The main hospital, Huo imitation boxing in the practice room.

  There are three Hall imitation shot while sparring.
  Three sparring were knocked to the ground, almost no wounded Marshal.
  Door slowly opened.
  Butler standi南宁夜网ng by the door, followed behind a clean brush towel tray holding two maidservants.
  One maid secretly lifted a.
  Handsome young little master, red fruit with the upper body, powerful muscle texture glance, waist deep mermaid line extends into the pants, blocked, not visible, but the introduction of reverie.
  Because intense training, the Marshal of every muscle, even temples are covered with sweat.
  With the expansion of the chest before rolling breathing and shrink from.
  Marshal’s heavy breathing, walking barefoot Yibubuxiang maidservants.
  Naya Huan head even lower, and also face more and more hungry red.
  In front of Marshal deep masculine, he could hardly stand, holding a tray of hand trembling slightly.
  Huo imitation entire upper body with a towel to wipe it again.
  Towel fell heavily on the tray.
  Two maidservants scared qui北京风月会所ckly knelt down.
  ”Young Marshal.”Steward a white face.
  ”I told you, I wait around, and not all women.You recidivism, waiting to be transferred away.”
  Man deep voice waves, calmly describe things can decide the fate of the others.
  Butler sweat out on his forehead.