What kind of face washing method can help you eliminate acne?


What kind of face washing method can help you eliminate acne?

Guide: What methods of face washing can help you eliminate acne?

Healthy skin care and healthy beauty have become our necessary common sense. Beauty has become a must for many people. How to make a healthy beauty is our key.

A healthy beauty knowledge is essential.

  Washing your face properly is the most basic way to treat acne.

First prepare a clean and soft dry towel and a mildly irritating neutral soap; rub the soap in warm water (22-23 degrees) to foam, the more foam the better.

Hold the foam with both hands to wash your face and wash for 1 minute.

Don’t push too hard and stop if you feel pain.

Then wash with hot water (38-40 degrees) for 20 seconds, then change to warm water and rinse for 20 seconds. Repeat this three times.

If the sprayer is better, the face is about one punch away from the nozzle. While spraying the face (using hot water), gently tap the face with the belly of your fingers.

Temperature and spray for another 20 seconds.

Wipe off the water at both ends with a dry towel, and then gently press your face to absorb water.

Finally, apply a lotion with astringent effect. After applying it, you can apply it a few times.

  Emergency face washing method: This method can be applied not only to acne, but also to shell wrinkles and stripes.

In general, the skin of acne sufferers is oily. If you use too much degreasing soap, it will make your skin dry and sad.

In this case, this method is used for processing.

  1. Knead the soap with warm water in the palm of your hand, then carefully put the foam into the wash basin with warm water, gently stir and form a vortex; 2, when the water in the basin is about to stop rotating, remove the faceImmerse and let the natural flowing foam rinse the face for 20 seconds.

Then immerse your face in another wash basin that can be cleaned with warm water, and soak the foam for another 20 seconds.

This three times in a row, change the water and foam every time; 3, when the third cleansing with water, add a few drops of emollient oil to the warm water of the washbasin, and soak for 20 seconds; 4, and finally use repeatedlyWipe dry or squeeze moisture from the face.

  Gauze face wash method: After applying the 3-minute cleansing method for 1 month, regardless of whether acne is reduced or not, you can switch to this method. This is an intermediate face wash.

  1. Prepare a towel, soap and a piece of gauze; 2, first fold the gauze into a small piece, dipped in soap foam, wash the forehead, chin, nose, etc .; 3, wrap the gauze around the index and middle fingers, dipApply soap foam, and gently wash the center of the two toes and the entire face with gauze; 4, wrap the gauze around the index finger, and dipped in soap foam to gently scrub the delicate skin under the eyelids. Stop if you feel irritation or pain.

If you still feel pain the next day, it’s because scrubbing is too hard.

At this time, the “emergency face washing method” for at least 4 days should be implemented, and then it will be used for 3 minutes to cleanse the face after it does not hurt.

  5. Intermediate face wash method is performed every two days in the first week, every other day in the second week, and every day in the third week.

  Advanced face washing method: After one month of intermediate face washing method, if there are effects, you can transfer to this method.

  1. Prepare soap, towel and a cotton white glove (thin and fine), and cut off the middle finger, index finger and ring finger of one of the gloves to form three finger cots; 2, dipped the intact glove firstThe soap foam gently scrubs the entire face.

People with fine skin can put finger cots on their index and middle fingers and dipped in foam to clean the entire face; 3, then eat and put on finger cots on both middle and ring fingers, and wipe with soap foam to scrub two or two, forehead and chin;  4. Take off the finger cuffs, keep the finger cuffs only, soak the foam under the eyelids and gently scrub the delicate skin under the eyelids. Finally, wash with water and dry with a towel.

  Super face washing method: If acne still exists after applying the first three methods, you can use this method.

It is more suitable for those who have formed acne scars.

  1. Prepare soap, towel and a gentle toothbrush for children; 2, foam the soap on the palm of your hand and dip it with a toothbrush; 3, use a toothbrush with foam to gently scrub the forehead, chin and other textures.Thick place; then wash the foam of the shell with water, and finally wipe the moisture with a clean dry towel.

Are you Sour Girl?

Are you “Sour Girl”?

