Short-term aerobics

Short-term aerobics

Does the work you do on weekdays leave you with no time to care about your figure?

The following Xiamen hotline introduces a few body-building exercises, which only take 15 minutes a day to easily shape your figure.

  Lumbar abdomen exercise 1.

Lie flat on your bed with your legs together and your legs stretched and bent, but your feet should not be off the ground, with your hands behind your head.


Use your abdominal muscles to lift your upper body and twist in the direction of your left leg.


Return to the starting position and press your upper body against your legs.


Go back to step 1, lift your upper body and turn to your right leg.


Back to the starting position, repeat the set of actions 25 times in the order of left, center and right.

  Note: If you have pain in your arms and neck, it means your movement is wrong.

Remember to use the abdominal muscles to move the body.

In addition, when you lie down, do not touch the ground in front, otherwise you will no longer be able to exercise the waist and abdomen.

  Shoulder exercise 1.

Stand upright with your feet slightly wider than your hips and bend your knees slightly.

Eyes look straight ahead, back straight.

Hold a two-pound ball or other equal weight in both hands and place it in front.


Hold the ball with your right hand, lift the magnetic field straight up, and aim the ball with your left hand at the top of your head.


Descent up and down, return to the chest, and restart the pass.

An action looks like a spinning windmill.


Repeat the pass 20 times.

Move slowly, don’t rely on impulse to move.

  Note: Do not rely on moving your wrist to pass the ball. Keep your arms, back, and neck upright, so you can pass the ball naturally instead of rolling it.

  Calf Exercise 1.

Sit against the wall with your back straight and your feet on the ground.

Hold a 16-pound weight bar on your thigh, about 3 inches from the far end.


Lift your heels off the ground and press down on the bar with both hands.


Repeat this set of actions 25 times.
  Thigh Exercise 1.

Stand upright with your feet separate from your hips.

The right knee is bent, the upper body is bent down, and the ten fingertips are supported on the ground.
Keep your left leg straight and move 12 inches backward with your left toe facing outward.

Lift your left leg up as far as possible, stay at the highest position for 5 seconds, then lower your left leg and do the same with your right leg.

This group of actions is done 25 times.

  Note: The toes must be turned out as far as possible, and do not twist the front, so as to eliminate the excess meat on the thigh.

Is it really necessary to wear professional sneakers?

Is it really necessary to wear professional sneakers?

Today, there are many types of sports shoes on the market, such as jogging shoes, training shoes, badminton shoes, tennis shoes, etc. Do these shoes really work?

Does every sport require professional sneakers?

  Lu Yifan, professor of sports medicine teaching and research office of Beijing Sport University: It is not necessary for mass fitness, such as running, table tennis and other sports, choose sports shoes with thick soles.

However, when performing sports that penetrate sports areas such as badminton and football, professional shoes should be worn to prevent sports injuries.

When playing badminton, the toes will be pushed forward because of the running range, and the joint between the sole and the upper of the badminton special shoes is relatively hard, and it can support the feet well and not easily stomp.

In addition, in the badminton sport, the fast running and the fast turning overlap, so it is required that the soles of the sports shoes have friction to reduce the sliding of the soles of the feet.

In addition to shoes, wear thick cotton socks when playing to prevent toe injuries.

If you still feel pain in the top of your toes, you may wish to use a thin cushion in front of your toes.

  In addition to badminton, it is best to wear special basketball shoes and football shoes when playing basketball and football.

Look at basketball first. It has more bouncing movements. The upper of special basketball shoes is higher, and it is soft and possible, which can protect your feet from injuries during bouncing.

In fact, it is a football game, and there are many long-distance runs, so the sole needs to be reset, and the sole does not slip.

  When choosing non-professional sports shoes, you should choose shoes that protect the soles of the feet, especially to protect the arch of the foot.

In fact, sports shoes should be moderately curved on the soles of the feet.

At the same time, the depression of the arch of the foot should be relatively hard, which can prevent the arch from being injured by external forces, and can greatly improve the efficiency of exercise.

Royal medicated diet to lose weight and eat a good figure

Royal medicated diet to lose weight and eat a good figure

According to legend, from the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty, there was a royal dining room for the royal nobles to cook. In order to make those royal nobles with bloated physiques satisfied with their postures, they added traditional Chinese medicine to the royal diets to improve their physiques.

