How to compensate for chronic rhinitis

How to compensate for chronic rhinitis

Because of the fast pace of life and the pressure of modern people, there is no time to maintain their bodies. There are often chronic diseases, and chronic rhinitis is one of the annoying diseases.

Maybe I am busy at work, I don’t have time to go to the hospital for treatment. How to regulate chronic rhinitis?

It is also a good choice from the usual diet, how is the chronic rhinitis better?

Let’s take a look at it here.

How is chronic rhinitis better?

First, the lungs are cold: nasal congestion, sneezing and more sticky nose, decreased sense of smell, a little cold and other irritations, nasal congestion, sneezing will increase, fatigue, shortness of breath, dizziness, or cough.

(1) ginseng porridge material: Codonopsis 20g, white peony 20g (mashed), ginger 10g, white peony 6g, rice 100g practice: Codonopsis, wolfberry, ginger, white 30 soak for 30 minutes, decoction juice, into the previous riceCook until porridge.

Take: morning and evening.

(2) Astragalus chicken material: 120g of raw scutellaria, 1 hen (about 750-1000g), 芫荽20g, appropriate amount of dressing: hen to remove hair, net sputum, add scutellaria into chicken belly, put into potIn the pot, add water and onions, ginger and other condiments, set on the fire, and put them into the wok when cooked.

Take: 2 meals, temper weakness: nasal congestion, more purulent nasal discharge, decreased sense of smell, less gas, less bloating, pale, pale stools.

(1) Atractylodes sinensis pig belly porridge materials: Atractylodes 30g, Su Ye 10g, Pork belly 100g (sliced), 2 slices of ginger, rice 100h practices: first atractylodes, Su Ye Jian boil juice, into pork belly and riceBoiled porridge, and finally add ginger and other spices.

Take: with meals to eat (2) lentils yam porridge materials: lentils 30g, yam 30g, medlar 30g, rice 60g practices: wash together with porridge to take: 1 day 1 time three, lung by wind heat: turbinate red, noseFlowing jaundice, dry nose, pain, itchy throat and cough.

(1) Sangju almond porridge material: mulberry leaf 9g, chrysanthemum 6g, sweet almond 9g, rice 60g Method: the first two flavors of boiling juice, add sweet almonds, rice to cook together: morning and evening (2) white 芷 silver flower tea material: White peony, windproof 5g, honeysuckle 15g, white sugar right amount: Put honeysuckle, white peony, windproof into the pot together, add appropriate amount of water to cook the juice, add a small amount of sugar to take: on behalf of tea four, cold and cold attack:Nasal flow is clear, when the nasal congestion occurs, when it is light and heavy, the cold is aggravated, the head is painful and uncomfortable, and the complexion is sublime.

(1) Xinyi Suye tea material: Xinyihua 6g, Suye 9g, ginger, onion, appropriate amount: the two flavors are developed into the end, wrapped with filter bags, boiled water to take: Daichao drink (2) scallionJuice material: scallion 10g practice: scallion smashed, squid juice: between the nose and lips, 2 times a day, or washed with boiling water, smoked nose and mouth.

Ten inches long, ten years long

Ten inches long, ten years long

The ribs are one inch long, and the longevity ten-year proverb has this saying that “the rib is one inch long and the life is ten years long.”

It means that the bones are good, and it can enhance the body’s immunity, so as to achieve the effect of prolonging life.

It is said that although exaggerated, the inherent nature of the tendons is self-evident.

In the traditional Chinese Health Qigong “Yi Jin Jing”, there is indeed a division between the tendons and the health: “the weak tendons are slack, the tendons are strong, and the tendons are strong.”

Health experts said that Chinese medicine refers to human skin, meat, tendons, bones and veins as “five bodies.”

The soft tissue mentioned in modern medicine is a part of certain tendons.

Whether it is the traditional Chinese Health Qigong Yijinjing, Wu Qin Xi, Ba Duan Jin, Tai Chi, or modern gymnastics, aerobics, and even today’s popular yoga, there are many steps to stretch the muscles.

  You may wish to do a self-examination first: When you bend over, do you have a backache?

Was it smooth when you were kneeling?

When walking, does the local rib of the heel have a resonant traction pain?

Do you feel that your pace is always too big when you walk with others?

