”No, I’m fine..”He gently replied, smiling exceptionally c无锡夜网alm.

  SHENGYUN front of the house, while two figures appear together slowly go inside, is gradually falling behind the sunset, the clouds surrounding it, dyed red, reminding us of scenes in a fire was burning on top.
  Pei Ming really gestures knife, still tangled in something: “Master, I and the Young ratio in the process of fighting, almost did not catch his move today, I feel I am still a lack of actual combat experience, but this than fighting, indeed played hearty, very comfortable, perhaps in the future, to be able to win for me Young!”He in front of his father, always tell the truth, then, even a little, then TB tendency to faint.
  ”You’re not afraid lose?”Pei Naochun opening a smile,” so many people looking at it, losing a disciple outside the door, you will not be uncomfortable.”
  ”You may not right words!”Pei Ming really very serious stare eye father, which can be considered his rare following guilty,” you have and we said, both inside and outside the door but a qualification differences, outside Disciples qualification relatively badly, if at the comprehension a difficult breakthrough, it is better to learn something else, in fact, not necessarily qualified to decide everything, why can not win outside the disciples for me?”
  He spoke from the heart, to listen to people who know his mind: “If you lose, that’s what I practice enough, or not as the others, it is also common, often said that you head, people beyond Behind like what book Brother, I am much better than the written summary, refining the elders, good at mixing device, to better comprehension if Young talent is normal, say.”He suddenly laughed,” do not they heard of my class to do Young?To see him able to come today, although it can not be attributed to me, but I am also very happy for him.”
  Pei Naochun eyes floating in the past: “So you let your brother what you write for the annual review?”
  ”.”I did not speak Ming Pei, hateful!Father really hateful!Is not he and several other joint head, put it all on the Forum’s summary template, summary writing like a hundred strokes of the ban to delete all posts?They originally written summary of this poor man is writing with a copy of Hu, now are not even a reference to how born out of thin air, he would rather fall asleep month, he refused to write a summary of the hour.
  Pei Naochun just laughed, and said: “But today than fighting, you’re really playing well, you blade, far better than I, excel rather than blue.”He held out his hand, patted his son’s shoulder, the two height flush, want to feel like a child, like the head, not so easy.
  Pei Ming really listened to just laugh, even some silly: “No less than the head of it.”
  ”On the knife, we may not be able to teach you, at least in our moon were, your knife, said to be the first, no one can say the second.”Pei Naochun continued smooth hair touch, is praised.
  Pei Ming really was about to say, blinked, some doubts: “Master, what is.”He reached forward refers to, in the middle of the floor of the hall, stood a Yu He, he just saw a parrot flew over, this will be so lost in Yuhe here.
  Pei Naochun perception far better than his son, do not open, he knew there was something to put that kind of familiar and exceptionally strong force demons, as long as contact with demons alchemy people can perceive, this top , there is a weak but alive and conscious, if we force demons out of the reach of, I am afraid to eliminate.
  ”This ah.”Pei Naochun squat to pick up, he probably.It should be said can accurately know who sent this stuff to come, laughing, “I was going to sell something to find the head of Stargate.”Consciousness where the head is estimated that many years are not added, even so he picked up, do not wake up, reckon a few months, will dissipate.
  Pei Ming really helpless face: “head, you would not knock on the head the night of the bamboo bars.”This is the word from the forum he go to school, look for Stargate friend and he said, every time the head of the night to buy something back from this father, to be with the number of doorsThe next ten days and eight months to live frugally, save my money back again, then knock, the door were the people have to cry.
  ”Nonsense, you are such a person my father do?”Pei Naochun mustard has been putting things into space, deliberately asked Stern.
  .Pei Ming really choose to remain silent, if you are not the father of such a person, the finder of the door every night why the head of the tallest building in the heart of magic exchange zone’s curse How about you?But after all, is Qindie Qindie, elbows can not turn out, live frugally, good moral character, they.Then save time and money.
  ”Something sent to you?”Wentian eat a few poly panacea state has been restored, he squatted on the corner of the garden they reveal, looked up at the bright egg – this is the fire parrot gave himself the name, in that year, only to be darn after parrot cheated, he has been wondering, give this good-looking parrot, sooner or later, plucking him roasted meat, although I do not know the parrot meat it good, you can always talk to Jiehen!