In Yuan Sihu’s “Drinking to Eat”, there are many dietary prescriptions that can benefit water, reduce swelling, lose weight, and moisten the internal organs.

Five medicinal diets that can reduce weight are recommended to you: 1. Carp soup: 5 grams of coriander, 100 grams of fresh carp, 15 grams of Sichuan pepper and ginger, coriander, cooking wine, onion, monosodium glutamate, and vinegar.

Remove the carp from the scales, clean the viscera and cut into small pieces. Wash the ginger and spring onions and pat them for later use.

Put the coriander, carp, spring onion, and ginger into the pot, add an appropriate amount of water, boil on the fire, and simmer for about 40 minutes.

Add coriander, cooking wine, MSG, and vinegar.

Can be eaten alone, can also be served with meals, eat fish and soup.

Can diuretic swelling and weight loss.

  Second, Coix kernel porridge: Coix kernel 30 grams, sugar amount.

Wash the coix seed, put it into the casserole, add an appropriate amount of water, and boil the casserole over the fire, then simmer with simmering fire.

After the barley kernels are cooked, add sugar and serve.

Can spleen and dehumidify, lose weight and swelling.

  Third, winter melon porridge: 80-100 grams of fresh peeled winter melon, previously 100 grams of rice.

Scrub the melon with a knife, wash it, cut into small pieces, and put it into the casserole with the previous rice, and cook together with porridge (do not put salt in the porridge).

Twice a morning and evening, regular food is effective.

Can diuretic swelling, weight loss and fat reduction.

  Fourth, red radish kelp: kelp, radish amount, cloves, anise, cinnamon, pepper, walnut kernel, vegetarian oil, soy sauce each amount.

Soak the kelp in water for 1 day and 1 night (change the water twice in the middle), then wash and cut into shreds, and cut the radish into thick shreds.

Cook the plain oil, stir-fry the kelp, add cloves, anise, cinnamon, pepper, walnuts, soy sauce and water. Boil on medium heat until the kelp will rot.
Can benefit water, eliminate gas, lose weight.

Yupingfeng San not only cures colds

Yupingfeng San not only cures colds

Yupingfeng comes from “Danxi Heart Method”, which is composed of astragalus, atractylodes, and wind-proof medicines. It is often used as a substitute for deficient spontaneous sweating and susceptible to wind evil.

  Some people applied Yupingfeng powder to 30 cases of physically weak and susceptible colds. After more than half a year’s follow-up, it was found that the respiratory infection rate of children has decreased greatly, and their health status has improved significantly, with an effective rate of 93%.

Forty-two children with bronchial hypertension took 10ml of Yupingfeng powder each time, once a day, and even took it for more than 1 month. The incidence of onset was significantly reduced, and its effect significantly interfered with interferon.

Taking licorice and 200ml of decoction twice daily for 3 months as a course of treatment, 106 cases of silicosis patients susceptible to colds were treated and observed. The 3-year incidence rate decreased from 40% to 7.

At 5%, IgG in the blood increased significantly.

Sixty-two children with high altitude cough were given 1 dose per day and 3 doses of Yupingfeng Powder, with a total effective rate of 92.


The prescription flavoring agent is used for women’s menstrual deficiency-type cold, deficiency-heat type, qi-deficiency type, and blood-deficiency type cold, and all have good effects.

Yupingfeng powder was used to treat 255 patients with allergic rhinitis and cured 106 patients with an effective rate of 84.

7%, the research results show that the prescription can restore the level of cyclic nucleotides in the body to normal, and the exudation is obviously improved.

  Patients with glomerulonephritis are susceptible to colds and recurrent attacks due to colds.

Twenty-four patients with nephritis were given Yupingfeng Powder (pill) on the basis of the original medication 3 times a day, 6-9 grams each time, and 1 month was a course of treatment.

After 1-2 courses of treatment, 23 cases were markedly effective. Among them, 18 were with chronic pharyngitis, and 17 were significantly improved.

Treating 36 cases of patients with recessive nephritis with this recipe plus vitamin E can effectively replace 90 of urine red blood cells.

9%, urinary protein was negatively implanted 83.


Thirty-three patients with chronic nephritis were treated with this prescription plus Chenpi, Forsythia, Poria, Poria (co-research), 3 times a day, 9 grams each time (children halved), taking medicine for 12-15 days per month, can prevent chronicRecurrence of nephritis.

