[Can you eat chives on fire]_Leek_Hot_Can you eat

[Can you eat chives on fire]_Leek_Hot_Can you eat

Some people always like acne, some people are always rejected because of their breath, and some people even have oral ulcers. What are the reasons?

I believe everyone understands that this is the reason for the fire in the lungs.

At the same time when the weather is dry, the appetite is often greatly increased in the autumn and cool weather. I ca n’t bear the temptation of food and often eat some food that is easy to get angry. This feels like a dry mouth.Chinese medicine initially caught fire.

So can I eat chives on fire?

Autumn is the season when it is easy to get angry.

In traditional Chinese medicine, fire is the scale of fever and fever. With its appearance, some bad signs will also be manifested in the human body, such as swellings, redness, heat and pain, oral erosion, and red eyes.Sore throat, swollen toothache, red tongue, yellow fur, dry urine, dry nose, bleeding from the nose, fever, sweating, and of course, the irritability and insomnia we started to mention.

Falling insomnia in the fall will also be exciting and inefficient, difficult to perform heavy learning and work, so it also needs to be active.

Experts suggest that because of the seasonal characteristics, there is a high probability of insomnia in the autumn. Therefore, some people should pay attention to preventive measures for eating fire-fighting foods in daily diet. Although leek is a nutritious and medically valuable vegetable, the followingConditions should be fasting: leek is hot, more food is easy to get angry, so those who are Yin Huo-wang should not eat more.

Stomach deficiency and heat, indigestion are not suitable for consumption.

In summer, the fiber rises and the fiber is rough and difficult to be digested by the human stomach. In addition, the peristaltic function of sintering is reduced in summer, which may cause degradation or diarrhea. Therefore, it is not recommended to eat more in summer.

In addition, although leek has a strong essence, but excessive consumption will be kidney failure.

How to get fire?

As far as food is concerned, “bitter” food is the natural enemy of “fire”.

The bitter food is bitter because it contains bitter substances such as alkaloids and urea. Traditional Chinese medicine research has found that these bitter substances have the effect of relieving heat and relieving heat and eliminating fatigue.

The best bitter food is the first bitter gourd. Whether it is cold, fried or soup, as long as the bitter gourd is cooked and “blue”, it can achieve the purpose of “going to the fire”.

In addition to bitter gourd, there are other bitter foods that also have a good “de-fire” effect, such as almonds, bitter vegetables, kuding tea, celery, kale, etc., can also clear away heat and relieve heat.

In addition to eating bitter foods, there are many fruits and vegetables in summer, but also eat more sweet and refreshing fresh fruits and fresh vegetables.

Experts point out that cabbage, cauliflower and watermelon, hawthorn, apple, grape and other additives and minerals, especially calcium, magnesium and silicon are high in content, have the magical effect of calming and reducing fire, so they should be eaten and eaten in summerThese foods.

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