Health Recipes of Chixiaodou

Health Recipes of Chixiaodou

Chinese medicine believes that the red adzuki bean is acidic and flat, which is good for water and dehumidification, and for purging blood and purging, reducing swelling and detoxification.

In addition to being used in clinical treatments, adzuki bean is a common ingredient in medicated diets.

The following experts in traditional Chinese medicine recommend several health and disease remedies for Chixiaodou.

  Nephritis Edema Recipe: 30 grams of red bean, 15 grams of watermelon peel, 15 grams of corn, 15 grams of winter melon peel.

Smash all the ingredients, put them into a casserole, and cook twice with water for 30 minutes each time. Combine the juices and make 300 ml.

100 ml 3 times a day.

  The side clears heat and detoxifies, and relieves swelling.

Suitable for nephritis edema, unfavorable urination, urinary tract infection, etc.

  Recipes for malnutrition edema: 30 grams of red beans, 30 grams of red beans, 20 dates.

Add the ingredients to the water pot, and boil over high heat and simmer over low heat.

Eat every morning and night.

  This formula is good for spleen and dampness, nourishing kidney and regenerating essence.

Suitable for malnutrition edema, anemia, etc.

The elderly drive you leisurely

The elderly drive you leisurely

Generally, the elderly who like to drive by themselves are mostly those who do not accept the old.

However, it must be acknowledged that physical weaknesses such as increased physical fitness, mental retardation, and slow movement in the elderly have added a certain risk factor to elderly drivers.

  The vision of the elderly is reduced, and it is easy to produce “eye blindness” when visibility is low, especially when driving at night or in fog or rain, the vision will be more blurred.

When encountering a vehicle in the opposite direction, the other person’s lights are likely to dazzle the elderly and cause judgment errors.

An elderly driver told reporters that when he was driving on the road, he would “slow three minutes rather than grab a second.” However, when facing the situation where the car is full of cars, it is difficult to be calm.

Sometimes the ability to judge the speed, distance and ability to deal with distress situations is obviously inadequate.

  The biggest feature of the elderly is the decline in physical fitness and endurance. Long-term driving, especially long-distance driving, the elderly often can’t afford to eat and are easily fatigued.

An old man in his early seventies and his wife drove to travel to other places. As a result, traffic jams on the expressway were delayed for more than an hour.

In order to catch up, he continued to drive with great effort, but eventually collided with a large truck due to fatigue driving.

  The survey found that older drivers are more likely to crash at intersections, especially when the vehicle turns to the left, and the chance of a traffic accident is more than double that of young drivers.

With the increase of age, the elderly in prosperous areas like crossroads, because of vision problems, are prone to mistakes.

Therefore, with young driver ratings, older drivers are more likely to ignore some traffic signals.

Therefore, it is better for elderly drivers to drive in the area above the intersection, or only on the right lane.

  The research on the advantages of avoiding short-term and short-term cautious driving has found that the elderly have certain psychological advantages in driving. Some of them have a more peaceful attitude, are more stable in driving, and rarely use their spirits. Even those who are stubborn and aggressive will not compete.

Elderly people must learn to take advantage of these advantages when driving.

  Under normal circumstances, elderly drivers should try to avoid nighttime, and drive alone when the weather is bad. When driving, usually keep the rearview mirror and windshield clean.

If you have to drive alone, you should control the speed of your car, and drive on a slow lane. Leave enough space before and after you drive, and try not to overtake.

Do not drive for more than two hours each time. If you experience fatigue, dizziness, etc., get out of the car immediately and breathe fresh air before continuing to drive.

Try to avoid driving when you are feeling down and irritable, and try not to “get busy” on the road during the rush hour.

  In order to avoid accidents, elderly drivers can prepare some snacks in advance when driving out, and at the same time, it is essential to bring some emergency medicine with them.

Plant fish and insects can also develop children’s intelligence

Plant fish and insects can also develop children’s intelligence

Natural intelligence is defined as “the ability to recognize and classify a variety of plants and animals in the environment.

Unlike some other intelligences, natural intelligence pays more attention to various life forms in specific environments such as nature and outdoors.