  Yupingfeng San and Shengmai Decoction were effective in treating 30 cases of Coxsackie B virus myocarditis, and the NK cell activity of the patients was significantly increased.

Forty-nine cases of facial paralysis were treated with this formula and Buyang Huanwu decoction, 32 cases were cured, and 15 cases were markedly effective.

This recipe treats 28 cases of viral keratitis with 1 dose per day. The maximum dose is 60 doses and the least 10 doses. The cure rate is 96.


The prescription Heguizhi Decoction for the treatment of 26 cases of chronic urticaria, 1 dose per day, a total effective replacement of 84.


  Yupingfeng powder is flavored or used to treat severe insomnia, oblique eyes, summer fever in children, anorexia in children, habitual abortion, infertility, chronic colitis, gastric ptosis, gastric mucosal prolapse, rheumatoid arthritis, oral ulcers, Meniere’s syndrome, allergic dermatitis, multiple erythema, multiple edema, sweating and other complications.

The study found that a smile of 15 kilocalories per day can be consumed by smiling for 15 minutes.

The study found that a smile of 15 kilocalories per day can be consumed by smiling for 15 minutes.

This year, all girls are squatting to lose weight, and all kinds of weight-loss secret recipes make people feel overwhelmed and difficult to distinguish between true and false.

A hard-working diet, no day and night of exercise, the benefits are very small.

Do you have to work so hard to lose weight?

Can’t you be both simple and effective and lose weight quickly?

Here is a smile to lose weight, laughing for 10 minutes to burn fat!

  American researchers have found that a happy smile of 10 minutes to 15 minutes can “burn” off the transformation of a large chocolate in the human body.

  To conduct the study, researchers at Vanderbilt University in the United States placed 90 volunteers in a special room that detected the amount of oxygen consumed and the amount of carbon dioxide emitted by the breath.

This is the best way to measure the energy consumption of the human body.

  The researchers asked the volunteers not to talk, nor to walk around, to sit in a chair and watch TV.

Professor Vachet of Vanderbilt University?

Bususki said: “The volunteers were initially seen some very boring scenery.

During this time, we measured the metabolic rate of their resting state.

After that, the researchers showed them five episodes of comedy, each lasting about 10 minutes.

The comedy film makes the volunteers laugh.

At the same time, they were tested for heart rate, breathing status, etc., and compared with the data at rest.

It was found that they consumed 20% more displacement in the laughing state than in the severe state.

  Researchers calculate that if you smile 10 minutes to 15 minutes a day, you can consume 50 kilocalories.

This means you can lose 2 kg a year.

Old Chinese Medicine Slimming Tea Link: http:// www.


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Top 5 Summer Moisturizing Whitening Products


Top 5 Summer Moisturizing Whitening Products

In any case, whether the moisturizing and whitening products are easy to use is up to the consumer, and the user’s evaluation is a good reference.

Therefore, this time grassroots recommends five highly effective moisturizing and whitening products, and praise products are king!


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1. Lancome Smart Pleasure Whitening Toner (Moisturizing) Reference price: 490 yuan Add more fresh and pure vitamin CG, make whitening more ideal, very moisturizing, make your skin glow.

The Intelligent Pleasure Whitening System can suppress excessive melanin produced by emotional stress.

The leading formula experts in this period are designed to optimize the whitening effect of Lancome Smart String Perfect White Serum, and ensure long-term moisturization of the skin. By softening and soothing the skin, it brings the ideal light skin.

Dermatologically tested for Asian skin, suitable for a variety of skin types, including sensitive skin.

  Opinions: Moisturizing and soft, fast absorption, light spots, and whitening effect.

  Recommended reason: lasting moisturizing, softening and soothing the skin, inhibiting melanin, whitening the skin.


2, Lancome’s smart and pleasant day cream reference price: 695 yuan whitening skin during the day, suitable for dry skin, multi-efficiency and higher efficiency, effectively targeting the main causes of pigmentation.

Day Care: Apply daily after the essence for complete protection and add fairness and smoothness to the skin.

Innovative moisturizing technology: Natural trapping agent (NMF), which simulates the human body’s 8 amino acids, 3 kinds of diversity, and 1 kind of organic acid. It carries a full water-hydrating nourishing factor.

Enhances the skin’s ability to capture organic moisture while maintaining a moisturizing and radiant complexion that lasts for a long time.

  Opinion: Moisture is rich, penetrates the skin, and is easily absorbed.

