Wan Wan looked at the president’s eyes are full of envy.

  You are so very lucky, because you have me so good members!
  I never expected such a recognition by the pull pull, eventually lost their jobs.
  President pull pull to get the manuscript printed on the arrangements for the next day.
  And pull pull also successfully settled in the newspaper, to be a g佛山桑拿网lorious.Paparazzi.
  President was convincedThe manuscript will pull pull swept the entire PR, and then increase to three times the amount of print.
  The net worth of all let this incident will push the newspaper bet on a brilliant **!
  If the president really what might be expected, much of that newspaper photographs, eye-catching title, a newsstand began to enter the passers-by was berserk.
  We have a number of urgent print.
  On the streets, everywhere holding a newspaper man.
  Everyone looks at the newspaper, look very distorted.
  Is the kind of wanted to laugh do not laugh, hold back and wait any longer.
  I saw it on the big news pages, line of characters.
  ”Lonely Jour tryst Alice fart tender male, frequently comic shock broad daylight mouth!!”
  Today within the day, the president frequently to announce sales hit high single Nisshin good news.
  Excitement reddened face was like a monkey ass.
  Pull pull a little embarrassed by all the praise.
  She just learn from those past life entertainment news media scandal shining star of the title dig it.
  President Wan Wan really feel particularly gifted, and even proposed to make a direct pull pull as group deputy head.