If you have the above problems, you may have “fat-loss”, and the popular one is that your tendons are inelastic, especially those who like to travel by car and like to sit still and not exercise all day.

If you want to rule out the above problems caused by other diseases, try the “lacing” exercise.

This is conducive to maintaining the vitality of the tendons, maintaining the health of the tendons, thereby improving physical fitness and prolonging life.

  The “lacing” exercise is not very demanding on the venue. Here are two simple “lacing” exercises for everyone: the first one is the “the palm of the hand” of the third trend of Yijinjing: two feetOpen, toe on the ground, heel lifted; hands raised above the head, palm up, the two middle fingers are 3 cm apart; shoulders elbows, look up, look at the palm back.

The tongue is rubbed and the nose is smooth.

When inhaling, both hands use the dark force to do their best, and both legs force the pedal at the same time; when exhaling, the whole body relaxes, and both palms turn forward.

  When the situation is closed, the two palms become fists, the fists are forward, and the upper limbs forcefully push the two fists slowly to the waist, the fists are up, and the heels are on the ground.

Repeat 8?
20 times.

  The second method is to use your own door frame, lift your hands, hold the door frames on both sides, and try to step on it; one foot is in front, the lunge is standing, the other foot is behind, the legs are straightened; the body is just parallel with the door frame, the head is uprightThe eyes are forward-looking; this posture is 3 minutes, and then a leg is stretched for 3 minutes.

  Experts reminded that it is necessary to pay attention to the high blood pressure, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, long-term infirm, long-term illness, etc., must follow the doctor’s advice, can not do such exercise, so as not to counterproductive.


Emerald turkey

Emerald turkey

The best taste and effect: adolescent recipes low temperature environment working population recipes fattening recipe taste: salty fresh taste process: burning jade turkey tablets production materials: Ingredients: turkey breast meat 400 grams Accessories: egg white 90 grams, ham 50Grams, 50 grams of winter bamboo shoots, 200 grams of spinach seasoning: peanut oil 0 grams, ginger juice 3 grams, cooking wine 15 grams, starch (corn) 10 grams, salt 5 grams, MSG 2 grams of jade turkey tablets features: light and fresh, green asJade, soft and refreshing.

  Teach you how to make a jade turkey piece, how to make a jade turkey piece is delicious.

First, 200 grams of turkey chest into a fine mud;

Cut the remaining 200 grams of turkey breast into 3 pieces.

3 cm long, 1 cm wide, 0.

2 cm thick pieces of meat; 3.

And add 1 egg white, ginger juice, salt, MSG and cooking wine to pickle properly;

Winter bamboo shoots and ham meat are cut into the same size as turkey fillets;

Cut the spinach leaves into fine powder and squeeze out the green juice for use;

Then use 100 chicken in the chicken soup, add the appropriate amount of cooking wine, salt, ginger, spinach and water starch, stir well;

Pour the remaining egg into 3 portions and stir to make the chicken juice; 8.

Then heat the wok, and put the chicken flakes into the pan when the peanut oil in the pan is hot. After discoloration, pour into the colander;

Finally, in the original pot, put the base oil, fry the cooking wine, add chicken soup, monosodium glutamate and salt, boil;

Put in winter bamboo shoots and chicken juice, use water starch to make a thin juice, and put it into the plate;

Put on the oil and put the chicken and ham slices.

  The production of jade turkey tablets should be 诀: This product has a lubricating oil process, and it needs about 500 grams of peanut oil.

  Tips – food phase grams: egg white: egg white can not be eaten with saccharin, soy milk, rabbit meat.

Red mung bean porridge 2 weeks reduction

Red mung bean porridge 2 weeks reduction

Some friends have only persisted for 2 weeks, and the weight has changed from 54 kg to the current 46 kg!

  Ingredients: 100 grams of red beans, 100 grams of green beans, 30 grams of hawthorn, 10 jujubes: Put all the materials in the pot, add 1000 ml of cold water, fry until the beans are rotten.

  Tips: Red beans and mung beans are best to be soaked in cold water for an hour before cooking. It is easier to cook.) How to eat: After doing it, divide it into two equal portions. When it is hot, even the soup with beans and hawthorn, jujube together.under.

The other one is wrapped in plastic wrap and placed in the refrigerator for refrigeration.

