ar, anti fall into their own hands!

  But Ye Wanwan but gave birth to a son, though she too had a son, but the same was not as Han Zhen Hou Yongning blue eyes, from the age of three will close at hand upbringing.And obvious to all entropy than long Sunhan Wei, Yongning Hou Han Zhen more attention to favorite.This had to let her got the idea, after all, a woman in the end is not to expect a son, and now South Korea has also been mechanized to three years old, except in the New Year, usually surprised to find not on the side of Yongning Hou, heart can not help you save a little more thought.She did not for now the day they were dissatisfied, you can get comprehensive thinking Han Duke’s attention, she does not think her son than Han Zhen bad to go, she did not greedy, Yongning Hou Han will be comprehensive and Han Zhen treated the same line, are legitimate son, grandson, no favoritism truth Well!
  She Zhen South KoreaDid not make any comments, after all, appear less, and parents who goes mouth and sweet, usually also saw dearly shout five aunt, the younger brother of South Korea is also quite comprehensive care, what good thing she got 北京夜网to the hospital they did not forget send a copy, it is hard to hate them.
  However, my heart is always some unwilling, she took his son in the hands of the wet nurse on her lap, smiled and said simply: “Who does not know we’re brothers Zhen most filial But, you see your way, smile more than happy wife those of us speech was clumsy and was lost in oblivion!”
  She turned to Mrs. Hou Yongning, smiling and said: “Madam, this filial piety alone, in case the Duke blame down, you should never be tolerant of some is helping!Zhen brothers want is not intentionally skip class, but he usually is not the most obedient, but for the heart and remembered the old lady you will not like this nonsense!”
  Yes, ah, you’d be ‘hospital wing life’ Mrs. Hou Feng Cheng Yongning, the flatter the elderly excuse you.But it is a fact sneak out, all right Du北京夜网ke valued