e than taste.

  Xue Huahua points good meal, the last steamer in the middle of the table, there are pots of pickled cabbage soup, “harvest tomorrow, we cheer, we return to the state before the study, I would like to learn, learn to teach you.”
  Lu Dewen did not rice, eggs, breathing only eat steamed bun, in his case, white steamed bun flavored mayonnaise white, no wild delicious cake, bit off a chew or two until, suddenly the whole face is excited to see Lu Jianxun , and he was the same surprise of color, “mom, sweet, sweet ah.”
  Not only sweet,深圳桑拿网 but also sour, like the taste of thorns bubble children, Lu Dewen happy, big mouth, the hands of a few steamed bun is gone, Xue Huahua let him take, eat how much to eat, eat stays does not matter.
  Luming Wen and Lu Hongying followed took a piece to taste, like them very much, so they put flower Xue bowl of rice and eggs to eat, are two of the reward, not for tomorrow.
  Xue Flower steamed rice is obtained according to Lu Dewen appetite to come, a full bucket bowl, Luming Wen Fortunately, eating rice and eggs to eat steamed bread will not eat, Lu Hongying it a little support, shameful waste of food, she put rice Xue half to catch the flower, good Teng stomach to eat steamed bread, rice to Zhaocai Zhi Xue Huahua will let her eat.
  Zhao Caizhi just married here a great appetite, slowly to die, get to the bottom, or the family was poor Zhao Caizhi reluctant to eat, try to leave Lu Dewen.
  ”Mom, really can not just eat it?”
  Xue Flower made steamed bun for a whole heap of four, Lu Dewen afraid that they no eat meal eat tomorrow, he would like to ask Xue Huahua can leave up to eat tomorrow.
  Tomoko Morrow mother, Xue Huahua where Lu Dewen will not u天津夜网nderstand the meaning of words where the “eat it, there jujube, I do really like a few days.”
  Next to busy for several days, they have to learn to work, Xue Huahua always give them hope for the job, so do the jujube steamed bun when she deliberately Sentimental jujube stay up, into his