Deputy head.Rounding it is approximately equal to president!

  Pull pull is being impassioned, the man hurled a suit came in, said nothing directly to the president like a monkey carry carry into the office.
  Former president also closed one eye closed punch you throw a flirtatious winks.
  Wittily pointing to his chest Hammer everyone.
  Then the room broke out as flash floods unilateral lecture.
  ”Who is it?”Wan Wan asked.
  ”That is the big boss, you are the real owner of the newspaper, under the name of many industries.”
  And then came out, the president never seen the kind of playful vigor, the skin should be ripped off.
  Big boss stare president, shivered his suit to go.
  Everyone around in the past.
  ”President, what happened?”
  President broke out loud piercing cry, “I got fired!Wow.”
  God in the old pull pull patted the back of the president, “Do not be sad, after the low-key man.”
  The president must be because the man was only too stressed dismissed.
  ”I fired because you!”
  President wronged directed pull pull shouted, “Are you breaking es北京夜网say written article!”
  ”Ok?That means.”
  Rusty pull pull brain starts to rotate rapidly rotating.
  ”I thought you were also expelled!”