When we are particularly eager to get what others have, we usually feel pain, whether you want the beautiful pair of shoes on the feet of others, or the handsome and charming husband in the arms of others.
But does anyone know what kind of jealousy is normal and when does it have unparalleled lethality?
  When I opened a yellowed diary that I had many years ago, I found that there was a name, Liu Sili, which appeared as many as 13 times, far more than the others I mentioned in the diary.
I still remember that when she first came to our class, she wore a pair of knee-high boots.
My first feeling at that time was a strong desire for the boots to be worn on my feet.
That whole day, my eyes never left those boots.
  To make matters worse, boots are just the beginning.
All the clothes that Liu Sili bought were bought from the full-price malls in town, and I always go to discount stores to buy clothes.
She actually had pierced ears and wore earrings.
Even more unbearable is that on her birthday, her parents gave her a canary in an antique bird cage.
Although I have never thought of raising a canary before, but after that day, I think that the most worth looking forward to in the world is to own a canary.
  On the surface, Liu Sili and I are good friends, but in fact she is the one who hurt me the most.
In my diary, I showed this plainly. Although looking at this text made me feel a little blushed, I confirmed that she was just a very proud person, a person that I couldn’t stand.
If someone asks me to define this kind of strong emotion towards friends, I will definitely say, this is the complete jealousy.
  ◆ Do not blame yourself for jealousy Yes, this is jealousy.
This is a complex we have all experienced during adolescence.
This strong desire to get what others have has tortured most of us. Although it takes a little courage to admit it, in fact, no one can deny that we do have the idea of wanting what others have, Someone ‘s hair, someone else ‘s work, or even someone else ‘s husband.
Numerous meditations in my heart, I hope that when I wake up, these dreams belong to myself.
  Is jealousy really useless?
Most women consider jealousy to be a negative thing, even a shy emotion.
Li Sha, an interior designer, said: “Jealousy is the most lethal emotion in the world.
It is a poison that can completely rot you from the inside out.
But experts think you are too demanding of yourself.
We are just a bunch of ordinary people with different emotions.
We can’t start with a negative definition of jealousy, it is not useless.
Anthropologist Helen of a university in the United States said, “Jealousness actually helps us to achieve the achievements and status we have today.
Breeding self-control jealousy is actually a normal emotion.
Jealousy actually means you are motivated, it means that you are trying to change your life, make it better, and more in line with your dreams.
If something in the world is available in limited quantities, such as food, work, or even love, and you do n’t get it, your survival will be threatened.
At this time jealousy will help you get what you need to survive.
◆ Story about jealousy Of course, jealousy may be an unhealthy emotion.
Because a small number of women are jealous and cannot extricate themselves.
These women suffer from jealousy all day.
Experts say the root cause of this group of women’s jealousy is lack of self-confidence, and they focus on the gap between their current self and their dream role.
Once it is discovered that others have characteristics that they lack, jealousy begins to breed and is irresistible.
  However, this group does not represent the vast majority of people.
For most people, jealousy is nothing but a mood that often accompanies left and right.
What does it never mean to be jealous?Maybe it just means that nothing is important to you anymore.

  For me, knowing that worrying about jealousy started when my sister was born.

As we grew older, my sister and I were always struggling to get a higher score in the test.

If we receive the same doll, but one is blonde and the other is brown-haired.

I always think that my sister’s is better than mine, and my sister always thinks my better.

Perhaps as a woman, comparison is our inherent trait.

When we were young, we were better than brothers and sisters, and when we were older, we were better than friends and colleagues.

Those movie stars and models are always the objects we compare and imitate.

  Obviously, for most of us, appearance is always one of our greatest strengths.

Who is thinner, who has better hair, and who has wrinkles and stripes.

These topics are always talked about by women, and they also make us worry.

I remember hearing a conversation between my daughter and her friend, “You have such long eyelashes, I hate you.

“This incident was later treated as a joke by us.

But just because we are a group of children, we feel cute.

If it is an adult, it may feel different.

In fact, adults have the same emotions.

  ”I know this is ridiculous,” Wu Min said.

She is a beautiful woman with a healthy, healthy bronze skin.

She is an artist and the mother of a three-year-old child.

In the eyes of others, she is outstanding, successful, and enviable.

But she revealed: “I always have no control over the jealousy of those fair-skinned women.

I think they are so outstanding, but I’m useless.

“Of course, it’s not just appearances that make people so crazy.

For Chen Lin, it’s not appearances that make her jealous, but work.

Chen Lin said that she has done at least dozens of jobs, but in order to raise her children, she has hardly done any kind of work.

“Now that the child has grown up, I am no longer the focus of her life, and I have lost the focus of life.

I’m particularly jealous of those women who have a career, I think they can not only be full of confidence.

“After listening to all the jealous stories above, this inexplicable emotion slowly became clear: women are always jealous of those who have the things or abilities they lack most.

Among the people I knew was a lady who was jealous of her ex-husband and current wife having twins.

“I’m not afraid to be jealous of his new wife getting him,” she said, “but she gave birth to twins, and it hit me hard.

Although I have children and enjoy the freedom after divorce, I really can’t accept that my ex-husband and her current wife can regenerate children and are twin fetuses, but I have lost the ability to regenerate because of my age.

“The happiest married woman in the world has also tasted terrible jealousy.

My good friend Bay said, “I have the best husband in the world, but I still bully women who have more passionate marriages than I do.

Even more frightening is that my possible jealousy is not limited to this.

When I saw a lady looking good at the party, I actually had the urge to run out and buy an identical outfit.

Although acknowledging this made me feel embarrassed, one night when I saw a woman dancing with her husband at a prom, I couldn’t help but imitate their steps.

I think I’m really sick.

“Back ◆ Take a step back and let jealousy go away. Although experts have always said that fear is a natural thing. Although there is jealousy and guilt, it really does make us feel bad.

