Anyway orange entertainment is not blocked her to her heat, and more resources initiative to send home, but she saw “Zhang resigned autumn” in the name, she hesitated, she even covered with blood down the Bay, “Zhang autumn speech “name has endless appeal for her, circle who do not know him ah, he made a star of relying solely on the arts do not know how many big artists coffee, make them worth double, thinking of this, Zhulin Yun bite after living molar, thinking, low pay is what count!

  Cheng Su Su silly / force, which is to send her head ah.
  She took a deep breath or two, smiled and typing along: good.
  Receive a reply, bell-making chin raised, “Well, the fish took the bait.”
  Cheng Su Su: “.”
  Her eyes still杭州桑拿 firmly locked on the content of the message he sent.
  Good long while, a little difficult to thumbs-up, “you can really.”What a shame to breathtaking ah.
  Ah, daily wage of 200 people, to the fight Haoshuodaishui.
  Clock-making smiled at her, triumphant, only when her next words to praise him, “learn to point.”
  Sunset sky, wrapped with dry heat asphyxia.
  Temporarily send you resolved themselves come to play, it has gradually returned to the busy work, Cheng Su Su Zhong policy than less efficient.
  Whole afternoon has been occupying Zhang resigned autumn, near work, she has not looked at the file in front of a lot of treatment, gasped.
  To work overtime, her long face.
  I can not wait for her desperate enough yet, when one side simply dispensers of bell-making rare conscience, lend a helping hand, she took away two-thirds of the workload.
  Put to work in the “woman” exceptionally attractive.
  Cheng Su Su looked to one side drooping eyelids quietly watching the clock policy.
  In addition to the moment she wanted to give him a praise, the more want eye for an eye person in his body.
  The idea came out.