  Game 1 The great experience of grass and trees allows children to practice to feel and feel the nature. Do not reduce the chance of children exploring the world because of excessive protection.

The lack of tactile stimulation can also affect children’s intelligence and mood.

  Suitable for ages: 2-4 years old. Preparing props: various green and grassy games in the park and green fields. Description: 1.

Take the child to a place with flowers and trees and let him touch the leaves, trunks, branches, flowers, grass, stones, fine sand with his hands.

.and many more.


When you bring your child to touch, you should slowly and clearly tell him what you are touching now. It doesn’t matter if you repeat it repeatedly. Let the children see, touch and understand what it is.

  Note: 1.

Children’s attention time is limited, and it should not be impatiently instilled in children a lot of things, the effect will be greatly reduced.


Pay close attention to your child’s response and give more positive responses. At the same time, grasp the child’s attitude and interest, understand the child’s degree of absorption, and continue to give him the opportunity to participate.


Talk to your child slowly, clearly, and with a gentle tone, so that the child can easily accept what the parents want to express, and the boots respond.

  Game 2 The Little Fish Diary trains children’s visual tracking ability through transplantation and observation, cultivates the spirit of active learning, and understands the natural ecology.

  Suitable for age: 5-6 years old Preparing props: fish tank, aquatic plants, small fish, etc. Game description: 1.

Fill the fish tank with de-filtered water, and arrange the small fish’s home with the children.


Take your child to the aquarium store to buy a few small fish. You do n’t need to buy too many at a time. You can have both males and females. It is recommended that you can choose peacock or ball fish such as oviparous raw fish species for your child to observe the record.


Parents can prepare a notebook for their children to encourage them to record what they observe at any time.

  Note: 1.

For the first fish farming, the child may encounter the posture of the fish not adapting to the water quality and die. Parents should comfort the child in a timely manner. If possible, explain the natural phenomenon of life and death.


When the mother fish has a big belly, it can remind the child to increase the time of observation and record, and look forward to the arrival of a small life with the child.


The water in the aquarium needs to be changed regularly, and the aquarium should be cleaned. Parents can assign work to their children to make them feel more involved.

  Game 3 Shadow games allow children to observe and understand the characteristics of shadows through activities.

  Suitable for age: 4-5 years old Prepare props: own hands, body, sun and open space Game description: 1.

Stand with your child back to the sun in the open space, compared with the shadow of two people.


It helps to make different gestures, or pose casually to see how the shadow changes.


Let the child’s shadow touch your shadow, but there is no contact, let the child understand the characteristics of the shadow.
  Note: 1.
Observe the change of the sun in front and behind.


Be careful of your child’s heat stroke when it’s too hot.

  Game 4 The little photographer camera is the best way to replace the eyes to keep a permanent record of the things you observe. Through your child ‘s self-watching activities, you can also increase your child ‘s interest in observing activities. 唷 Prepare props: take a camera or other game instructions at any time:1.

Ask the child to take a walk outdoors with the camera, and let the child take pictures of any of his attractions.


You can also let the children freely collect some fallen leaves or stones as a memorial of the event.


After the photos have been developed, you can discuss with your child what you took, what you saw, and what you thought of. You can also help your child to record the observations and experiences together.

  Note: 1 Before the child officially uses the camera, parents can not install the film first, and let the child practice with the camera without the film built-in.


If the child is too young to let the child hold the camera, parents can also give the child a magnifying glass for the child to explore and observe freely.