What should we do?

Let jealousy leave quietly?But how can you convince yourself that you may be jealous?

  Envy is actually a feeling that others are better than yourself.

If you admire your friend from the bottom of your heart, the next time you find that her sitting posture is very beautiful, you will not prevent her from really complimenting her, believing her goodness is worthy of praise and not jealousy.

Maybe you will find that you can openly accept the goodness of your friends.

Changing your mindset may be a good idea, but it’s still too difficult for most people.

  Through investigation, experts tell us that the best way to overcome deadly jealousy is to stay consistent or to keep cheering on yourself.

The next time I was jealous of someone’s hair, I kept telling myself, “Yes, her hair is really beautiful, but my cooking skills are also good.”

“Then you have a reason to ignore and forget, in other words, learn to be self-satisfied and intoxicated, but remember not to deceive yourself, otherwise you will only avoid it.

It’s the best way to cheer yourself up.

When you may be jealous and want to beat you down, be sure to calmly make a list of all your strengths.

You will find that your own is excellent.

  But it’s more important to clearly list the things that are most important to you.

Jealousy is because someone else has what we want.

And women always don’t know what they really want to have, and they always feel sad for small things.

If each of us can think longer, something around you will no longer affect your emotions.

Because you know what you want and what you have.

This way you can become a calm and open-minded woman.

And jealous is often helpless for such women.

  Remember, you may be jealous of what others have, sometimes not what you really want to have.

Knowing what is most important to you, you will not be so easy to be a “sour girl”, but a “sweet girl” with a sweet smile and a graceful posture.

Seven Ways to Cultivate Your Heart at Work

Seven Ways to Cultivate Your Heart at Work

Modern psychology research on seven ways to cultivate the mind of white-collar workers shows that fast-paced people have a sense of tension, stress and anxiety, and cause psychological stress reactions.

This psychological stress response has twofold characteristics: one is that it can make people learn to adjust through various factors to produce better adaptability, improve psychological quality, and be conducive to the success of the cause.

The second is that if the persistent stress state is difficult to relieve, it is easy to cause disease and mussels are harmful to health.

Therefore, alleviating psychological tension should be an important content of modern white-collar self-care.

The following suggestions can help you.

  Combining work and rest, there are Zhang Youchi. White-collar workers should objectively recognize and evaluate their ability to withstand, grasp their advantages, give play to their strengths, and learn to improve their psychological ability in a fast pace, and basically maintain their psychology in various eventsbalance.

It is necessary to arrange work, study and life scientifically, formulate practical work plans or goals, and leave room in due course.

No matter how your work improves, you should set aside some rest every day, “gasp” time, and try to give the mentally tight strings a chance to relax.

You don’t have to worry about your career setbacks, and you shouldn’t waste your heart or exhaustion on “magnificent goals” that you simply can’t achieve.

  Physical function and balanced utilization If you can use the physiological functions in a balanced way in your work, it can be very useful.

“Balance” is multi-faceted, such as the balance of brain power and physical strength; the balance of left brain (abstract thinking) and right brain (image thinking); the balance of each nerve center of the brain; the balance of standing, sitting, and walking;Ear balance and more.

In this way, the potential of physiological and psychological functions can be brought into full play, which is beneficial to human health.

Every mental worker should combine health care with work according to his own work characteristics.

  Psychological adjustment, sublimation of emotional work and life troubles are unavoidable, it is not appropriate to force the backlog of sorrow and pain into the bra.

When you are in a bad mood, you should try to find a way to “discharge” or transfer, such as talking to a close friend, spit it out, or go out and watch a movie.

TV and more.

In case of major grievances or misfortunes, it does not prevent you from crying.

Psychologists point out that crying is also a measure of self-psychological protection, which can restore the release and diversion of bad emotions. After crying, the mood will naturally be smoother.

When you are in trouble, you must see the bright side. When you fail, you have to look at your own achievements. You must have confidence and believe in your own strength.

This will help to clarify ideas, overcome difficulties, and overcome adversity.

  Pay attention to communication, make more friends to go out of the closed working environment and self-circle, make more friends.

Good interpersonal relationships are good for mental health and career success.

Mental workers should be willing to communicate, understand and express each other’s thoughts and feelings in communication, and they can both accept others and themselves.

  Hobby, the advantage of avoiding the shortcomings of modern white-collar workers can be used as a positive way to rest the brain “excitation stove”, effectively regulate and improve the process of brain excitement and inhibition, eliminate fatigue, make you from the nervous, boring, boring small circleOut of the country, into the realm of interest.

The hobbies are extensive, such as piano, calligraphy, painting, bird and fish breeding, flower bonsai, music and dance, tourist fishing, and so on.

You can choose according to your own interests and situations, make strengths and avoid weaknesses, invest appropriately, and it is best to form habits to ease tension.

  Exercise, the ancients to raise their minds and health said well: “Water does not rot, Hushu does not sting.”

For white-collar workers who often work at desks, it is important to develop the habit of physical exercise.

