[Contraindications for Prickly Pear]_Efficacy_Recipe

[Contraindications for Prickly Pear]_Efficacy_Recipe

Many people have eaten prickly pears in the past. Prickly pears are mainly used to soak in water. They can be eaten when they are fresh, sweet and sour, and have high nutritional value. There are many ways to prickly pear.For example, use dried pears to soak them in water, but it should be noted that although the pears are very effective, and the pears are rich in vitamins and trace elements, the spleen and stomach are cold, and those who are weak should not eat the pears every day.

The contraindications of soaking pear water in drinking water are the first: patients with spleen and stomach deficiency should not eat cold pear, so after taking it, it is easy to cause cold.

Therefore, in patients with spleen and stomach deficiency in daily life, or patients with cold stomach pain, do not eat prickly pear to avoid exacerbation of the disease.

In addition, patients with chronic diarrhea should not touch prickly pear.

Second: Prickly pear can not be eaten every day. Pear pear is suitable for most people, but don’t eat it every day for the best results.

Prickly pears are so cool that they have the effect of strengthening the stomach and digesting food. If you eat them every day, it will easily lead to diarrhea and gastrointestinal problems.

Therefore, you can’t take too much of anything, and you must pay attention to the dosage when soaking the prickly pear in water.

Editor’s suggestion: The value of medicinal herbs contained in Prickly Pear is very high, and the whole body is precious. After taking it, it has the effects of nourishing the body and strengthening the stomach and digesting food.

In addition, drinking Prickly Pear soaked in water can also prevent aging, improve physical fitness and prevent cancer, anti-virus and anti-radiation effects. It also has very good effects on cardiovascular diseases.

The spleen and stomach are cold for contraindications in the distal barrier-free population, and those with chronic diarrhea should not eat prickly pear.

Recipe of thorn pear First: thorn pear porridge Ingredients: thorn pear, previous rice, rock sugar Method: Prepare fresh thorn pear, then smash it and squeeze the juice.

Put the previous rice with rock sugar and prickly pear juice in the pot together to make porridge, and then take while hot.

Efficacy: The main effect of this recipe is beauty and beauty, and weight loss. It can also be very good for your health after taking it.

It contains a large amount of vitamin c, and there are eighteen kinds of amino acids. In addition, the content of superoxide dismutase is very high. This dismutase can enhance the body’s immunity and beauty the skin at the same time.

It contains a lot of supplementary fiber, which can not only promote digestion, but also reduce weight when entering the body.

Second: Prickly pear ice porridge material: Prickly pear, rock sugar, the previous rice method: Wash the prickly pear and squeeze the juice, then cook the porridge with the prickly pear juice and rice and rock sugar.

Wait until the porridge is boiled and stop vomiting, put it in the freezer, and take it when needed.

Efficacy: The main role of this recipe is to clear heat and detoxify and to relieve stomach and stomach. When taking this recipe, pay attention to the weight of the food. Previously, rice could not be taken with horse meat, otherwise it would be easy to have a rash, and it would notTake pale ears together, otherwise the body will have heartache.

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