Emerald turkey

Emerald turkey

The best taste and effect: adolescent recipes low temperature environment working population recipes fattening recipe taste: salty fresh taste process: burning jade turkey tablets production materials: Ingredients: turkey breast meat 400 grams Accessories: egg white 90 grams, ham 50Grams, 50 grams of winter bamboo shoots, 200 grams of spinach seasoning: peanut oil 0 grams, ginger juice 3 grams, cooking wine 15 grams, starch (corn) 10 grams, salt 5 grams, MSG 2 grams of jade turkey tablets features: light and fresh, green asJade, soft and refreshing.

  Teach you how to make a jade turkey piece, how to make a jade turkey piece is delicious.

First, 200 grams of turkey chest into a fine mud;

Cut the remaining 200 grams of turkey breast into 3 pieces.

3 cm long, 1 cm wide, 0.

2 cm thick pieces of meat; 3.

And add 1 egg white, ginger juice, salt, MSG and cooking wine to pickle properly;

Winter bamboo shoots and ham meat are cut into the same size as turkey fillets;

Cut the spinach leaves into fine powder and squeeze out the green juice for use;

Then use 100 chicken in the chicken soup, add the appropriate amount of cooking wine, salt, ginger, spinach and water starch, stir well;

Pour the remaining egg into 3 portions and stir to make the chicken juice; 8.

Then heat the wok, and put the chicken flakes into the pan when the peanut oil in the pan is hot. After discoloration, pour into the colander;

Finally, in the original pot, put the base oil, fry the cooking wine, add chicken soup, monosodium glutamate and salt, boil;

Put in winter bamboo shoots and chicken juice, use water starch to make a thin juice, and put it into the plate;

Put on the oil and put the chicken and ham slices.

  The production of jade turkey tablets should be 诀: This product has a lubricating oil process, and it needs about 500 grams of peanut oil.

  Tips – food phase grams: egg white: egg white can not be eaten with saccharin, soy milk, rabbit meat.

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