Watch out for television syndrome

Watch out for “television syndrome”

Macular rash: There is a large amount of static charge on the TV screen surface.
The accumulated dust is shot at people’s faces by the transmission of the light beam. If the face is not cleaned in time, it will produce unsightly macula.
.hzh{display:none;}  电视孤独症  3-7岁儿童看电视时间长,会养成一种非常孤独与难以和人沟通的性格,这是一种心理疾病。  感冒  因坐电视机前时间多,户外活动时间少,缺乏阳光浴,呼吸不到新鲜空气,使人血液运行不畅,躯体活动不灵,不能适应室内外环境,机体抗病免疫力降低,所以It’s easy to catch a cold.
  Obesity: Watching TV reduces body energy consumption and accumulation of subcutaneous fat; watching TV also eats high-energy snacks without restriction; in addition, food advertisements on TV have the effect of increasing appetite and so on.
  Dry eye disease: Staring at the screen for a long time will cause congestion of the eyeball, make the photoreaction of the eyeball retina dysfunction, and dryness of the eyeball; it will also cause visual disturbance and autonomic nerve disorders.
  Gastrointestinal disorders: Eating while watching TV can make stomach dysfunction.
According to statistics, more than 40% of people who watch TV for more than 3 hours have symptoms such as stomach ptosis and ulcers.
  Aggravating cardiovascular disease: Watching irritating programs can increase blood pressure or heart attack.
  Watching TV for a long period of time can cause blood flow in the lower limbs to be obstructed by watching TV for a long time, causing symptoms such as swelling, numbness, and pain; thin veins and venous walls are susceptible to compression, leading to blocked blood flow, promoting the process of blood clotting, and venous thrombosis of the lower limbs, forming TV legs.
  Coccyx disease: If you sit in front of the TV screen for a long time, you will experience varying degrees of pain in the coccyx, sometimes radiating to the hips and thighs, called “telecoccosis”.

Don’t violate psychological factors if there are contradictions after marriage

Don’t violate psychological factors if there are contradictions after marriage

Many married people have such feelings: before marriage, Qingqing me, I was not as good as Sanqiu in one day, and even some people came together with a strong penetration that their parents did not agree.

But after marriage, the dreams of marriage are full of good wishes but have been replaced by chai oil and salt, so some trivial contradictions are increasing at the same time.

Some people can’t help asking themselves: Is it their wrong choice?

In fact, the contradictions that appear after marriage have psychological factors.

  Rebellious psychology.

The so-called rebellious psychology is an opposite experience that occurs when the same things acting on an individual exceed the threshold of individual sensory acceptance and saturate the individual senses.

It manifests itself as: the more things you can’t get, the more you want, the more things you can’t touch, the more you want to touch.

And once you get it, you do n’t cherish it.

The higher the external blood pressure, the more obstacles there are, the stronger the rebellious psychology, and the stronger the pursuit.

And once it is truly combined, the original lack of urgency and desire to compete also disappears.

  Fall psychology.

Means that the distance between ideal and reality has caused an internal imbalance.

Some psychologists have listed such a formula: happy life = reality-expectation.

It means that the degree of happy life depends on the difference between the actual value and the expected value.

When the difference is positive, life is happy and happy; when the difference is zero, life is stable before and after; when the difference is negative, you will be pessimistic and disappointed.

Marriage has transformed the purely emotional relationship between the two sexes into an interdependent survival relationship. In the past, when it was in love, it was a coffee shop, a restaurant, a tea room, but now it is a pot and a bowl.

The problem of survival also brings new interpersonal relationships based on a common life, such as the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, father-in-law and son-in-law, sister-in-law and sister-in-law, etc., all of which have greatly reduced the actual value of reality, andThere is not a short distance from the expected value, which makes people feel disappointed and feel lost and disappointed.

  The mystery disappeared.

Mystery is an important factor that constitutes emotional gravity. It makes people have a hazy beauty like watching flowers in the mist and watching the moon in the water.

The contact between lovers is intermittent and loose. The distance in time and space often makes the infatuated men and women idealize and perfect each other.

After entering the house, the husband and wife live together almost every day. At this time, the contact is continuous and close. Both of them are displayed in front of each other in real life.

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