m, she liked the idea of Miss Shen, in fact, she has not been liked by others, but they all make their seventy-seven and square chin together, or the Miss Shen is right, even if another difficulty, she should not be required to sell themselves to others, and so deceive the feelings of the kind of woman any difference.

  Two words sound very low, looks like a very good relationship, like Fang Chin’s face could not have been worse, it seems like two very close.
  ”When will I not be excused?”
  Two men feel almost pull aggro, only Couguo Shen Xuan head and looked at Mu Ting whispered.
  The latter only clip the crab in her dish, thin voice, “I let深圳桑拿网 you send the whole bell.”
  Then, casually glanced at the other side of the square chin, a phase, like his eyes with a warning.
  Knew he would be sure there are other entertainment, Shen Xuan certainly do not want to stay, you can also hear the sigh of relief after go first, but after all, is on the outside, she can not regardless of the image, so do not touch a crab, just casually simply eat a few bites of other dishes.
  Before long the main table of people came over toast, followed by Mu Ting went to the main table over there, but Fang Chin did not move, fearing that they will seem as murdered his baby, seeing some people have gone, this Shen Xuan ready to leave, he could not help but go Shihai looked at each other, “or Miss Su lucky, well-guarded always inseparable, really admirable.”
  Then, the black is not Gufang Qin Shen’苏州夜网s face, her direct move away, it seems very good mood.
  Did not let the clock to send the whole, after all, have always been followed by bodyguards, so Shen Xuan soon returned home, there is simply not enough to eat in celebration of the birthday, she let the king aunt made people out there eating a