Middle-aged couples favor trial divorce

Middle-aged couples favor “trial” divorce

Yesterday morning, the reporter met Ms. Song, 34.
Flowing long hair, fair skin, light makeup, raising her hands to exude the charm of a mature woman, this is a very temperamental woman.
The reporter commented in her heart when she saw Ms. Song.
  Ms. Song said to the reporter with some concern: “In fact, I hesitated to find the courage to come to you again and again. My husband and I used to love each other vigorously, but because of my derailment when I was pregnant, my heart was coveredShadow, I can’t forgive him.
Both of us have decent jobs. He is 6 years older than me and used to have a good relationship. Later, he had a scandal with a temporary worker in the unit, which made me sad. Children who were more than two months pregnant at the timeIt made me suffer, because I don’t think he deserves me to give him children.
The blow was a big deal for me. Although he and the girl were no longer involved, I couldn’t trust him as much as before.
  I had proposed a divorce, but he refused to live or die, and gave me a chance, and I was worried that I would regret it after divorce, because he was still very good to me.
In this case we have separated and it has been more than 3 months now.
At first he was n’t around me. I could n’t sleep well. I woke up several times in the night. Every time I thought of his betrayal, my heart hated.
Slowly, there is less and less communication between us. I am also used to this life. I eat a meal together every day and rarely speak.
Several times he wanted to move in and he was blocked by me and refused. I felt that I could no longer accept his body.
Moreover, he didn’t care much about everything.
The approach he took in the face of my indifference was to avoid, go online and find the opposite sex to complain and chat.
“Yi reporter said,” Don’t you think this way, will your marriage really break down in the end? ”
Why not actively find a solution?
“” 唉, I don’t want to talk to him more now, I have hate in my heart, I think I’ve started to adapt to the days without him.
He used to be texting with other women and I was still angry. Now I do n’t bother to care about it anymore, and I do n’t have that uncomfortable feeling in my heart anymore. I do n’t think I really love him anymore and do n’t care who he is.
Sometimes he deliberately sent greeting messages to other women in front of me, but I didn’t even have the desire to ask, and I saw that he was very lost.
In his words, ‘the personal space and freedom that I had longed for now are available, but there ‘s no sense of relaxation’.
I plan to go for a divorce recently. This kind of chicken-style marriage is not necessary.
“Ms. Song said sadly.
  In response, Bo Meimei, a senior marriage and family instructor and national second-level psychological counselor, said: “A separation divorce to a large extent reflects the rejection of one person in the other’s heart. Sometimes when someone is hurt, they doA separate space to heal, but a long separation will only deepen potential conflicts and is not conducive to the exchange of feelings between husband and wife, because a hug will often make the other person feel warmer, and more separated couples will think ofThe other party’s bad, long-term feelings will be indifferent because of lack of communication.
If the desired opposite sex happens at this time, the emergence of extramarital affairs is inevitable.
Therefore, trying to separate and divorce is not a solution to the problem. You must pay your sincere attention and consider the problem from the perspective of the other side to gradually solve the problem.

Don’t violate psychological factors if there are contradictions after marriage

Don’t violate psychological factors if there are contradictions after marriage

Many married people have such feelings: before marriage, Qingqing me, I was not as good as Sanqiu in one day, and even some people came together with a strong penetration that their parents did not agree.

But after marriage, the dreams of marriage are full of good wishes but have been replaced by chai oil and salt, so some trivial contradictions are increasing at the same time.

Some people can’t help asking themselves: Is it their wrong choice?

In fact, the contradictions that appear after marriage have psychological factors.

  Rebellious psychology.

The so-called rebellious psychology is an opposite experience that occurs when the same things acting on an individual exceed the threshold of individual sensory acceptance and saturate the individual senses.

It manifests itself as: the more things you can’t get, the more you want, the more things you can’t touch, the more you want to touch.

And once you get it, you do n’t cherish it.

The higher the external blood pressure, the more obstacles there are, the stronger the rebellious psychology, and the stronger the pursuit.

And once it is truly combined, the original lack of urgency and desire to compete also disappears.

  Fall psychology.

Means that the distance between ideal and reality has caused an internal imbalance.

Some psychologists have listed such a formula: happy life = reality-expectation.

It means that the degree of happy life depends on the difference between the actual value and the expected value.

When the difference is positive, life is happy and happy; when the difference is zero, life is stable before and after; when the difference is negative, you will be pessimistic and disappointed.

Marriage has transformed the purely emotional relationship between the two sexes into an interdependent survival relationship. In the past, when it was in love, it was a coffee shop, a restaurant, a tea room, but now it is a pot and a bowl.

The problem of survival also brings new interpersonal relationships based on a common life, such as the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, father-in-law and son-in-law, sister-in-law and sister-in-law, etc., all of which have greatly reduced the actual value of reality, andThere is not a short distance from the expected value, which makes people feel disappointed and feel lost and disappointed.

  The mystery disappeared.

