t very fond of, plus weekdays she is not norma苏州夜网lly like eggplant, this dish is eggplant son would do, but also the eggplant dry, even though Sumi do, or do not feel You will be able to more like.

  ”You try to see, if you do not feel good I will not force you to eat, how?”Sumi know, Zhang Yuyu a look eggplant dry, no interest, then said with a smile.
  ”My sister and you say, you do not know, my wife and children when the family was poor, the Dayton eggplant, eggplant o深圳桑拿网r the next meal, attend a lecture are eggplant, at that time did not eat anything else!I told you, I know you do not eat disgusting?This is what you do today, eggplant, or eggplant dry, if this people, I do not eat with me a!”Because for Sumi craft has a great self-confidence, so even if Zhang Yuyu very heart of the rejection of the eggplant dry, but now caught up together to eat.
  ”I try the eggplant dry…Ok?Sister, you really are the eggplant dry?No, no, you do this really eggplant?You did not lie to me?”Zhang Yuyu after this one eggplant dry into the mouth, gaping at Sumi.
  This is eggplant?If this, then eggplant, Zhang Yuyu really feel like those used to eat eggplant eggplant is not the feces!
  ”I have a son how eating meat taste?Moreover, not only meat taste, there are other..This is, this is really why eggplant?Yes, th北京风月网is chew, then look like this it is also the eggplant, but the taste is how you do it?Even then you can do, no matter how good technology, you will not be able to get the eggplant dry out your meat Son!”Zhang Yuyu looked dry eggplant dish, swallowing his mouth with the eggplant has been trying to get in, could not resist the clip together to eat.
  ”good to eat?That is, eggplant dry, true, you see, is not it can be seen?”Sumi said, smiling.
  ”Yes, I can see it, but the smell, that taste of meat it is Zeneng?Sister and I quickly tell you, eggplant is a loud noise that you do?If this is your taste of the eggplant, then, that I do not have a child what to eat, eat eggplant every day Well, as for now I see I was sick eggplant?”Zhang Yuyu urged Sumi.
  ”This is how I dry eggplant do?Do no