”Zombie virus.”Li respect opening, with a somewhat angular features chilled.

  This is extracted from his body, enough to get her into his kind.
  Nan Fei Yu Ning tube TV drama, even for a moment before a soft voice asked, “Li respect, you did not find me where it is not the same?”
  His eyes fell on her face, has been down a good long while, it can not help but curiously深圳桑拿网 asked, “Where?”
  Her clothes, hairstyle, have not changed, his face has been no makeup.
  ”I’m pregnant.”Nan Fei Yu opening word by word.
  Li statue instantly stiff in there, “What did you say?”
  Nan Fei Yu repeated again.
  Li Zhang Xi Zun thin lips, actually awkward, hands tubes also fall to the ground, smashed a dilute broken.
  The next second, he was ecstatic, forced to hold her to live.
  Nan Fei Yu smoked him that kind of a strange taste to, frowned, “your body stinks.”
  He certainly is a long time when zombies, also less attention to health, and are reminded her, he would notice.
  That familiar voice full of dislike, but let Li statue eyes fever, more arm force, like that little fool, tightly wrapped around her.
  ”In fact, they are not important, I want just you.”He will face buried in her base of the throat, voice dumb.
  Nan 杭州桑拿洗浴Yu Fei micro-flute, though dislike the smell of his body, but still out of little hands, pat on the back of his head a few times, “that.To do baby?”
  Zhang Li statue lip kiss on her collar, “you say?”
  Prior to her, because the body multiply out of impulse, wanted to know whether humans and zombies to have a child.
  But now, he has some fear.