Mystery is an important factor that constitutes emotional gravity. It makes people have a hazy beauty like watching flowers in the mist and watching the moon in the water.

The contact between lovers is intermittent and loose. The distance in time and space often makes the infatuated men and women idealize and perfect each other.

After entering the house, the husband and wife live together almost every day. At this time, the contact is continuous and close. Both of them are displayed in front of each other in real life.

How toothache suggests diseases to prevent oral cancer

How toothache suggests diseases to prevent oral cancer

Everyone knows that as the saying goes, toothache is not a disease, but it really kills people.

I have suffered from toothache by myself. The feeling is simply not described in words. I ca n’t wait to break my teeth. Toothache will even involve pain. But there is no way to relieve it. I can only let it go.It hurts.

In fact, we should also realize that toothache, if we have always felt toothache, and it has not been cured, then we must consider whether cancer is in the middle of trouble.

  Toothache also implies diseases. Toothache can hide a lot of serious diseases. Cancer also causes toothache. And many people have a mistake. They think that toothache is caused by dental disease. In fact, it is not the cause of tooth and periodontal disease.The primary causes of toothache are not comprehensive.

  Toothache is one of the most common symptoms of various dental or oral diseases. The main manifestation is that the toothache is the main, and the gums can become swollen. Chewing food is also particularly difficult, and it can also cause thirst, bad breath, and hot and cold irritation.Cheek swelling and so on.

  In addition, there will be bright red or purple gums, swelling, softness, etc., gum bleeding and other symptoms will occur when you brush your teeth or eat.

  Toothache may suggest oral cancer. Oral cancer is a general term for malignant tumors that occur in the oral cavity. Most of them are squamous epithelial cell cancers, also known as mucosal mutations. In clinical practice, oral cancers include gum cancer, tongue cancer, and soft and hard palate, Cancer of the floor of the mouth, oropharyngeal cancer, lip cancer, and cancer of the skin and mucous membranes of the face.

  Oral cancer is one of the more common malignant tumors implanted in the head. It must cause us to know that it is very harmful to our body.

  Why Oral Cancer Occurs Most oral cancer is caused by long-term addiction to tobacco and alcohol. Most oral cancer patients have a long-term smoking and drinking habit, because oral cancer patients who do not smoke and do not drink are rare.

  Usually, the oral hygiene habits are too bad, which creates good conditions for bacteria and mold and other viruses to breed and multiply in the mouth, which is conducive to the formation of nitrosamines and their precursors. In addition to stomatitis, some cellsBeing in a proliferative state, it is particularly sensitive to carcinogens, and various reasons are likely to promote the occurrence of oral cancer.

  Furthermore, it is the root of the tooth or the sharp cusp. Proper dentures can stimulate our oral mucosa for a long time, resulting in chronic ulcers and canceration.

  One of the biggest causes of oral cancer may be malnutrition.

  Because long-term lack of vitamin A can cause oral mucosal epithelium to thicken, excessive keratosis is also strongly related to the occurrence of oral cancer.

  And according to statistics and research results, the incidence of oral cancer in people with low vitamin A implantation is significantly higher than that in people who are supplemented with large amounts of vitamin A.

  Moreover, the occurrence of oral cancer is also closely related to insufficient intake of trace elements, because food is too low in zinc, because zinc is an irreplaceable element for the growth of animal tissues, and zinc deficiency may cause damage to the mucosal epithelium.The development of oral cancer creates favorable conditions.

  In addition, the insufficient intake of total protein and animal protein may also be closely related to the occurrence of oral cancer.

  Related complications can also lead to the occurrence of oral cancer. Many people will experience white ulcers or blisters caused by vaginal mucosa. They often occur when there is stress and poor sleep. When eating habits change, they usually heal within two weeks.If it does not heal in more than two weeks, an examination must be done.

  In addition, if the color of the oral mucosa changes, or it is red and swollen with white, or the tip of the tongue appears with a white spot in the dark red, then it is likely to be cancerous.

  How to prevent oral cancer 1.

Drinking black tea Tea polyphenols contained in black tea can effectively organize the cancerous process of oral cell DNA and help prevent the occurrence of oral cancer.

