Winter yoga classic 8 poses make your chest stand out

Winter yoga classic 8 poses make your chest stand out

In winter, our body and passion are cramped, and our range of activities quickly shrinks to indoors.

“It’s too cold” has become a reason why many women don’t want to go out.

But the beautiful coat could not cover the annoying excess meat on the body, more and more parties ended, and the beautiful little dress became anxious with the owner.

Don’t panic. In winter we have the most suitable indoor bodybuilding exercise-yoga. As long as there is a two-square-meter space, a mat, and a soothing music disc of your favorite, you can immediately start yoga exercises for winter beauty.

This winter bodybuilding 8 style is tailor-made for us to hide in a warm room but refuse to give up our own.

Are you ready?

To begin, change to loose clothes, any spacious space is fine, please close your eyes, take 3 deep breaths, imagine how you look after doing these 8 classic yoga poses.

  Snake-style main attack: Make the chest stand out. This pose has the effect of beautifying the spine and makes the body have good and beautiful lines. Frequent practice of this pose can also eliminate the spine stiffness and beautify the skull and neck.

  Backward main attack: Let the chest and the gravity fight the limbs, with both hands at the waist.

The reclining posture of the body has the effect of preventing the tibial nerve, strengthening the spinal nerves, and making people look full.

  Tree-type main attack: Poor posture, eliminating the “elegant leg” one-leg balance pose makes the posture elegant and upright. This is one of the largest postures in yoga postures, which can cultivate good posture and temperament.

Straightening one leg can also eliminate excess leg excess and varicose veins in the calf, as well as correcting the bad habits of people with breasts and hump.

  Cobra-style main attack: the sexy “bent” curve back line at the waist-hip junction.

  Sun-style main attack: Lifting your body this posture can exercise the muscles of the whole body, especially the function of the legs, strengthen the heart, and cultivate self-confidence and firm mentality.

  Arrow-type main attack: The seated balanced posture where the back of the arm is most exposed to age can strengthen the strength of the waist and the balance of the body. Because the arms and legs are bent to both sides, you can step on the muscles of the arms and legs to beautifyLegs and arms to eliminate excess meat.

  Bridge-type main attack: charming waist and abdomen supine, raised hips and waist can exercise the function of the body’s torso, often practice to make people have a strong, beautiful waist and abdomen, and raised legs can accelerate the body’s metabolism and strengthenBlood circulation to the heart, lungs, face, and cervical spine.

  Forward-curved main attack: The rear line poses a strange effect on the shape of the back of the thigh and the buttocks. It can make a woman’s back beautiful and sexy.

Note that your legs are straight and your head and body are trying to get close to your legs.

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