Because exercise can effectively enhance the functions of various organs and systems of the body, and can promote brain cell metabolism, so that brain functions can be fully exerted, improve work efficiency, and delay brain aging.

You can schedule an hour of exercise every day, or master it flexibly according to your own situation.

Prominent relaxation and physical fitness.

  Psychological consultation. If a health teacher is in a psychological crisis and is difficult to relieve himself or herself, and does not prevent him from seeking help from a psychological consultation agency, he can directly consult a psychiatrist or call a psychological consultation phone.

Psychological counseling is known as a “gentle spiritual massage”. Through the counseling, inspiration, comfort and education of a psychologist, it can make the person’s knowledge, emotions, will, attitude, behavior and other benign transformations, enhance confidence, and maintain physical health in boots.

Yoga class with 60 minutes

Yoga class with 60 minutes

A 60-minute yoga class is currently undertaken by most yoga teachers in China.

But if you arrange this 60-minute course, it is a course worth thinking and practicing as a yoga teacher.

  The usual classes of yoga teachers are usually arranged simply: warm-up and relaxation — posture exercises — resting techniques.

This arrangement is one of the methods currently adopted by most yoga teachers.

The yoga teachers in some clubs are basically interspersed in these three copies, such as: body-building method, breathing method, etc., but the basic position-based exercises are mainly used, so it will not change much.

Tip: Yoga classes are not a single “body” course. This tip deserves our yoga teachers ‘attention.

  A standard yoga course, we can learn about the intelligence of the human body and the nature of the human body according to the classics of yoga. From the outside to the inside and from the top to the bottom, there are a total of seven levels.Teaching experience, make a standard yoga classroom process arrangement, this is one of the processes of a zen yoga teaching, so as to communicate with you yoga teachers, I hope our teachers make the course better and benefit everyone.

  Seven Yoga Yoga Awareness and Teaching Process: Awakening{Breath Control}— Awareness{Sonic Flow}— Asana{Dynamic}—- Pure Mind{Release}— Meditating{安身}— Meditation{Into the static}— close{complete}.

  1. Awaken{Adjustment of Interest}: What methods can adjust and awaken body perception?

The answer is breath control, and breath control exercises are breaths.

The most important thing for us is that life sustains life, and where is all our value, that is, in breathing, where does all the energy of life come from?

From inhaling and exhaling.

  The frequency of double breathing by pacing for physical and psychological activation factors.

The change in breathing rate is actually a relatively easy to observe and manipulate content of the entire change in breathing quality.

In other words, people’s cognition, emotions, and volition will change due to changes in breathing frequency.

In turn, people’s psychological changes will also have an impact on breathing, and the quiet psychological state causes breathing to become smoother.

Leru: A person who is short of breath is not sure about his tranquility, and a person who is still like water will not be out of breath. In this way, the effectiveness of these two people in yoga practice must be different.

  Therefore, breathing is the prelude to the beginning of yoga practice, the active cause of physiological harmony, and effective breathing is to make the body corresponding and build a connected light beam.

Respiration is adjusted from thick to fine. This delicate, undistorted breathing movement in the human body requires the coordinated activities of many organs to achieve it. Of particular importance is the regulating effect of the high-level nerve center and respiratory center.

Therefore, in a yoga class, the teacher asks for breathing exercises as a first start.

  2. Awareness{音 流}: Awareness is the practice step of awareness of the body.

After pacing exercises, scholars have adjusted their bodies, using the “word wheel initials” of body organs to directly open and further awaken the body’s consciousness, and shake the body’s veins.

The word wheel itself is an integral part of the language, and there are about several types.

Humans use language to communicate ideas and express feelings.

Language is not narrow or broad. It is a small part of the energy of sound in the universe.

According to the principles of yoga classics, the word consonants are the epitome of the universe, a dynamic symbol of energy, and contain special effects.

From the perspective of life science, different sounds of the character wheel can constitute different materials and different fields.

From the point of view of physical acoustics, the phonemes that human vocal organs can emit can be said to be endless.

Such as: a nice song and a congratulatory greeting, we can evoke the peace and quiet of the day.

  3. Asanas{dynamic}: Entering this step, asanas begin to deepen awareness. Yoga teachers need to guide the professors in this step to understand that the meaning of asanas is not the practice itself.The inner world comes up.

The practice of yoga postures, first of all, is not that the posture is in place, and the overall consciousness is in place.

Various asanas are called “body mark” or “body body” in yoga.

Sanskrit is{Mudra}, meaning blockade, or legally translated.

Through the guidance of the brain’s spiritual consciousness, the purpose is to assist the external senses to return to the mindset, and help to purify the mindset. It is a supplementary method to better meditation and focus on the purification of the mindset.

Therefore, the posture practice method is not used for a single specialized posture practice.