Effectively hydrates and whitens.

  Recommended reason: remove stains, whiten and moisturize, and lock water well.

3, Sisley Sisley whitening and moisturizing milk reference price: 1300 yuan This delicate and refreshing lotion can not only make the crystals bright and white, but also prevent skin from dehydration, making the skin soft and elastic.

After use, the skin can be long-lasting, smooth, moisturized, pure, bright and silky delicate.

White mulberry and Huangcen extract: Inhibit tyrosinase activity and greatly reduce melanin production.

Licorice extract is soft and soothing, leaving skin fairer and brighter.

Rehmannia glutinosa, glycerin, plant horny shark, vitamin B5 extract, moisturizing, softening, protecting muscle lavender and marjoram essential oils, purifying the skin and helping the active ingredient absorption.

  Opinions: Smooth and refreshing, moisturizing the skin, soft and comfortable, and improving the skin’s degree of seizure.

  Recommended reason: moisturizing, hydrating, whitening skin, even skin tone.


4, Givenchy Givenchy Intensive Essence Reference Price: 800 yuan The first product with 20 weight whitening effects in one. This powerful penetrating gel-like essence combines twenty kinds of anti-melanin andActive whitening effect.

It has a powerful attack, complete weapons and equipment, and blocks all pigmentation-related factors. It works for all biological stages involved in pigmentation and has a “white skin doctor quality” whitening effect, which can improve skin gloss and transparency.

5-fold protection-The 5-fold protection contained in products that resist the damage of free radicals and inflammation can work together to neutralize the melanin caused mainly by sunlight and related reactions.

The combined strategy removes dead skin cells and improves skin thickness, thereby enhancing light reflection.

Hyaluronic acid not only stores water and prevents water loss, but also maintains the moisture balance of skin cells.

.hzh {display: none; }  点评:质地清新丰盈,能很快为皮肤所吸收,并留下一层轻透光滑的薄膜!The skin is protected from free radicals and hyperpigmentation, and dead skin cells filled with melanin are removed.

  Recommended reason: make skin extremely smooth, even and bright.

All-round, deep whitening and dilute melanin.

  没有。5, Helena HR Condensate Decoding Whitening Moisturizing Lotion Reference Price: 680 yuan A new breakthrough in anti-aging and whitening for skin problems. HR Helena created a whitening system that combines the best whitening and anti-aging factors-POWER K complex to fight against pigmentation.The main source.

POWER K complex as a new high-efficiency whitening complex enhances the whitening effect.

Facial Decoding Whitening Complex, fights against the appearance and precipitation of skin spots caused by skin aging (epidermis, dermis): repairs the areas where cortex is connected, resists skin sagging, and prevents pigments from penetrating the skin.

  Opinion: The product has a good reputation, its thickness is soft and smooth, it nourishes and soothes the skin, it retains water for a long time, and effectively whitens.

  Recommended reason: moisturizing and hydrating, whitening freckle.

Top 10 verified soul experiments in the world

Top 10 verified soul experiments in the world

According to the Ecologist Network, various interesting and even surprising experiments are strongly confirming one of the most important questions facing humans: Is there a real life after death?

To confirm this, scientists have done a lot of related experiments. Here are the top 10 crazy experiments that verify the birth of the dead.


The soul transmits messages through electronic noise. Some scientists have proposed the phenomenon of electronic voice Phenomena (EVP).

This mysterious phenomenon refers to: you may hear a sound in the noisy white noise when the radio is not tuned; on the TV’s snow-filled screen, you may see an object . and these are the deadVoice and face!

EVP is usually recorded on a tape.

The specific explanation of EVP is that people who have died pass on static electricity or white noise on modern electronic equipment to transmit sound or images, so as to achieve the purpose of communicating with the real world.

  At present, 40 organizations around the world are studying the so-called supernatural electronic noise phenomenon, and many people claim that they have contacted dead people through the EVP phenomenon.

For example, the American Society of Supernatural Electrical Noise Phenomena recorded Ruthbeth’s voice in August 2003, “I will never see you again!

“But Ruth Bess died as early as 1987; in 2003 he recorded Stanley Schiers’ voice and video” I love you . “, and he died in 2002.

More and more of these phenomena are impacting people’s perception of life and death, and some people gradually believe that we can communicate with loved ones who have died!

  The interesting fact is: The 2005 film “White Noise” is about Michael?

