Yan sister answered a God, think of a pitiful appearance that night Chu new school, gritted his teeth, recovered to smoke Wu said, “I understand, this thing really owe dog fight.”

  Wu smoke smiled, Oh yeah, that would put the poor man usual, some like to play.
  Shen Qing in the company of the more beautiful still pondering last night, his wife rejected his proposal pity.
  Behind this sudden rise up feeling chilly, but also an subconscious to ignore.

Chapter 152
  Wu smoke at night back home, they live in the new house does not go this year, it will also rent the house.
  Home when Wu Jianguo ZHANG Xiulian and are, entered the room, ZHANG Xiulian smoke came out and asked Wu, “You show me the marriage certificate.”
  Wu smoke had to pull out a marriage certificate, hand it over.
  ”Look good, it looks good photo.”ZHANG Xiulian laugh squint eyes.
  Wu Jianguo also came over, see also nodded, “two children are growing well, this picture also looks good, I still see a bit more like his dad, brow look more like.”
  Wu smoke poure深圳桑拿网d himself a cup of tea, the air temperature again raised the point, she felt really good in the north, such as heating in winter too comfortable.
  They air conditioning was bigger, not like the north as can wear short-sleeved swinging in the house.
  Wu Jianguo ZHANG Xiulian and read the marriage certificate, she looked sitting on the sofa drinking tea smiling smoke Wu.
  Wu laughed smoke a little scared, “both of you how to laugh in such a way not to receive a card thing.”
  ZHANG Xiulian marriage certificate handed to her, “What is not to receive a certificate, this is what you married, do not know officially married after her parents called us.”
  ”That was not my home, I come back you can not go out of my” Wu smoke drinking the tea on the table.
  ”It is, but we either return to the country this year, Sioux City handed down a wine how all receive a certificate, which feast not to do it.”Wu Jianguo proposal, he still has the old traditional thinking, child marriage amazing people eat your home.
  Otherwise, who sent out the ceremony are not being paid, of course, does not care about this, just want to let people know that the child married.