Through spirituality, we have benefited from the posture and got the dynamic efficiency. Therefore, each posture has its own characteristics and significance. We develop physical movement exercises through different postures. Another purpose is to make the breath spread all over.Everywhere, quantified in this way, the exercise effectiveness of asana has bloomed out. 4, Jingxin{release}: After asana practice, the effect of release is done.

The purpose of release is through the asana guidance exercise. We want to release the function. The release can be carried out through “exercise” or “free meditation posture release”.In this way, the state of mind becomes more stable and steady. The more stable the state of mind and the breathing from the rough scale to the detailed scale; entering, the mentality is purified, the dirt in the state of mind is reduced, and the heart and spirituality are correspondingly connected.

The connection makes spiritual consciousness awaken our body’s further consciousness through mindset, stimulate the spiritual energy in the body, and achieve the best practice effect.

At the same time, the regulation of our breath is about to be agitated very well, thus entering a physiologically harmonious state.

That is the body, that is, the mind, and synchronization, which is healthy, and the lack of one is a deficiency of health.

  5. Meditation{安身}: After the pure mind is released, we choose a good method of meditation.

There are many ways to sit: double-disc, single-disc, seat-on-the-foot, and natural-disc.

When you sit down, shake your body from side to side to adjust the best posture smoothly.

In this step, the teacher can target different scholars and require the scholars to adopt different sitting positions without having to force documents.

  6. Meditation{入 静}: At this moment, the yoga teacher begins to guide scholars into the world of meditation mind.

The dedicated meditation guide words begin to accompany beautiful, quiet and peaceful music, allowing students to fully experience the travel and beauty of the spiritual world, fully release the fatigue of the day in the classroom, and thoroughly purify the sense of spiritual awareness.

  7. Receipt{Complete}: After practicing, the yoga teacher must pay attention to guide the teaching materials to do the recycling. Do not underestimate this recycling. When recycling, let the book return to the prelude to breathing and do some deep breathing.Adjusting the recycling, yoga classes begin with breathing, but still begin to adjust from breathing. In this way, the head and tail are corresponding, you can end the class and return to the daily state.

After the exercise is completed, do not drink water for ten minutes to avoid affecting the effectiveness of yoga.

  In short, a standard and complete yoga class is the connection between the mind and the spirit. This is the true meaning of our practice of yoga.

Health in the narrow sense is disease-free, and health in the broad sense is the physiological state that makes life glow with joy, vitality, glory and positive harmony.

Children with stress can also cause kidney disease

Children with stress can also cause kidney disease

In people’s impression, kidney disease seems to be a disease that only occurs in middle-aged and elderly people.

But modern kidney disease has extended its devil’s claws to adolescents and children.

Experts believe that this may be related to the long-term academic pressure on children.

Higher education, training, what other special classes, advanced classes, parents who hope to become successful and women to become too high expectations often cause great pressure on children’s hearts, causing their endocrine disorders, and problems have also occurred.

With the increase of academic pressure now, teenagers are facing more and more heavy academic and academic pressures, or multiple families are enrolled in various trainings and special classes in order to train high-quality children, so that normal life rules cannot be obtained.Very good match.

Some youngsters are still obsessed with online games and other unusual lives, which disrupts the endocrine system of children.

  The symptoms of nephropathy are insidious. In addition, children’s unclear description of spontaneous symptoms is difficult to get parents’ attention.

Once obvious symptoms appear, the kidneys are already severely damaged.

Such symptoms are often seen clinically: the child’s whole body is swollen, and then the parent notices that the child has kidney disease. At this time, the golden period of treatment has been missed, causing the disease to be difficult to heal.

Other parents choose to choose a distance hospital and treatment method, which causes irreversible damage to the child’s kidney. It is this wrong choice that eventually leads to the child’s uremia.

  Experts announce that more than 300 million children with kidney disease currently have more than 300 million children between the ages of 2 and 14.

If the sick child is not treated in a timely and effective manner, uremia will occur in adolescence or adulthood, and dialysis and transplantation treatment will be needed.

Experts said that most of the diabetic nephropathy can be cured, and the early detection of “damage signals” of the kidney must be corrected. “Urine screening” is the most alternative method to find the early “damage signals” of the kidney.

Since there are no special clinical signs of kidney disease, it is necessary to do the following to prevent kidney disease: First, regular physical examinations, especially students of the first and college entrance examinations, must do urine tests before and after the first and college entrance examinations.

  Second, we must master the basic common knowledge of kidney disease. If you have symptoms such as waist and knee weakness, anemia, edema, hematuria, nausea and vomiting, you must do a urine test.

  Third, you should always observe and ask your child carefully, and if you find the above symptoms, see your doctor promptly.

  Fourth, after the child is diagnosed with kidney disease, he must go to a large kidney disease hospital.

Because kidney disease is not a high incidence and common disease, the clinical experience of the doctor has a decisive effect on treatment.

There are many patients in large-scale kidney disease hospitals, and the doctors have rich clinical experience and good treatment results.