  Tips: When you buy a specific number of grams, please ask someone to help you, look at the number of 100 grams, it will be easier to come back, a little bit of error does not matter.

  Note: It is best to eat when you are hot.

The other one can be heated before eating.

  Principle: Red beans, mung beans are detoxification products, and have the characteristics of high fiber and low sputum.

Hawthorn spleen appetizer, digestion and fat loss.

Red dates reconcile the stomach and blood and moisten the dryness.

This party has a total of help to play the performance of various items.

  In fact, each time you eat it is only half the amount (50 grams of red beans, 50 grams of green beans, 15 grams of raw hawthorn, 5 jujubes), but I save myself every night, in two equal portions, oneEat at night, and another one to eat the next morning!

  In order to get better results, during your weight loss, your life should strictly follow the following schedule: First of all: the first thing after getting up every morning is to drink a cup of honey vinegar water, which is to add a tablespoon in 250 ml of warm water.Honey and 1/4 tablespoon of vinegar (preferably white vinegar), mix well and drink.

Honey vinegar water can fully clean the stomach, accelerate the peristalsis of perfusion, and completely eliminate the toxin reduction in the body.

Breakfast is the weight loss soup above.

  Time: In addition to this slimming porridge, do not eat any snacks in the afternoon.

  Finally: At night, just eat the above weight loss porridge, and make sure to eat before 7 o’clock, and never eat anything before going to bed after eating.

  In this way, some people only insisted for two weeks, and the weight changed from 54 kg at the beginning of December to the current 46 kg.

There is also a good news to tell JMS, I used this side to lose weight successfully, except that it did not become thin and dull due to the rapid skinny, and the skin became more rosy and clear than before, and the acne was less.Got it!

  The last reminder: Many friends are a bit snoring about eating nothing at lunch.

In fact, diet control is needed for any diet, but how to control it is also very particular.

How to control the absolute effect you want to achieve, this can be flexibly controlled and arranged according to your actual situation, not absolute.

Lily planted eggplant, autumn, eat eggplant

Lily planted eggplant, autumn, eat eggplant

Eggplant has a little-known nickname – “Kunlun Zigua”, this fascinating name, I really can’t think of the sorrowful sorrow of the Emperor Sui, perhaps it is just right, the ya number has not been widely spread.

Eggplant is an “imported thing” from abroad. Like apple grapes, it was a rare product far from ordinary people. It can only withstand the favor of the royal aristocracy. It is no wonder that some people praised it in front of Emperor Sui: “Sweet and creamy, fragrantLike grease, food color like agate.

“Luosu” is another nickname of eggplant. The first time I listened, I mistakenly thought that the dialect of my hometown “箩啬” – meaning garbage.

I think that after the widespread spread of eggplant, it is widely planted, rich in material sources and strong in the market. It gradually makes people look down on it and is indifferent. It is no longer a noble food, it becomes a “plain dish” of ordinary people.The treasures and delicacies have become a group of spirits, and it has not been able to transform into a wide variety of harvests. So, it has evolved from “Kunlun Zigua” to “Luosu”.

  ”Standing eggplant in summer, eating eggplant in autumn.

“This proverb, I heard from an old farmer, summed up such a concise image, not only expressed the growth properties of eggplant, but also extended the life philosophy of eating food.

Changsha can also be said in a sentence: “Eggplant does not open the virtual flower, and the fine scorpion does not tell lies.

“I can see how the eggplant is close to the people, how close it is to people, a sincere feeling of immersion in the fineness like a gossamer – a long-standing aroma of life, holding up the strong style of the local customs, expressing the open-mindedness of the human wind and rain. now eggplantAlthough popular, I thought it still does not lose the “king of vegetables.”

First of all, it is “the only meaty and meaty one among the vegetables,” and it is more mellow to cook with meat.

In fact, it contains a variety of vitamins, traces, proteins, sugar and minerals, which are both inexpensive and nutritious.

In addition, it helps to reduce blood lipids, cholesterol, and prevent small blood vessel bleeding and other medical effects.

In the early years, my mother was sick. I often took two white eggplants. After washing and cutting, I put them in a bowl, add a little salt, sesame oil, and let the mother eat them after steaming. The eggplant has a cultural taste. Liu Yujin entered the Grand View Garden.Said: “When the flowers fall, they will make a big melon.