Croton focused on the phenomenon of supernatural electronic noise, trying to connect with his recently deceased wife.


The name of the deceased body weight change experiment is not a formal name, but it is easier to understand.

After investigating many empirical clinical cases of dying, some scientists define the soul as an energy field that exists in some form.

In 1907, Duncan, Massachusetts?

Dr. McDougall placed people on the verge of death on a scale, then measured their weight change after death, and found that someone lost 21 grams of weight immediately after death.

They believe that this weight is the approximate weight of the soul and leaves the body in the form of energy.

However, more similar experiments later showed that once a person dies, the weight immediately decreases again.

This proves that this experiment is caused by measurement errors.

  In Dr. McDougall’s experiment, the doctor measured a total of six people, four patients with tuberculosis, and one patient with diabetic coma.

Interestingly, in the third case, the weight actually dropped 2 times. According to the doctor’s reasoning, that means that when the soul dies, part of the soul goes first, and the rest reluctantly has to leave after 10 minutes.

In subsequent research, Dr. McDougall focused on the dog’s condition and found that when the dog died, there was no change in weight. In itself, the dog has no soul, but the human soul has weight.

The results of Dr. McDougall’s experiments were published in the New York Times and some medical journals.

  The interesting fact is that Dr. McDougall could not find the natural cause of death of these experimental dogs in his diary for a long time, which led to some people suspecting that he had poisoned these dogs for experiments.

In addition, these experiments were subsequently created into a film “21g” (21g), let Sean?

Pan became a popular star.


“God Helmet” Experiment In the 1980s, Michael, a neuroscientist at Lawrence University in Canada?

Michael Persinger conducted quite a controversial experiment, once forcing theologians into an awkward position.

A helmet he invented could specifically affect the vertical leaf areas (temple parts) in specific areas of the brain through electromagnetic waves, so as to enhance the activity of nerve cells.

This is the famous God experiment. The device used by Michael is nicknamed the “God helmet.”

Michael announced that the near-death experience can reproduce a series of phenomena such as glare, God and the relatives of the dead.

In order to further understand the relationship between neural activity and religious experience, scientists have used neuroimaging technology to observe the differences between the activities of various parts of the brain and the normal state during religious experience.

In one experiment, scientists injected a radioactive contrast agent into the blood of a Buddhist, and then after the Buddhists were fully enrolled, they imaged the blood flow distribution in the brain.

It was found that, in addition to the expected abnormal activities in the middle and middle lobe regions, the activity of the cranial parietal cortex, which is responsible for spatiotemporal sensations, almost completely stopped.

But then the well-known atheist, British biologist Richard?Richard Dawkins admitted on the BBC that he was disappointed that he couldn’t experience this spiritual feeling.

He pointed out that the helmet was also tested by another person who had previously experienced a near-death experience, and the results did not reproduce the same feeling.

  Interesting fact: Persinger claims that 80% of them caused a religious experience, making them feel the presence of another mysterious character in a room where there was only one person, becoming God or a known dead.


The Philip Experiment The Philip Experiment was an experiment conducted by the Soul Research Society of Toronto in Canada in the 1970s to understand whether a hypothetical historical figure could make himself visible by focusing the energy of the entire population.

They took the character as “Ghost Philip”, explained the personality characteristics of the ghost and all the background content, and even painted him a portrait to make him look more real.

A group of eight all wrote down the fictional character and his biography.

At the time of testing, the preset Philip was alive.

He hasn’t had much movement every month. Until 1973, he started to communicate, and he talked for the first time at the table.

Over the next month, the team found that when they asked some questions, he would tap the table for “yes” and the table twice for “no.”

They did talk to their ghosts.

  The interesting fact is that this experiment had a strange result. When a member of the group answered Philip out loud, he said, “We just made you up, you know.

“So all communication was suspended.

Once he denied the true existence of Philip, he ceased to exist.


Ghostbusters “Ghostbusters” is a TV series on the American Science Fiction Channel, which premiered in 2004.

The play formed a new investigation team of paranormal phenomena.

This organization is composed of a group of brave and fearless enthusiasts, not the weird doctors with glasses in the movie. They are ordinary people, including ordinary people, white-collar workers, blue-collar workers, teachers and counselors of the psychological hotline.

They go to haunted places to catch ghosts, and in order to find the correction of ghosts, they carry Geiger counters for measuring relays, electromagnetic field scanners, infrared and night vision cameras, handheld digital cameras, digital voice recorders and laptops.

