ousework at home, or so righteous ordered down.

  Ruan Guohua touched his nose, “Mother, I know!”
  Talking, people are gathered, and even go out with the Ruanguo Hai has come back, he had to go to a big bubble child depression, this cold weather, which froze the river, he followed a Ruanguo Cheng, smashed the ice a hole in the ice fishing on the way, it will come back, carrying a basket inside, filled with fat whirring of grass carp.
  Keep a winter fat, fish fat is not strange if.
  Ruan Guohua he saw them, his face flashed a surprise, “Third Brother, you come back Sansao!”
  Ruan Guohua walked over, patted the shoulder of their own four brothers, smiled and said: “looked at a lot of sturdy!”Ruanguo Hai had just come back, covered in thin bones during these months domesticated, looked sturdy physique are obviously a lo广州桑拿网t of.
  Ruanguo Hai nodded his head, he was on crutches, the way over, legs and feet some pain, but threw crutches going down, his ankle felt warm, he could not help but look hesitated and dropped the crutches, slowly one step, two steps, the third step, the entire people fell down, Ruan Guohua to happen to be caught.
  The house of people are surprised.
  Nguyen rain is ecstatic, “tetra, you can walk!”Although only three steps, but it really lost the crutches, without any help of foreign objects, he took a few steps the real deal.
  This diagnosis had so many doctors, completely different.
  More than one physician said, Ruanguo Hai’s legs have been spent, and may in this life do not have to walk up.
  But now it Ruanguo Hai front of their face, take three steps, did not let anyone helped.
  Ruanguo Hai also startled a little, “it 天津桑拿seems to be!”He himself some back, but God.
  I did not think this day would come so soon, although only three steps, but no one knows, the three steps to a complete conclusion is already disabled person is such a big surprise.
  ”Third Brother, you let go, I try!”Ruan Guohai in saying these things, tremor in his voice.
  Ruan Guohua ard