”Mother, you make clothes, Shirley happy to go again!”
  Ruan Guohua opened the curtain, and had had a chill, he jumped jumped on this ground, rubbing his hands together and said, smiling, “Mother, Shirley you do this dress, I can look at it in the next!I have not!”He said this time, aggrieved outrageous.
  In addition to the children at home, it is the first to get new clothes I own a Mother.
  He is this not in front of your mother I talk about things their own wife, law relationship has always been difficult process, but i苏州桑拿网n their home, mother and daughter but like the pro-girl, one his mother and good wife, and second is his son contributed to the.
  Thanks to him in the middle reconcile.
  Ruan Guohua reckon, this world can not find him such a good son and a good husband!!!
  Sure enough, his words said, pounding a fist in Ruan Guohua Zhou Xiuying chest, “You Zaoxin case, Shirley during the day, coming back from work you have to wait a few God, his distressed wife does not know!”
  Her distressed.
  Fang Xiulan day does not idle, grabbed outside the house, also thanks to three children grow up, do not need to take care of her, do not need feeding, coupled with the booming day every day for Fang Xiulan, money touches the next, As long as the whole family in a happy, how good are.
  Fang Xiulan came in last, after she got off work went to a depart杭州桑拿ment store to buy a new bottle of cream, the cream of her smiling and handed Zhou Xiuying, “Mother, daughter, but a little hard, there Guohua, as well as Amid their three siblings, I am happy every day of the mouth are Bulong.”
  Even if it is outside a hard day, go home to see a man and a child, her whole body is kept dry.
  Fang Xiu苏州桑拿lan Zhou Xiuying, raising his hand touched the hair, “you ah!Do Young as capital, to the year, which put things out to the younger generation who do give them to do, especially Guohua, he was a big man at home, work at home, but should the!”
  Doing live?
  Of course the housework.
  Only Ruan men do h