The Ghostbusters claimed to have obtained several good recordings and videos, writing down strange mists, weird lights, moving objects and shadowy figures, and they soon disappeared.

  Interesting facts: The critics and skeptics stated that they lacked scientific investigation methods and key tests in their investigations, and suspected that their results were problematic and may have been edited.



Harry’s secret code Harry?

Hodini was born on March 24, 1874 in a poor Jewish family in Dubai, Soviet Union. His real name is Eric?

Weiss, who emigrated to the United States with his family when he was young, first appeared in the United States as a magician, and later won a reputation in Europe. He is particularly good at escape performances and is still talked about by many people today.

The great grief caused by the loss of his mother, or Hodini’s fascination with spiritualism and spirituality in his later years, still succeeded in deceiving many scientists and academic authorities.

Worried that he would be taken away by the wizard by contacting him after his death, Hodini secretly left his wife a secret code. The note contained 10 randomly selected words written by Conan?

Dole is written.

He used these words to communicate with his wife after his death.

Hodini died on November 31, 1926. Dorothy’s friend Arthur?

Ford contacted Hodini and his late mother through this secret guide. Ford also specified that the information obtained was in a secret code pre-designed by Hodini and his wife.

However, most people believe that Ford and Dolores talked to Hodini’s wife, who was very ill at the time and often drank homemade medicinal liquor.

Together they helped Ford develop the feeling that he was connected to the Houdini ghost.

  Interesting fact is: 10 years after Hodini’s death, his wife was in the Classical Antique Penance every year, but Hodini never appeared.

This picture is Hodini with his wife and mom.


Soul experiment Harvard PhD in psychology, USA?


Schwartz) designed a set of rigorous experimental procedures to verify that “people still live after death” through the participation of five well-known American spiritual media.
He wrote the process of the experiment as “Soul Experiment” (Experience in the Afterlife, 2002).
The recommender said: The experimental steps he used were impeccable by all honest skeptics.

For the first test psychic, its accuracy reached 77% -95%, with an average hit conversion of 83%.

The accuracy of the second test psychic is comparable to that of the first.

He also established a group experiment of 68 students at the University of Arizona in the United States, but the accuracy rate after that was only 36%.

  The interesting fact is: when the psychic test is 83% accurate and 36% accurate after that, the statistical probability of Schwarz’s probability of change is 1 in 10 million.



Crooks experiment William?

Mr. Crooks is a Fellow of the Royal Society, a chemist and physicist.

Crooks devoted himself to the study of the phenomenon of discharge in vacuum, and successfully developed a wavelength ray tube, which was named after him, called a Croucher tube, and found wavelength rays, X-rays, and electrons.

Crooks was fascinated by the mystery of his brother when he died at the age of 21 in 1867. He described the phenomenon: “I was approached by invitation, when he rose and was 18 inches off the ground.I put my hands under his feet and put my hands on his head while he was floating in the air; a carafe and a flat-footed wine glass rose into the air and floated from one party to another.

He also designed an experiment. A 3-foot-long wooden board was placed on the table at one end and 3 pounds hanging on a stretch scale at the other end. When Wizard Hom approached the wooden board at the other end of the table, the other end was shown as6 pounds.

Crooks’ experiments usually also have some prestigious scientists as witnesses.

In addition to Holm, there are other famous wizards.

In these experiments, he stated that he had witnessed the distant body moving, the weight of the body changing, the body floating in the air, and luminous bodies, ghosts, and writings in the absence of people.

He published his research in 1874. It is said that these specific phenomena are difficult to explain, and further research is useful.

  The interesting fact is that most scientists acknowledge that the myth is false, and Crouch’s final report caused so much resentment in academia that he was disqualified from membership of the Royal Society.


Incarnation experiment Australian psychologist Peter?

Ramst produced the record “Reincarnation Experiment” in 1983.

In this experiment, he found very convincing evidence about past life.

A man reconstructed in this documentary remembers his life during the French Revolution.

When in a coma, he said that there was no accent in French, he understood and could answer questions in French, and knew that the street names that had changed names changed only on the old map.

  The interesting fact is: George S.

General Patton most believes in a future life, usually saying that he saw his living ancestors, and that he was also the incarnation of Carthage’s commander-in-chief Hannibal (247-183).