  And the scientists selected fifteen patients for a one-year observation. These patients all have oral leukoplakia, which is the most common pre-cancer disease that affects you. The patient’s tongue and oral mucosa willWhite plaques appear, and these white plaques have a high chance of turning into oral cancer.

  But by drinking black tea three times a day, patients’ symptoms of day shift will be significantly relieved, and some day shift will even disappear.


Eating soy products with soy toxins has many health functions, including preventing diabetes, colon cancer, and prostate cancer. Compounds found in soybeans can also effectively prevent oral cancer.

  Derived from research, this soybean extract can effectively supplement mucosal leukoplakia to develop into oral cancer, so we can eat more soybean products in daily life.


Eat more turmeric Vegetarian experts have found that eating more foods that contain curcumin, such as ginger, mustard, curry, can help prevent oral cancer. Seven patients with precancerous lesions of oral cancer take the curcumin commonly used in home cooking. ThreeAfter a month, the symptoms of patients with white spots full of oral cancer will obviously improve.

  Although oral cancer is terrible, the incidence is actually not high. As long as we observe in daily life, if we have been experiencing toothache and gum swelling and bleeding, we must pay attention to whether it is a precursor of oral cancer.Go to the hospital for examinations so that you can detect and treat early, and often drink black tea, eat some soy products and curcumin foods, you can effectively prevent oral cancer.

Hoarse voice, beware of a laryngeal tumor

Hoarse voice, beware of a laryngeal tumor

Huang Zhichun, director of the Department of Otorhinolaryngology of the Zhongda Hospital of Southeast University, recently visited a group of micro-interviews and answered netizens’ questions about throat diseases.

Huang Zhichun said that too many people did not timely correct their hoarseness symptoms, and some patients were prolonged and even caused serious consequences such as laryngeal cancer, which missed the best opportunity for treatment.

  Netizens “Yanfei” questioned during the micro-interview. “The nausea and vomiting sounds have not been treated well. They say that the vocal cords are hypertrophic, and there are also diagnoses of paralysis on the right side of the vocal cords.

In short, I don’t know how to treat these two diseases.

For the symptoms described by netizens, Huang Zhichun replied, “If the vocal cord is paralyzed, you need to check the cause of the formation.

If you have a thyroid tumor, mediastinal lesions should be ruled out.

Huang Zhichun suggested that he be calibrated for B-ultrasound and mediastinal CT.

If these two areas are not serious, it may be primary vocal cord paralysis.

Huang Zhichun told reporters that hoarseness is the first symptom of a laryngeal tumor. At first, I feel fatigued by vocalization, and then there is continuous hoarseness, which gradually worsens, and the degree of hoarseness is more severe than chronic laryngitis.

Many patients often associate it with excessive throating and catching a cold, which is easy to be misdiagnosed. It is recommended that there should be no obvious improvement after treatment.

Hoarseness is often glottic laryngeal cancer, and it is mostly early. If detected early, the treatment effect is better.

  For hoarseness caused by benign lesions of the vocal cords, micro-laryngosurgery under support laryngoscope is adopted, the patient has less pain, less damage, and better resetting effect. For hoarseness caused by malignant tumors, early surgery can instead retain the mostGood, breathing and swallowing function.

  A 32-year-old male patient that Huang Zhichun had contacted had delayed treatment because his condition was not known.

The patient had throat cancer because of prolonged exposure to sulfur dioxide.

“The early clinical manifestations of laryngeal cancer are atypical, with hoarseness, foreign body sensation and pain in the throat, cough, etc. Other symptoms include blood in the breath, dyspnea, and clumps.

Huang Zhichun told reporters that in general, if a man over 40 years of age has a hoarse voice or other discomfort in the larynx, if the conservative treatment fails for more than 3 weeks, the larynx must be carefully inspected, and sometimes even repeatedly checked to avoid missed diagnosis.
Laryngeal examinations include indirect laryngoscope, dynamic laryngoscope, or fiber laryngoscope. If a tumor is found, a biopsy should be performed to confirm the diagnosis.

The body is sick, can you eat fruit?

The body is sick, can you eat fruit?