  In addition, if routine urine tests can be performed, some children can be found early to have common symptoms of kidney disease such as proteinuria and hematuria. Changing these children for long-term follow-up, early treatment, early intervention, protection of hypertension, can reduce chronic kidney disease.Ill collapse.

  Also, please pay attention to parents, when your child has a cold, fever, and then eyelids, facial edema; abnormal urine color, abnormal urine test; children with rash, purpura, or pustular rash and eyelid edema all over the body.Take your child to the hospital early.

People at high risk for kidney disease must have regular urine tests, especially for children who have had tonsillitis, scarlet fever, and streptococcal infection syndrome. They must have urine tests within two weeks.

Children with allergic purpura should have repeated urine tests within 3 months, and they must be followed up for a long time thereafter.

How to be a loved workplace

How to be a loved workplace

Distress of newcomer Su Xi Even after graduating more than six months, Su Xi has been worried about work, and it is said that the personal relationships in the workplace make him feel uncomfortable.

It is said that students from famous universities like him have good qualities and abilities and should be very popular.

But for some reason, he always felt that colleagues and supervisors lacked tacit understanding with him.

  In the company, Suzi is doing sales work. He pays more enthusiasm and smile than his colleagues, but the performance of his colleagues is better than him.

This made him even more nervous and couldn’t figure it out.

On a rest day, he came to the house of a friend who was studying psychology and vomited bitterness to his friend.

  His friend, a fellow from a different department in the same school, always listened to Su Xi’s pain seriously, and inserted a word or two from time to time.

  ”I believe that I have done my best. Let me talk about personal relationships in the workplace first. Since I joined the company, I have worked hard to make colleagues and supervisors like me.

At the company’s regular meeting, no matter how boring and tedious the leadership’s intervention was, I was the only one who listened carefully and kept smiling.

The brother held his face away from his cheek and suddenly interrupted Suzi’s words, saying, “You’re not listening hard, the muscles on your face are almost stiff, but you still try to stare at the leader and try to disguiseFocus on your eyes?

“Su Xi nodded quickly:” I do this, I just want the leader to pay attention to me so as to appreciate me.

However, the leader never sent me to do important tasks for the company. Instead, he was a colleague who had talked with the leader at the meeting and was promoted recently.

“With colleagues, I am also trying to show an easy-going and enthusiastic side, trying to please them, and the result .” Speaking of this, Suzi’s eyes were a little red, and he said, “I hope toGroups are fused together, but they rarely call me for dinners, outings, or weddings.

Hearing this, the brother did not wait for Su Xi to make a detailed complaint, and he understood why he paid more than his colleagues, but his performance was worse.

He pours a cup of hot tea for Susie to slow him down, and then, in the hot sorrow, the brother slowly tells him a story about “Clinton’s magic”.

  Sincerity and Deception Former US President Bill.

When Clinton visited London, he was surrounded by many elite officials as usual.

The city hall of London is packed with thousands of people, and they even come to hear the former president’s thinking about what he thinks, but also want to see for himself what the world-famous “Clinton Magic” is.

  Towards the end of the speech, although the audience surrounded Clinton as a leak, when he recognized Sir Goode, a newcomer of labor opinion in the crowd, he shouted, “Hello!


“He understood that the greeting was so loud that everyone could hear it, and Sir Good was so happy to hear it.

  The former president has his own set, and no matter how you look at his political opinions, he is always loved by people.

Just as psychologist and communication expert Philippa.

According to Davis, Clinton has a rare and extraordinary charm that sets him apart.

  The brother asked Susi: “What is the secret of a successful and charming person?

“Suzi shook her head blankly.

  ”Cyber the psychologist.

Bailey believes that being proactive is the key to one’s popularity.

Brother is worthy of a master’s degree in psychology, he said to Suzi in front of him: “Only with positive emotions can we truly infect others.

However, this does not mean that you should be a liar.

If you attach a point of view that you do not agree with, no matter what kind of smile you try to squeeze out, it will only make you look more unreal.

Because most people feel false and false.

“” In one example, Simon was a 38-year-old manager. He recalled that when he faced an opposing view with a colleague, that colleague had neither objection nor substitution.

Instead, he leaned forward and even focused more: “Interesting, what makes you think so?

‘Even if he was prepared to oppose this view, it feels like it — he respects and listens to the other person ‘s point of view.

“” As long as it is sincere enough, even if the colleague later talks back to Simon, in Simon’s eyes, that is welcome.
Deception can only lead to contempt.

“Try to like someone Susi heard here, his face is a little hot.
Then he understood why he was not welcomed by his boss.

In the past, he overlooked the important point that others’ feelings were equally sensitive.

He thought that as long as he maintained a patient patience with his boss, even if he did his best to perform hard work, he would get the other person’s gaze.

Who knows what’s wrong? The heat accumulated by his hard work may be false, but everyone knows that behind this deliberately false heat, he found his pain in every deliberately tough pore.

  Who is going to appreciate someone who appreciates himself painfully?

  The brother looked at Su Xi’s shell changes, reassuringly knowing that he had reflected in his heart.

