Meng Fei: People do not have bad luck for life

It was a young man ups and downs of life experiences and hosted news programs accumulated experience, make him the subject for the marriage of society has a unique perspective to better understand the mentality of ordinary people, thus, this show is hosted by him once aired, the country will Huobian.In mid-1971, he was born in a family of ordinary citizens in Chongqing, and later with his parents work to mobilize came to Nanjing.After mid-1990 entrance exam, he was seeking to develop south to Shenzhen.Came to Shenzhen, he began looking for work nonstop.However, back and forth ten days, he did nothing.Seeing the body with the money running out, he had to move out of the hotel early age, was admitted to a simple room dilapidated.During that time, every day he picked up from the street to collect old newspapers have done in job information, and then again go to candidates.Was removed after rushing for a month, he finally accepted the position of a porter’s job.Tired of the job and pay very little, often have to endure harsh scolding boss.And tears and sweat, he barely made a month later, he left Shenzhen.Back to Nanjing, he worked as a pressman.The work day and night to work for three consecutive days, every 10 hours, in order to take a rest, and if the hands and feet a little bit slower, at a specified time finish pipeline operations, it will affect the next link, will be the team leader cursed meal.Even so, in order to survive he stuck with it.To get the first month’s salary when he called the adult college entrance examination.Because this time, he began to realize the importance of knowledge, we realized that to change the destiny, only by knowledge.He cherish this hard-won opportunity, no matter how busy or tired, he will be on time in the classroom.This class while working side of life, let him very little time to rest.Due to overwork, while working his hand caught in a machine, and later due to the rescue in time, to keep his hands up, but also because he lost his job.In February 1994, he was relying on its excellent quality, candidates into Jiangsu Television Arts Department, made a receptionist sports groups.While people wait on the job just a job, but can enter the coveted television, is enough to let him rejoice the.So obscurity tea boy for a year.In July 1994, the Department of Chinese get the diploma of Nanjing Normal University, he established for himself a higher goal, that kid can not do tea, you would want to be a reporter.Once you have a target, he single-minded towards the ideal target forward Ben.Taiwan, where he arrived early every day, take advantage of the opportunity to help clean up the reporters familiar reporters workflow, when some old reporter interviewed volunteered to carry out the camera, so learn the operation of some interviewing skills and camera.Acquainted with the old reporter, his diligent work hard and endure hardship, finally moved the old reporter, gradually, some small news, they gave him the old correspondent.Although it is just the name of the Department of reporters behind the scenes behind the old reporter, but he was very happy because he was such a hard-won opportunity as the exercise and improve their own platform.After that, with the increasing frequency of exposure on television, the Taiwan leader has finally noticed him, made an exception to allow him to do a good job at the same time, you can go for a run News.Outside the leadership of mercy, so that he finally had the opportunity to flex its muscles, since then, his physical advances rush hard every day to do shows, staying up all night is more commonplace.But seeing his own shot out of the film, and my heart was filled with a sense of accomplishment.In August 1996, he shot a 26-episode documentary photography as a total participation “fly to Atlanta.”.The television in the country long television documentary competitions Huoerdengjiang.With this result, he was finally turned into official correspondent.Then, his career move.Mid-1995, Jiangsu TV in order to seize the initiative, set up Jiangsu TV City Channel, the preparations for the 10-minute first gear-depth reporting section of “urban Fax”.After he entered the group, officially started the course to run social news.In January 2002, Jiangsu TV to boost ratings, decided to change the “Nanjing news” for the live news program, named “Nanjing Zero”, the purpose is to serve the civilian population.After fierce competition, the public election of the whole of society, he wins overwhelmingly.After the “Nanjing Zero” first phase of the broadcast, as he engaged in small talk like humorous hosting style, it has been welcomed by television viewers.Due to concerns of ordinary people’s basic needs and emotions, not long before, “Nanjing Zero” the ratings soared.At the same time, he also became the “Nanjing Zero” irreplaceable central figure, many viewers affectionately called him the spokesman for urban poor.In 2010, Jiangsu TV dating added a file type of program “You Are the One”, a program hosted by Taiwan leader burden to him.From news programs to the emotional reality show, he quickly adapted to several run-chaired role change.It was a young man ups and downs of life experiences and hosted news programs accumulated experience, make him the subject for the marriage of society has a unique perspective to better understand the mentality of ordinary people, thus, this show is hosted by him once aired, the country will Huobian.The show not only boosted the careers of many players after 80 friends, let him ushered in the career pinnacle.If you’re relying on popularity, he successfully nominated the fourth tripod Award presenters list.He is the Jiangsu TV dating show “You Are the One,” the host Meng Fei.For once the hardships, Meng Fei has his own view: people do not have bad luck for life, there will always become sunny, and the opportunity for success, will always favor those who are prepared.Is suffering a build-up of forces will be guided me step by step to success, and now look back, before fame hardships of those days of hard work, my life is the most valuable asset.From the porter to the wisest joking, Meng Fei after a decade of about you?To be successful, you ready?To recommend the latest information sauna