Li Xi Wen male dormitory floor door waiting to go, there are still boys do not know do not mind her ugly, active and enthusiastic to help her to shout out Li Zhenhua.

  ”ZHANG Mao-lin with people privately, and asked you to buy a meal ticket?It touches people’s heads turn faster, his food stamps to reselling it!”Li Zhenhua took the card pondering for a moment, said:” Nobody asked you not to take the initiative, said the school sent people to ask you again, you little older, you say you do not know how, scared and ran away, others believe.”
  ”I could not be afraid to tell his brother, ah, how you round?”Li Xi Wen more concerned about Big Brother.
  ”Little girls appetite, balances some of the meal ticket private transfer to others is common.People just ask you a question you did not ask to change much afraid.I’ll change some myself when Shaoshao.People who engage in technology directly to the brain, could not think of curved around, not think so much!”Li Zhenhua touch her sister’s head, to fill the thermos mention to his sister,” do not buy the meal tickets, classes will be issued at noon, when you put this card to pay up.”
  ”Ok.”Li Xi Wen walked accounts, and found her brother became a national university student benefits China is still very large, after a month at home can cost less than 20 pieces, more than two hundred a year, are enough to save a few years buy a house.
  Noon when classes will include Li Xi Wen, including the class thirty-six students handed in only half of the students purchase meal ticke南宁夜网t meal ticket back of record.Squad leader Wang Xiansheng dry tone is born, it is also very strict set, he only gave it half of the students made twelve dollars a meal ticket and two five pocket money.
  ”Anyway quantitative are the same, all the same day retreat.But you come back tomorrow, my side of the meal ticket less the amount of fat a day, in addition to discount money to you.”Wang Xiansheng Oh laugh,” we college students are higher consciousness, it can not account for the country’s cheap, you say is not?”
  Has put out a meal ticket transfer students certainly do not agree, we introduced the debate on behalf of and Wang Xiansheng.Wang Xiansheng former instructor, in particular, can say that a few people to fight very easily, but his attitude is also particularly good, he seems to speak especially to reason.
  Li Xi Wen while learning the art of speaking squad, while himself looking for something to do, she separates flour and rice, coarse food and dishes of gold, the number of days by this month, a good points day by day, and then used scratch paper wrap, write the date.
  As only a female classmate, Li Xi Wen sat in the front, others can see every move.Wang Xiansheng also tired of noisy, smoke empty asked Li Xi Wen, “Li Xi Wen little classmates, what are you doing?”
  ”Make sure not to overspend every day, I do not want to starve.”Li Xi Wen smiled,” King squad leader, canteen Dafan start ah?”
  ”Adjournment of the adjournment!No refund flat big meal ticket back to the level of people to the cafeteria to eat large, the way the meal ticket back!”Wang Xiansheng waved his hand,” 1:30 and party members to the classroom set of textbooks we Quban!”
  Li Xi Wen classes will be loaded back to tableware bag, the adjournment her directly to the cafeteria Dafan, after lunch she strolled back to the dorm, Cai Yaping has not come back.
  Li Xi, estimates Jacky’s meal ticket if true is transferred to Lin Qiaoyu quest can come back, and if transferred to someone else may be able to choke.But the thing she most they can save out meal tickets for four days transferred to Cai Yaping, others simply can not help busy.She thought, took out a packet of tea face half a catty put on the desk owned by Cai Yaping use, leaving a note to say what this is, please Cai Yaping eating red hot.Then she was carrying a large empty bag to the classroom.
  Real mother is the school’s faculty, Li Xi Wen to join the league of age, there is a piece of self, although she thought the initiative to earn performance points, the squad leader shouted out students are, of course, she is going.
  To a total of three party members and six members, and several activists, Li Xi Wen does not require such thin thin weak, the only student to Quban book.Wang Xiansheng Li Xi Wen on the arrangements for cleaning up health with people he went to pick up the book.
  In fact, very clean classrooms.But Li Xi Wen or honest then clean it again, she would let the classroom watering, there is the obvious place to sweep the dirty, and then very carefully wiping the table
  A teacher saw pass by, nodding to continue passing.