I am sick, can I eat fruit?
Although eating moderate amounts of fruit has many benefits for health, for some special people, not all types of fruit can be eaten.

Recommend some fruits that are suitable for them today.


Diabetic patients: should eat apples, pears, peaches, apricots, plums, cherries, oranges, pomelo and other fruits with increased glycemic index, help to supplement a variety of phytochemicals, such as carotenoids, flavonoids and so on.

Eat less fresh dates, raisins and other fruits with higher glycemic index.


Hypertension, hyperlipidemia, atherosclerosis patients: should eat hawthorn, citrus, grapefruit, fresh dates, etc., in addition to vitamin C, minerals, these fruits also contain health care functional factors.

As the study confirmed, hawthorn has anti-oxidation, lowering blood pressure, lowering blood fat and relieving hardening of the arteries.


Hepatitis patients: should eat fresh dates, kiwi, hawthorn, bananas, apples, pears, watermelons, oranges and lemons, they are rich in vitamin C and carotene, and promote liver cell regeneration.


Patients with stomach and duodenal diseases: patients with hyperacidity or Chinese medicine believe that stomach heat should eat watermelon, banana, etc., carefully eat hawthorn, lemon, bayberry, plum, etc., because a certain fruit is more acidic, it will increase the stomachAcidity stimulates the gastric mucosa and affects ulcer healing.


Patients with diarrhea: When the disease is serious, it is advisable to eat watermelon. After the disease is relieved, you can eat grape, pomegranate, apple, bayberry and other sour and appetizing, astringent fruit. It is not suitable to eat pears and other cold fruits, otherwise it may lead to diarrhea.Not conducive to the recovery of the disease.


Constipation, acne patients: should eat bananas, pears, peaches, citrus, apples, etc., these fruits are conducive to laxative, should not eat persimmons, hawthorn, lotus seeds, pomegranates, etc., because these fruits contain protein acid, have antidiarrheal effectIt is easy to increase constipation after eating.


Kidney disease patients: should eat watermelon, melon, pear, mulberry, strawberry and other fruits.

For example, people with impaired renal dysfunction should not eat bananas. Because bananas contain rich sodium and potassium salts, they will aggravate edema and increase the burden on the kidneys.


Patients with myocardial infarction and stroke: should eat bananas that are good for laxatives, watermelons and hawthorns that soften blood vessels.


Inconvenient long-term activities or bedridden patients: Eat more bananas, watermelons, peaches, etc. to help digestion, run the fruit, carefully eat more amino acids, astringent persimmons, pomegranates, etc., so as not to cause constipation, aggravating the condition.


Patients with respiratory infections: should eat pears, clams, oranges, apricots, clams, mangosteen, etc. These fruits have various effects such as phlegm, lungs, and cough, which are beneficial to the respiratory tract.

Maternity Yoga Sitting and Lying Posture-Splits

Maternity Yoga Sitting and Lying Posture-Splits

Maternity Yoga Sitting and Lying Posture-Split Legs is suitable for advanced practitioners. It can be practiced in the first, second and third trimesters.

  Note: This position is best for advanced practitioners. Foot ligaments must be very flexible and soft before they can practice. Be sure to perform a comprehensive warm-up training before practicing.

  Measures: Start (right leg straight forward), relax and return to normal breathing, support the body with both hands, exhale, slowly slide the right leg forward, and at the same time, straighten the left leg backward. When doing this exercise, use your ownFeeling comfortable is constant.

  If you do the above posture, loosen your hands, release your body strength, and put your hands on your chest for prayer. Do not keep this posture for long.

When ending this action, first support your body with both hands.

Inhale, retract your right leg, bend your left leg to form a kneeling position, relax and repeat the exercise before putting your left leg down.

Principles of application of drug health

Principles of application of drug health

The application principle of drug health The specific application of drug health has been focused on both the supplement and the diarrhea.

When used properly, it can be used to a certain extent to prolong life.

But drugs are not omnipotent. If you only allow drugs, not relying on your own exercise and adoption, after all, it is passive and negative.

Drugs are only an auxiliary health measure. In practical applications, the following principles should be mastered.

