[Guangzhou Style Chicken Congee]_Production_Methods

[Guangzhou Style Chicken Congee]_Production_Methods

A famous snack in Guangdong is called Cantonese style chicken porridge, which is a kind of porridge stewed with chicken. This porridge tastes particularly smooth and nutritious, but you must master good skills when you stew, otherwiseIt is very likely that the stewed chicken is unfamiliar. When making Cantonese-style chicken congee, you must simmer the chicken first, and then use the low-temperature slow-simmering method to simmer for a while. The following introduces Cantonese-style chickenHow to make porridge: Cantonese-style sliding chicken porridge Ingredients: 1 cup of Northeast rice, 1/4 chicken, 1 onion, 1 parsley, several slices of ginger. 1.

After the chicken is chopped into large pieces, cut off the excess aunt and cut out some chicken.


Put the chicken with bones in boiling water to remove the blood, then put it in the pot and add water and two slices of ginger and a small spoon of rice wine.


The washed rice is put into the boiled chicken soup. After boiling again, turn to medium heat and boil until the rice grains bloom, and we process other materials during the porridge.


Divide the chicken into small pieces, put salt, pepper, rice wine, raw flour and mix well for about 30 minutes.


Chopped shallots and parsley into small pieces.


After the porridge is boiled, turn to high heat and boil, then marinate the chicken. After the meat changes color, season with salt, sprinkle the green onion before the pan, and pour half a teaspoon of sesame oil at the end of the pan.

Tips for sliding chicken porridge: 1. Marinate the rice in advance so that the bottom of the porridge will be more fragrant.

2. The ratio of water to rice must be well controlled, it is best to put it all at once.

3. If there is too much water, you can appropriately increase the pot.

4. In case of water shortage, it is better to add water.

5, chicken must choose tender chicken, old hen not only does not slip, will bite.

6. Stir in the last direction to make the chicken congee more delicate and thick.

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