“The local flavor of eggplant is embellished in the classic masterpiece “Dream of Red Mansions”, with a refined style.

Liang Shiqiu also wrote eggplant in “The Room is Talking about Eating”. His fried garlic and eggplant, eggplant mixed with jam, I also tried to do it, and sure enough, Mr.’s creativity is wonderful.

The ancient Yuan Yi introduced the practice of eggplant in “The Garden Food List”: rolling water to bitter juice, drying and frying, and then cooking.

  Eggplant has been welcomed by people all over the world. It has formed many customs and cultures in terms of eating: Guangzhou people like the soft and delicate eggplant. Hong Kong people put the curry in the eggplant. The Italians sliced the eggplant into a layer of cake.I also heard that in North America, foreigners ate fish-flavored eggplants in Chinese restaurants, and they were so excited that they danced.

  There are thousands of kinds of eggplant practices: salted fish eggplant, thousand eggplant, edamame, chicken eggplant. “a garden spring rain scoop, full of autumn wind lentil flowers.

“While Zheng Banqiao wrote not the eggplant, he did not pay attention to the eggplant flower in the spring and autumn rain, but I always think that this poem is to write the eggplant, write the eggplant’s dazzling style, vicissitudes and human feelings.

Improve constipation and eat more grains

Improve constipation and eat more grains

Many people think of eating more fruits and vegetables as soon as constipation or dry stools appear.

In fact, the content of cellulose in fruits and vegetables is rich, while the algae, beans and coarse grains are in front of fruits and vegetables.

  The Chinese Nutrition Society recommends an estimated daily fiber intake of 25-30 grams.

When constipation occurs, the expected daily fiber requirement is 40-60 grams.

That is to say, in the treatment of constipation, the amount of supplemental fiber to be supplemented daily is at least 20-40 grams, and this amount is converted into different fruits and vegetables, which will be how much!

For example, if you add 30 grams of cellulose per day, it is equivalent to: 5 kg of Chinese cabbage, 3 kg of Chinese cabbage, 3 kg of cucumber, and 1 green pepper.

87 kg, apple 2.

5 kg, banana 2.

5 kg, strawberry 2.

7 kg, pear 1.

5 kg.

Imagine, who can eat so many vegetables or fruits in addition to the normal daily diet?

  Therefore, when constipation needs to be supplemented with cellulose, it is preferred to use algae, beans, and coarse grains.

If it is difficult to ingest from food, it can also be supplemented with health food.

However, if a large amount of supplemental fiber is suddenly absorbed, the tension of the abdomen may become strong and the stomach may be inflated, and it is recommended to gradually increase the intake.

At the same time, the fiber which selects pectin, seaweed gum and mannose incorporation is better than the insoluble supplement fiber such as cellulose and lignin.

Pu’er tea can also lose weight and inhibit rebound

Pu’er tea can also lose weight and inhibit rebound

The effect of Pu’er tea: Tea has the effect of promoting the body temperature of the bait, and the best effect is Pu’er tea.

(The body will be hot when eating, because when the food is absorbed, the quantum is released by the action of the autonomic nerve.

The heat dissipation phenomenon that occurs after meals in the rice is called “prey temperature of the food.” The more powerful the person, the faster the food that is eaten is burned, and it is difficult to accumulate in the body in an accidental manner.

  Scientific proof: The following clinical trials have been conducted to allow patients with reduced neutral micro-intake in the blood to take Pu’er tea for 3 to 10 months, and 70% of them have a neutral abnormal amount in their blood.The weight has dropped.

In particular, it is most effective for absorbing the sputum around the visceral abdomen.

  How to improve: It is recommended to start drinking Pu’er tea for half an hour after a meal, to eliminate fat and greasy, and to promote the body temperature of the diet.

Of course, it can be done before meals, so that the stomach can feel full, thus reducing the intake of food, but after drinking it, if you feel too hungry and can not control your appetite, you will become fattening.Friends who start to drink must pay attention, if you can not control, it is recommended to drink half an hour after a meal.

It is best not to add immediately after meals, so as not to dilute the gastric juice.

  Pu’er tea is completely natural in its regulation of body weight, which regulates the body to its optimum state.

Therefore, when the weight drops to a certain extent, it will not scrape off the body again.

In other words, we don’t have to worry about being too thin, so we can drink with confidence.

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