ts, but can be li杭州龙凤网stened to, how to think how not to be at ease.

  Ye father asked: “Qin Qin family agreed, that you students for parents to do, do not give people trouble.”
  ”Qin Qin parents also want to see her go to school,” A fish smiled: “She went to her parents tend to Pengcheng University, she was afraid to repeat too hard.”
  Leaves mother took over the incumbent: “Sure, Middle School multi-Kua.”
  A fishing has said: “Another classmate very happy, and we usually play well, also said walking together on a lively spot, went there with there.Pengcheng us to their home in the vicinity of a hotel stay, we will try not to give them trouble.”
  If pure play, not the General Assembly agreed that the father leaves, do not worry, be read with stakeholders not going to college, but also the way in adults.Little daughter has always been a successful calculation北京SPA会所, do not look young, but also to carry things than her brother, recently home to a major event which pieces not her idea, it is also a good idea.
  Father leaves for a moment and consider: “Then go, when to go, get back to the village to open a letter of introduction, it should be able to open.”
  A fishing sidewalk: “Qin Qin said his father would prepare a letter of introduction.”Week in the parent institution, the officer is not large, it is not difficult to get a letter of introduction.
  Father leaves scoff the sentence: “coauthored you all planned out.”
  Two days later, the father, who leaves in earnest exhortations, A fishing boarded a train south.
  In the crowded rich smell of the cabin, the first train of Zhou Qin become now no love from the excitement of the beginning.
  A fishing laugh: “You go to school Pengcheng in the end is to see or to train?”
  Both of Zhou Qin face the vicissitudes of life: “So is t