Scholler experiment In 1993, four special function researchers and observers conducted a total of 500 experiments in the town of Skoller (Skor) in Newark (Norfolk), England, for 5 years, which could generate moreThis kind of physical phenomenon includes the use of ideas to produce light, sound on audio tapes, photosensitivity on film to separate images from solids, and so on.

Not only that, they can also produce multilingual engraving boards, poems, and text messages, glowing balls flying around the house and so on.

Moreover, these experiments were repeated in the United States, Ireland, and Spain.

In the United States, scientists from NASA, the Academy of Cognitive Sciences, and Stanford University also participated in the experiment.

  The interesting fact is: professional magician James?

Webster spent 40 years investigating the peculiar phenomenon, followed by the following: “I was unable to find anything deceiving.

To me, there is no possibility of deception, because the phenomenon I observe is consistent with what happened.

“Ghostbusters” is a TV series from the American Science Fiction Channel, which premiered in 2004.

The play formed a new investigation team of paranormal phenomena.
This organization is composed of a group of brave and fearless enthusiasts, not the weird doctors with glasses in the movie. They are ordinary people, including ordinary people, white-collar workers, blue-collar workers, teachers and counselors of the psychological hotline.

They go to haunted places to catch ghosts, and in order to find the correction of ghosts, they carry Geiger counters for measuring relays, electromagnetic field scanners, infrared and night vision cameras, handheld digital cameras, digital voice recorders and laptops.

The Ghostbusters claimed to have obtained several good recordings and videos, writing down strange mists, weird lights, moving objects and shadowy figures, and they soon disappeared.

  Interesting facts: The critics and skeptics stated that they lacked scientific investigation methods and key tests in their investigations, and suspected that their results were problematic and may have been edited.

Elderly calcium supplement cautious medicine Chinese medicine

Elderly calcium supplement cautious medicine Chinese medicine

Osteoporosis is a frequent disease in the elderly, so many elderly people are very aware of calcium supplementation.

However, many people still don’t understand how calcium supplementation can achieve the best results.

  At present, calcium agents on the market mainly include two types, inorganic acid calcium salts and organic acid calcium salts.

The mineral acid calcium salt still has a high calcium content, but if there is insufficient gastric acid conversion ionization, the absorption rate decreases.

The calcium content of organic acid calcium salt is slightly lower, but it can be absorbed well without too much stomach acid. Therefore, it is more suitable for the elderly who lack stomach acid.

  Elderly calcium, do not choose calcium carbonate.

Generally, the inorganic acid calcium salts are: calcium carbonate, which uses shells and eggshells as raw materials, contains 40% calcium, but has poor solubility and low absorption rate; active calcium, calcined at high temperature, has strong alkalinity, and has a large residual stimulus;Cholesterol Calcium Phosphate is made from animal bone and has a medium calcium content.

These are not suitable for the elderly.

Organic acid calcium salts include calcium lactate and calcium gluconate, which have low calcium content, but the intestinal absorption rate can reach 20% -40%, which is most suitable for the elderly.

  In addition to gastric acid can affect the absorption of calcium, vitamin D is also a factor.

Therefore, the elderly should also take more sun after taking calcium to promote absorption.

MJ dies, wakes up and protects the heart

MJ dies, wakes up and protects the heart

Avoid heart attacks and make the following 10 things your habit: 1.

Drinking 5 glasses of water per day Studies have found that people who drink a lot of water every day are less likely to have a heart attack, because water replaces blood, which makes it less likely to cause coagulation.


Make sure your partner does not smoke. Your partner’s smoking will increase your incidence of illness by 92%, because passive smoking will cause an increase in adverse plasma levels, reduce the secretion of benign diseases, and make blood more likely to clot.


Middle-aged people who exercise 30 minutes a day, four hours a week, and two hours a day have a 60% lower incidence of cardiovascular disease than those who are inactive.


Losing 10 to 20 pounds (9 to 18 pounds) If you are overweight, losing 10 to 20 pounds (9 to 18 pounds) can reduce the risk of dying from a heart attack.

Studies have found that overweight people have a heart attack 8 earlier than normal weight people.

2 years.


The latest study found that drinking coffee and tea, and those who do not drink tea, the incidence of incidence of people who drink 3 cups of tea a day will be reduced by half.

Because the powerful antioxidant flavonoids in tea provide protection.


