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  Nguyen waited angry, “Get away from me!”
  That, fierce and ruthless loafers Nguyen waited angrily yet stuck in the corner, Xiong Baba said, “all the pro-pro, and still had not come to put me off!”Thanks for the vote I cast out King or irrigation nutrient solution little angel oh?
  Thanks to cast [mines] little angel: a falling clouds;
  Thanks to small irrigation [nutrition] angel:
  X广州桑拿iaoben 016,987 bottles; 20 bottles falling clouds; AA- Medical bottle;
  Thank you for supporting me, I will continue to work hard!

Chapter 113
  Ruan Guohua of mobility and personal connections can be as strong than the student Nguyen rain on too much, since the rain at home, which put the program in the future, as if Ruanguo Hua opened the Renduermai.
  His eyes see more than just bags and desk sets such small objects, but distant, a garment factory.
  Sui had Linxian meat processing, but it is not a garment factory, garment factory in the city, and they have such a small place can not afford to open such a giant garment factory.
  Ruan Ruan Guohua at the time, almost did not sleep one night, the next day together, although wearing two thick black eye, but a pair of eyes was amazing bright.
  The sink, the program may be implemen深圳桑拿网ted Ruanguo Hua substantially over again gave.
  Now say directly open garment factory, the goal of some large, if it in accordance with the ordinary small workshops??
  Daughter craft their own good, but there are a lot of small villages daughter craft are good, if these people gathered in one, it is not that simple of a small garment factory??
  But these things easy to say, want to implement, and indeed not easy.
  First, the fabric, the second is the supply, the third is sold, four are personal connections, there are indispensable, Fang Xiulan up in the morning and saw this man at home deputy dark circles look, her rebuke, “Guohua, the last night you do not I will not go to sleep one night?”
  If a detour i