Lying hidden hidden psychological problems

Lying hidden hidden psychological problems

We are all familiar with the story of the sheep-raising child in Aesop’s fable “The Wolf Is Coming.”

The lying sheep-going kid was bored and smirked like a joke: “The wolf is here, help!

“People in the surrounding fields and on the hillsides came to the rescue when they heard the news, but found that it was a prank. The lying children laughed and laughed.

The child thought it was fun to lie, and it didn’t take long before he shouted again and again: “The wolf is here, help!

“People came to the rescue again, but when they found themselves fooled again, they had doubts about the child’s integrity.

For the third time, when the sheep-raising child shouted for help “the wolf is here”, people no longer believed that they were still busy with the work at hand.

However, this time the wolf really came, the child who lied paid the price of the sheep being taken away.

  This story tells us: first of all, the sheep-going children are happy to lie, and seeing so many people being fooled, they have a certain kind of contentment in the heart; secondly, once lying becomes addicted, it feels like something is missing if they don’t lieMoreover, liars do harm to others and are not self-interested, just to satisfy some kind of pleasure; in the end, liars can lie to people once or twice, they cannot lie to others for a long time, it is impossible not to be punished, and they must ultimately pay for their actions.cost.
  There is a mental illness called “lying” in psychology.

Everyone may lie, but some lies are in good faith, some conceal the condition from critically ill patients; some lies are compelling, such as to keep some secrets.

But if you try to deceive others for no reason, if you lie for too long or too often, so that those who confuse lies or even cause some harm themselves, such lying is a disease.

  Lying addicted people, even when they do n’t need to lie, still intentionally or habitually or naturally lie, sometimes to hurt others. When they see someone believe a lie, they are complacent. Lying becomes an integral part of life.
This kind of person has a long-formed or genius performance characteristic, fabricates facts, creates lies, and some develop into a political fraud.

Some liars may use lie to obtain perverted psychological satisfaction, resulting in the actual consequences of bragging and deceiving, and they are still unwilling to be exposed.

  Lying is a personal behavior and a social behavior, which often causes great harm to oneself, others and society.

Lies conceal the truth and directly affect the evaluation of one thing and one person.

If a person lied more often, he would lose his integrity. If this person has higher power, he may cause harm to the country and the people.

There is a story in Chinese history that works the same way as “Wolf Is Coming”. That is, King Zhou You smiled at the beauties and ignited the beacon to lie about the military situation.

For the first time, the princes led soldiers to rescue them, and the princes no longer believed.

As a result, Inu Rong really came, and Western Zhou died like this.

  For those who are addicted to lying, we have sympathy, secondly, don’t believe it, and thirdly, we recommend that he go to see a psychologist as soon as possible, and correct his illness as soon as possible, so as not to harm others.

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