutes of warm-up exercise, gradually increase your heart rate, let your muscles move, your breathing speeds up, your body’s metabolism and absorption consumption will be more improved.

  3, every exercise for at least 12 minutes of energy will consume energy, but to really achieve the effect of weight loss, you need at least 12 minutes (warm-up exercise is not counted) exercise.

Take the time to build a training effect that increases your body’s oxygen transport capacity and produces more lightly burning enzymes such as fecal enzymes, so you can burn more time during exercise and more when doing other things.Have energy.

  4, short-term high-intensity exercise consumes more and more short-term high-intensity exercise is a kind of exercise method with moderate rebound, but at the same time, short-term, high-intensity exercise can achieve energy and slow exercise and exercise 1.

2 times, even after exercise can continue to burn 75?
The volume of 125 cards.

Short-term, high-intensity exercise strengthens your muscles and increases your ability to burn young cells.

The study found that cycling with different strengths, such as a little hard pedaling for 5 minutes, and then easily pedaling the five-point system, this lasts for an hour and a half, more than 15% more time than those who have been forced to step on 30 minutes.

  5, 1 hour of exercise, once a week at the University of British Columbia’s Victoria University researchers found that 60 minutes of exercise is 5 times more than 30 minutes of exercise.

Even if you don’t have time to exercise one hour a day, once a week, you can consume more calories than a short exercise.

  6, try to make your body more active. If you have more than 350 calories, you can lose 35 pounds a year.

Burning 350 calories a day, just need to stand up and listen to the phone when you call, instead of sitting on the chair; don’t spend too much time at the computer, stand up and walk; if it is shortIf you are on the road, you can use walking instead of other alternatives.

  7, choose a heavier dumbbell to use a heavier dumbbell (for example, if you lift a 10-pound dumbbell 10 times, now lift a 20-pound dumbbell 5 times), this will allow you to burn 25% more quantum in the movement of lifting dumbbells.

Because the weight breaks through more muscle protein, your body must use more energy to recover, so the body consumes more energy.

Researchers at the University of Washington’s St. Louis Medical School found that people who lifted weights three to six times had a calorie-burning calorie rate of 8% during their sleep.

This will allow you to lose about 5 pounds in a year, even if you don’t do anything else.

Ten taboos for the elderly

Ten taboos for the elderly

The physiological characteristics of people in old age are weakened visceral function, lack of blood and blood and kidney function decline.

Therefore, paying attention to diet is very important, should use the kidney and spleen food and food methods to meet the needs of this stage.

The elderly should adhere to the following dietary principles: 1.

Avoid overeating because of the digestive function of the elderly, low detoxification ability, weakened blood vessels, a large number of arteriosclerosis, especially the harm caused by overeating.

Overeating can seriously damage the diet of the elderly, burden the stomach, cause indigestion, prone to angina or induce myocardial infarction.

Therefore, when eating, it is advisable to chew slowly, which not only helps digestion and absorption of food, but also avoids cough caused by infarction.


Avoid eating too much elderly people, eat too much, replace the transformation beyond the needs of the human body, it is easy to be obese.

Older people are too obese to get sick.

Because the food stays in the stomach for too long, it can cause uncomfortable feelings and cause indigestion.

At the same time, it will hinder the movement of the diaphragm, causing difficulty in breathing, increasing the burden on the heart, and possibly symptoms such as angina.

It will increase the burden on the liver and pancreas, affecting health and longevity, so the elderly must control diet.


Avoid eating people to the elderly, the increase of various tissue functions, digestion and metabolism, so nutrition needs special supplements, do not eat at random.

First of all, we must control the intake of carbohydrates. Rice and noodles should be eaten less than normal adults. Secondly, it is not good for the heart and the liver, so it should be eaten less.

In general, the elderly take 100g of lean pork and 20g of vegetable oil every day to meet the needs of the human body.

Also add protein and vitamins, eat more foods such as soy, milk, fish, eggs and lean meat.

Eat more iron-rich rapeseed, tomatoes, peaches, apricots and green leafy vegetables with vitamins and cellulose.

And try to drink more water.

The blood viscosity of too little water is increased, and it is easy to form a blood clot, which induces brain and cardiovascular diseases and affects the excretory function of the kidney.

So the elderly drink at least three teas a day.


Avoid cold food, cold drink hot summer, drink some cold drinks in moderation, eat cold food to help prevent heatstroke and improve appetite, but the obese mucosa has undergone degenerative changes, gastric acid and various digestive enzymes are gradually reduced, digestive function decline.

If you often eat cold drinks, cold food, can cause gastric mucosal vasoconstriction, decreased secretion of gastric juice, leading to decreased appetite and indigestion.

Hypothermia causes coronary artery stenosis in the heart, leading to myocardial vascular hypoxia, which can cause cardiac cramps and arrhythmia.

Therefore, it is advisable to repeat some light or salty drinks in summer to prevent heat stroke.

Older people should eat less or not eat cold drinks according to their own situation.


Avoid eclipse of the elderly due to poor appetite, diet often have a partial eclipse, like to eat a certain kind of food, this should be corrected.

Because food has five flavors, partial eclipse is harmful to the body.

Therefore, the food should be light and not greasy.

The variety of the diet should be roughly and reasonably matched, so that the five flavors can be reconciled to meet the needs of the human body for various nutrients.


Avoid too much taste of the tongue of the elderly, the taste buds are atrophy and degeneration, the taste nerves are also relatively slow, the appetite is not good, like to eat some thick soup to stimulate appetite.

This is not good for the elderly with chronic diseases, food should be light and salty.


Diet is not hard. Most of the elderly teeth have been shaken or placed, chewing is difficult, so the food should be boiled, soft, to facilitate digestion and absorption, should not eat tough food.

Food avoidance Chen elderly resistance is low, digestive gland secretion function is weakened, recombination creep is weak, if the food is not fresh, it is easy to cause indigestion and transformation infection.

Avoid food too hot because the esophagus is close to the left atrium, swallowing high temperature food, it will affect the heart rate immediately, and sometimes cause arrhythmia, so you can not eat too hot food.


Avoid drinking strong tea because the tea contains a lot of caffeine, it is exciting after drinking, it is difficult to enter.

Tea contains a large amount of implanted acid, which can be combined with protein in food to form a block of implanted acid protein, which is not easy to digest and can even cause constipation.

Long-term consumption of strong tea will cause vitamin B1 deficiency and insufficient iron absorption.

In addition, drink tea to the right amount, such as drinking more before meals, will dilute the stomach acid, affecting digestion.

It is best to drink tea about 20 minutes after a meal to help digestion, to greasy, clean up the stomach.

Therefore, it is best for the elderly to drink light tea.

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