But the brother didn’t stop talking, he said, “Suzi, you still don’t understand when it comes to sales, right?

You face each customer, every time you pay the brightest smile, let people like you, approach you, and then buy your products.

On the surface, you seem to be seamless, but in fact?

“Suzi scratched her head in embarrassment.

  The brother smiled, “Suzi, do you know?

The secret to being really popular is not to try to make yourself liked by others, but to try to like others.

Suzy was confused again. He said, “Let others like themselves, isn’t it better for themselves than to like others?”

“” You are wrong again.

The brother told Susi, “Although most people are willing to be liked by others, the paradox is that the more you want to cheat to get his feelings, the more difficult it is for others to become enthusiastic about you.

As writer and TV critic Golf observed, ‘No one wants to be fascinated, instead they want to be charming.

‘Make this change and your behavior like Chunyu, silent and moisturizing, the effect is really good.

In the end, the brother told Susi a secret, not to let others like him, but how he likes others!

  The secret is writer and interpersonal communication expert Jane.

The way people communicated with each other over the years.

  First, don’t smile immediately when greeting people.

Smile slowly and gently to make the other person feel that this is their exclusive thing. Don’t make others think you will automatically smile when you meet everyone.

  Second, give others a chance to express themselves.

Focus on listening to interesting personalities and trying to understand them.

If you don’t listen carefully to the answers of others, don’t ask so many questions, or just follow whatever others say.

Otherwise, you will suddenly become extremely insincere.

  Third, the individual’s speaking speed and content should be consistent with others.

Try to use other people’s language habits to communicate more enthusiastically.

Avoid using unnatural words or gestures.

Learn to adapt to different circumstances and different people, but don’t suppress your true self.

  Fourth, observe some social cues.

Sandy, Senior Lecturer in Occupational Psychology.

Dr. Mann said: Are people avoiding eye contact with you or looking very boring?

If so, check to see if you are sending a positive response to people?

Don’t talk too fast, don’t just let yourself be, or bombard your audience with some boring trivia.

  Fifth, your body is like a magnet: for the person you like, you will move the body towards him, and for the person you do not like, you will move the body away.

You can tilt your body slightly towards each other, but you don’t have to get too close.

If someone brings your body close to you, don’t step back noticeably.
If they move away slowly, then don’t follow suit.

  Suzi got the true biography of her brother and gradually changed from that day.
Soon, he found that it was not his colleagues and supervisors who began to appreciate himself. In addition, he achieved good results in the workplace. Similarly, he became a “mystery” in life.

Seven habits that easily cause hemorrhoids

Seven habits that easily cause hemorrhoids


Single entity lasts too long According to related investigations and studies, long-term sitting people suffer from hemorrhoid ulcers72.

9%, the number of serial station is 73.

5% of people who are constantly walking, the rate of hemorrhoids is only 43%.

Therefore, the office staff usually sit at 45?
60 minutes, should stand up for 10 minutes, long squatting should stand up or sit for a while every half an hour, continuous standing should be seated for 10 minutes at an interval of about 1 hour.


Like spicy food and drinking spicy spicy food and drinking, can make anal sinus congestion, bleeding hemorrhoids.

The ancient book “Taiping Shenghui Fang” reads: “The husband and the wine corpse are drunk too much by people. The alcoholic heat is very poisonous. It stains the internal organs and attacks the large intestine.

“Patients with large amounts of fecal bleeding occur after heavy alcohol consumption and spicy foods.


Eating only finely processed foods Vegetables and fruits contain a lot of supplementary fiber, which is conducive to triggering peristalsis and correcting constipation and hemorrhoids, while finely processed foods slow down twisted peristalsis and easily accumulate garbage.

It is best to eat 500 grams of fresh vegetables per person per day.


Drinking too little water can cause dry stools and constipation.

Drinking 8 glasses of water a day is ideal. It has a certain effect on dry stool and hemorrhoids.

In addition, you should not drink too strong tea, otherwise it will not be conducive to the discharge of stool, and it will easily cause adverse effects on the body.


The bowel movement time is too long. The bowel movements are irregular. When reading the book, the bowel movement time is too long, which may easily lead to the occurrence of hemorrhoids.

Irregular bowel movements are prone to internal disturbances. Reading books and newspapers during bowel movements can easily spread and increase the burden on the anus. At the same time, the time of bowel movements can cause venous blood pooling in the anus.

Do not wash the anus after the stool. The anus is contaminated by a large amount of feces. It is difficult to clean the anus even with the use of a lot of toilet paper. Because the residue in the anal skin wrinkles cannot be removed, these residual feces become a hotbed for hemorrhoids., Contraction, the anus must be washed with water after the stool, if possible, it is best to sit in a bath 10?
15 minutes to prevent infection and hemorrhoids.


Inattention to work and rest combined with external hemorrhoids, thrombotic external hemorrhoids, incarcerated hemorrhoids and internal hemorrhoids patients are overworked, after long journeys, some people rub the mahjong all night and rest normally, leading to an acute attack of hemorrhoids.