Eat salmon on Saturday and tuna on Tuesday. Studies have found that people who eat fish at least twice a week have a 30% lower risk of heart disease due to the effects of omega 3 fatty acids.


Vitamin E and aspirin studies have found that simultaneous supplementation with vitamin E and aspirin reduces arterial stenosis by 80%.


Eating corn flakes for breakfast Corn flakes contain high levels of folic acid (675 mg). Ingesting these amounts of folic acid daily causes a 13% reduction in cardiovascular disease.


Count to 10 to calm yourself down by buffering yourself for 10 seconds before you overreact to stressful situations.

People who are overreacted before counting to 55 have a three-fold increased risk of heart disease.


Eat watermelon. Watermelon contains 40% more lycopene than raw tomatoes. A watermelon can reduce the prevalence of heart disease by 30%.

Pay special attention to seasonings for babies under one year old

Pay special attention to seasonings for babies under one year old

Moms are worried that the taste of the food is too light, and the child will have no appetite, so add some salt, vinegar or soy sauce to the baby’s complementary food to flavor it. As everyone knows, for babies within one year of age, condiments should be avoided.The time and amount of the product are great.

  Complementary food flour is more important than flavor. Some mothers believe that if you add some seasoning to complementary food, your baby will be more willing to eat.

In progress, health care doctors said that infants and young children began to add complementary foods, and parents should pay more attention to the stepwise changes in food concentration and voids, rather than the obvious taste difference.

  The health doctor pointed out that, in general, the supplementary foods for infants and children are gradually developed from paste foods to hand-made finely divided foods. As the age increases, the child’s food supplements range from thin to thick, and the thickness ranges from pasty to granularTo complete food.

For babies under one year old, prevention of allergies and easy digestion of food are the most important.

  Prematurely adding seasoning to damage the taste “Adults do not like to eat without any seasoning. How can children be loved?

“Too many mothers will have such doubts, especially when the child’s appetite is not good, they will always season the child’s food with condiments.

  Yes, the health doctor said that the baby has very sensitive taste buds, and the natural taste of the food is very delicious. At this time, letting the child eat natural food is the best choice.

If children are exposed to artificial condiments prematurely, it will affect the process of children’s taste development.

  Health doctors are particularly good at babies under one year old who don’t add salt to food supplements.

The baby’s demand for salt is very small. The salt present in natural foods can meet the baby’s needs. Adding additional salt, a high-salt diet will affect the absorption of trace elements in children, resulting in a lack of trace elements in the baby.

And the baby’s kidneys are not healthy enough to penetrate too much salt.

If too much salt is added to the food, it will increase the burden on the kidneys of the baby and increase the burden on the heart, which will damage the kidneys and heart function.

Moreover, the dietary habits of heavy salt developed from an early age are not easy to correct when they grow up, and the dietary habits of heavy salt are likely to cause diseases such as hypertension.

  She recommends that babies under one year of age do not need additional salt. For 1?
A 3-year-old baby should also place less salt when cooking every day.

6-year-olds eat more than 2 grams of salt a day.

  In addition to salt, extra parents will add extra sugar to their children’s food. The health doctor pointed out that adding too much sugar to complementary foods will cause the baby to develop a bad habit of eating sweets. At the same time, sugar will provide the babyToo much energy leads to a corresponding reduction in the baby’s intake of other foods and a poor appetite. Secondly, eating sugar is also prone to caries.

  There is vinegar, some parents will drip some seasoning in the food, the health care doctor said that the baby is best not to be vinegar in one year old, so as not to cause hyperacidity.

Soy sauce also contains salt, so it’s best not to use it.

  Onion ginger and garlic are easy to stimulate the stomach. When cooking food for babies, some parents also like to add some onion ginger and garlic commonly used in adult cooking.

  Health care doctors said that as a natural food, the nutritional value of onion, ginger, and garlic is undeniable, but due to the irritating substitution of these foods, it is still necessary to prevent it when using it to avoid irritating the child’s original delicate stomach.

  In fact, if you want to “flavor” your child’s food, you don’t necessarily have to add artificial seasonings, use some natural food to make a reasonable mix, and you can also make delicious food.

For example, when you make custard for your child, you can put some shredded shrimp skins, so that the custard taste is more delicious.

When cooking porridge, white porridge can be put into some lean meat, vegetables, yam, red dates or sweet potatoes, etc., which not only tastes better, but also the nutrition of the child is more comprehensive and balanced.

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