First, do not blindly tonic to use the tonic method for nursed back to health, generally used for the elderly and frail and sick, these people’s physique is mostly “virtual”, it is appropriate to use the method of replenishment.

People who are not healthy are generally not required to take it.

In particular, it should be noted that taking supplements should be targeted. If you see a tonic, you think it is completely beneficial and harmless. If you take it up, it will easily aggravate the body’s qi and yin balance imbalance, or even useless, but harmful, so you should not blindlyTonic, should be targeted to make up for the fact that it is false and true.

Cheng Guopeng, a doctor of the Qing Dynasty, pointed out: “To make up for it, big!”

However, there are those who do not make up for mistakes; those who do not make mistakes and make up for mistakes; there are also those who do not divide the qi and blood, do not distinguish between cold and heat, do not know the opening and closing, do not know the urgency, do not divide the five internal organs, do not know the fundamental, not deepIf you want to adjust the party to the wrong person, you must not talk about it. This is the first principle that needs to be clarified.

Second, the purpose of making up for the over-subscription is to harmonize yin and yang, which should be just right, not too biased.

If it is too biased, it will become harmful, leading to a new imbalance between yin and yang, causing the body to suffocate and hurt again.

For example, although it is qi deficiency, but a large dose of qi does not care about other, make up too much, but it leads to stagnation of the air machine, chest, abdominal fullness, up and down; although it is yin deficiency, but a large dose of Yin andIf you don’t pay attention to moderation, the yin is too much, but it will prevent the yang from damaging, causing the human body to be chilly and dignified.

Therefore, it should be appropriate to pay attention to appropriateness, to be appropriate, and to make up for it. This is another principle that should be paid attention to when supplementing.

Third, dialectical in addition to the virtual person tonic, but the specific situation of the virtual person is different, so when tonic, must be clear of the dirty, blood, yin and yang, cold and heat, false and real, syndrome differentiation, in order to obtain longevity, andNot biased.

In addition, taking tonic, it is advisable to take different methods according to the changes in the yin and yang of the four seasons.

Otherwise, it will not only be useless, but it will be harmful to health.

Fourth, the Shengyi Yixie drug health care is certainly an auxiliary method for the elderly and the weak, and it is understandable to supplement the deficiency.

However, the physical sense is also too common.

Just talking about the facts is not the truth, and it is not lost.

Just as Xu Lingtai said: “If you can be a long-term, you must have a unique place. If you are alone, you should make up your yin.””Yin”; “If there are winds, colds, sputum, wetness, etc., especially when they are eager to sneak out”, the current people, the standard of living has improved, often replenishing and lax.

However, the plain cream has a lot of taste and taste, and often the fat alcohol is overflowing, the body is too much, and the blood and blood stagnation has become a hidden danger.

Therefore, the law of diarrhea is also an important principle of anti-aging.

The “Tibetan Scriptures” said that “the person who is the real person, the nature of the declaration must extend its life”, that is what it means.

Five, diarrhea does not hurt the body to live the evil spirits, the Xuan Xie Tong Li Fang can balance the yin and yang blood.

However, in the health adjustment, we must also pay attention to the proper use of the law of attack and diarrhea.

It is not allowed to over-spray due to its physical fitness. If it is too violent, it will lead to the lack of vitality in the human body. Not only will it not be able to prolong life, but it will be counterproductive.

Therefore, the law of diarrhea in drug health should not be harmed by the principle.

Strive to achieve sweaty sputum, clear and cold, and sturdy and fierce. In practical application, the following points should be noted: 1 If there is indeed a stagnation, you can consider using the method of attacking and diarrhea;The medicine must be affixed, safe and effective; 3 the dose must be appropriate, just as appropriate; 4 can not be eager to seek, and strive for quick results.

Sixth, medication gradual aging is a complicated and slow process, and any method of prolonging life and longevity will not be effective overnight.

Drug health is no exception, and it is impossible to expect to continue to achieve health and longevity in a short period of time.

Therefore, the use of medicine should slow down its work, there must be a level of process, and should not be eager to achieve.

If you don’t know why, you can’t get it fast, it’s not beneficial, it’s harmful.

This is the principle of application in drug health, and it is also a thousand years of experience in the history of health caregivers. It should be at least enough to know.

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