What kind of character Cancer

Cancers are gentle, honest, sensitive, and lack of security, strong self-protection awareness, so I am also very slow, also shows that human feelings, friends, once selected, they want a lifetime.Cancer usually caring, charity.They are emotional, sometimes people feel very baffling.Friends and family are very loyal, they attach great importance to the family, is the guardian of the family, full of gentle temperament.There are strong willpower, understanding, thrifty.  Cancer will not easily make new friends, because they have a deep sense of self-protection, but to become friends and Cancer, the Cancer will be very loyal to my friends, will become lifetime friends idea Cancer friends discover they are bad a good man, is the most persistent constellation.Perhaps because Cancer is ruled by capricious moon, resulting in this constellation of people born with a lack of sense of security, self-protection is very strong, sensitive and suspicious.This will also lead the Cancer emotional way, they easily hysteria, led by the nose by his own emotions and a loss.  Cancer willpower just as steady in general, is part capable of slowly persevered, they used soft power to adhere to, treat things you want can be a good persevere, not give up.Cancer who are very tolerant, for the fault committed by you, not in mind, will try to calm down, uphold the “people are not err too free”, here can find their shining glory of motherhood.  Cancer is a typical Gu love home, they can sacrifice a lot for the family, girls can do at home to concentrate on male child ticket good wife and dedication to take care of his family.Cancer of the people, both men and women are emotional intelligence is high, because of their sensitive property itself, so that they can easily understand the emotions of the people around them, plus they liked nature take care of others, can be timely to comfort each other.  Most Cancer is very nostalgic, like collecting old things from them will be able to find this lost time always seems to be good, in the face of reality Cancer Strikes will miss the past, often they indulged themselves unable to extricate themselves, and lose yourself in the real world , resistance is low.They are often very introverted, have put a lot of mind to hide deep inside, I do not know how to share with others, people may feel that the crab is not enough to trust them, her boyfriend may feel useless. Constellation music original article, reprinted need to indicate the source