Novice parents required course: first aid method

Novice parents required course: first aid method

The opening of the esophagus communicates with the opening of the trachea in the throat. What is most afraid of spitting milk is that when the milk flows back from the esophagus to the throat, it accidentally enters the trachea at the moment of inhalation.

When the amount of milk is large, it can cause tracheal obstruction, can not breathe, and is life-threatening; when the amount is small, it is directly inhaled into the lungs and causes aspiration pneumonia.

  Slight spillage and vomiting, the baby will adjust his breathing and swallowing behavior, and will not inhale the trachea. Just observe the baby’s breathing condition and the crowd carefully.

If you spit a lot of milk, you need to know the right method.

  If you spit a lot of milk, you can deal with it as follows: 1.

When vomiting occurs when lying down, the baby’s face should be quickly turned to the side to prevent the vomit from backing out of the throat and trachea.


Wrap a handkerchief around your fingers into your mouth, or even your throat. Quickly clean up the spit and spilled milk to keep your airway smooth. Then clean your nostrils with a small cotton swab.


When your baby is holding your breath or is dark, it means that the exhaled material may have entered the trachea. Put it on the adult’s lap or bed, and slap the side for four or five times to make it cough.


If it still does not work, immediately clamp or insert to stimulate the soles of your feet, make your baby cry due to pain, and intensify breathing. At this time, the most important thing is to let him inhale oxygen into the lungs, instead of wasting time trying to figure out how to remove foreign objects.

  During the above process, the baby should be sent to the hospital for examination at the same time.

  If your baby breathes smoothly after breastfeeding, it is best to think of a way to make him cry harder to observe the oxygen and exhalation movements when crying to see if there are any abnormalities (such as weak tone changes, difficulty in breathing, severe depression)Chest, etc.), if any, will be sent to the hospital.

If your baby is crying loudly, full of gas, and ruddy, it means that there is no major obstacle.

Chinese medicine tells you the four seasons room health regimen

Chinese medicine tells you the four seasons room health regimen

Chinese medicine believes that the human body and the surrounding environment are integrated. Whatever changes in the natural world, the human body will change accordingly.

Therefore, with natural climate change, intercourse health should also be different.

If the climate changes sharply and exceeds the ability of the human body to regulate, it will break the balance of yin and yang of the human body, and the phenomenon of qi and blood reversal will occur. At this time, intercourse is not good for the body.

On the other hand, a calm climate, suitable temperature, comfortable environment, and comfortable physical environment are conducive to health maintenance.

  In the spring, the yang is rising, and everything is flourishing.

In this season, human beings should be like all things. Don’t subject any ideological and physiological activities to any repression. Let them happen fully and try to keep the human body in a smooth state.

At this time, the number of sexual intercourses has appropriately increased compared with winter, at least not to set excessive practices in advance.

Only in this way can we excel in the metabolic activities of various tissues and organs of the body and enhance the vitality of life.

  In summer, all kinds of plants are prosperous and beautiful, and people should also be happy, so that the yin and yang in the body can be extended without any hindrance and vented.

Therefore, this season’s housing affairs should also follow its expectations and not be overly restrained, so that the body will maintain a strong and vigorous trend while the “yang is floating”.

It should be noted that during hot weather, the functions of the human organs are relatively weakened, and the summer heat easily enters the body’s yang. At this time, the amount of intercourse should be reduced.

  The weather turns cool in autumn, and everything is bleak. People should calm down and converge.

At this time, sexual life should gradually converge, restrain desire, reduce the number of sexual life, so that the yin and yang in the body no longer prolong the vent.

  Insects dormant in winter, and the yang gas reservoirs are closed.

At this time, people’s sex life should be strictly controlled, and the frequency of sex life should be reduced.

If in this season repeatedly fall in love, frequent indulgence, it will easily lead to weak Qi and kidney deficiency, inevitably ill.

Yuzhu Boy Chicken

Yuzhu Boy Chicken

[Source]Folk medicated recipe[Raw materials]1 child chicken, 5 grams of Yuzhu.


After slaughter, remove the paw, tail and internal organs, and remove the head and neck bones (skinless).


After the light chicken flies with boiling water, wash its blood stains, lift its abdomen up, and put it in a stew pot.


Add monosodium glutamate, salt, and add the right amount of cold boiled water, simmer until the eighth ripe, then add Yuzhu, continue to simmer until the chicken is rotten.


Remove Yuzhu before eating.

  [Efficacy]Tongzi chicken is sweet and warm; Yuzhu is sweet and slightly cold.

The two cooperate with each other, which can clear the lung yin, eliminate lung dryness, expectorant cough, relieve thirst, have the effect of solidifying and strengthening qi, refreshing and quenching thirst, dry the lungs, cough, thirst for stomach heat, less body deficiency, and ventSymptoms and symptoms such as diarrhea, edema, leakage of collapsed zone, and low postpartum milk.

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