New L’Oreal Anti-Wrinkle Firming Double Serum


New L’Oreal Anti-Wrinkle Firming Double Serum

Designed specifically for men’s skin, the dual-effect combination brings you the dual effects of firmness and anti-wrinkle, reshaping the skin’s best condition.

  Men’s Anti-Wrinkle Firming Double Essence Milk 130 Yuan / 30ml 1.

Concentrated antistatic gel.

hzh {display: none; }  2. Powerful anti-wrinkle cream Benefit 1: Tighten the face and anti-relaxation gel for the skin instead of Pro-Tensium, an active firming ingredient with stretchability.

After the first use, the skin feels firm.

  Efficacy 2: Reduce wrinkles Pro-Retinol Provitamin A is wrapped in nanoparticles to form Pro-Retinol VX, which can penetrate the skin more effectively and exert its effects.

  It is obvious that the anti-wrinkle cream of Pro-Retinol VX can fight wrinkles more effectively.

  After use, wrinkles are significantly reduced and youthful.

  Efficacy 3: Enhance the skin’s self-protection ability Active Defense System is an effective active soothing ingredient that can help enhance the skin’s self-protection ability.

  The refreshing powder provides long-lasting hydration to the skin.

  After use, the skin feels less tight, more comfortable, smooth and elastic.

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