Cancer and Pisces female male match it

Pisces women and men with Cancer.Pisces female and two male Cancer constellation are putting the word love, Love Me, Love My Money you say is right, Pisces and Cancer will carefully in order to maintain the feelings, try to give each other a sense of security, but also know that you want for each other What is an eye will be able to understand each other, it is very harmonious couple.Pisces girl is a typical little girl, innocent love fantasy, life is full of expectations, but lack the ability to cope.In the emotional, the Cancer will become jealous and possessive, a reversal of the usual gentle image to the public.Two fellow water signs, very understanding, understand each other, can live in harmony.  Pisces women grow up like a little girl, romantic nature, love the fantasy, imagination, sensibility and purity, impractical, the general existence of fairies.Very childish, crying, adorable, accompanied by the needs of others.Twelve constellations Pisces women are the most feminine of the constellation of women, from the body to the soul is.For boys they are no defense mechanism, it is always arouse desire to protect boys.Pisces woman can easily smell the crisis, but they are very passive, will not take the initiative to resolve the way, the program Pisces response to the crisis is to get each other’s trust, bury the hatchet, which is very consistent with their feminine image, to use women as water gesture solve tricky thing.  Cancer men gentle, personable.First meet with him, a kind of sense of amiable, and he do not feel pressure with the passage of time will find his eloquent, and his unique sense of humor.But his emotional trouble from time to time will run out, so he did not feel safe.Cancer men home and gentle, when love is put to the test, they will be persistently standing love here, become decisive, so that the other half of such admired Cancer, can get along after a period of time, found that moderate or would Cancer hiding in his shell soul, it requires more patience.After establishing a relationship, they become thoughtful and sociable, it will continue exploratory your feelings for him.  Pisces and Cancer in love aspects belong to the “old driver” high-level players Dan, their sensibility is “flu flower splash tears, hate the other birds startling”.Although they belong to the emotional team inside, but even more than the degree of Cancer Pisces, fell out of no less than the degree of open book.The fish is the star who belong able to sacrifice everything for love, in love can play a good role in the other half.Cancer generous shoulder to rely on its good.The only caveat is that the two are too pessimistic, we should pay attention to surging sadness, you can go to more contact and exposure to sunlight nature, mediation mediation depressed mood.Let the mood changed a little better.Do not let the two men fell into spiritual life too, and occasionally also to return to the three-dimensional world inside to ah. Constellation music original article, reprinted need to indicate the source