Principles of application of drug health

Principles of application of drug health

The application principle of drug health The specific application of drug health has been focused on both the supplement and the diarrhea.

When used properly, it can be used to a certain extent to prolong life.

But drugs are not omnipotent. If you only allow drugs, not relying on your own exercise and adoption, after all, it is passive and negative.

Drugs are only an auxiliary health measure. In practical applications, the following principles should be mastered.

First, do not blindly tonic to use the tonic method for nursed back to health, generally used for the elderly and frail and sick, these people’s physique is mostly “virtual”, it is appropriate to use the method of replenishment.

People who are not healthy are generally not required to take it.

In particular, it should be noted that taking supplements should be targeted. If you see a tonic, you think it is completely beneficial and harmless. If you take it up, it will easily aggravate the body’s qi and yin balance imbalance, or even useless, but harmful, so you should not blindlyTonic, should be targeted to make up for the fact that it is false and true.

Cheng Guopeng, a doctor of the Qing Dynasty, pointed out: “To make up for it, big!”

However, there are those who do not make up for mistakes; those who do not make mistakes and make up for mistakes; there are also those who do not divide the qi and blood, do not distinguish between cold and heat, do not know the opening and closing, do not know the urgency, do not divide the five internal organs, do not know the fundamental, not deepIf you want to adjust the party to the wrong person, you must not talk about it. This is the first principle that needs to be clarified.

Second, the purpose of making up for the over-subscription is to harmonize yin and yang, which should be just right, not too biased.

If it is too biased, it will become harmful, leading to a new imbalance between yin and yang, causing the body to suffocate and hurt again.

For example, although it is qi deficiency, but a large dose of qi does not care about other, make up too much, but it leads to stagnation of the air machine, chest, abdominal fullness, up and down; although it is yin deficiency, but a large dose of Yin andIf you don’t pay attention to moderation, the yin is too much, but it will prevent the yang from damaging, causing the human body to be chilly and dignified.

Therefore, it should be appropriate to pay attention to appropriateness, to be appropriate, and to make up for it. This is another principle that should be paid attention to when supplementing.

Third, dialectical in addition to the virtual person tonic, but the specific situation of the virtual person is different, so when tonic, must be clear of the dirty, blood, yin and yang, cold and heat, false and real, syndrome differentiation, in order to obtain longevity, andNot biased.

In addition, taking tonic, it is advisable to take different methods according to the changes in the yin and yang of the four seasons.

Otherwise, it will not only be useless, but it will be harmful to health.

Fourth, the Shengyi Yixie drug health care is certainly an auxiliary method for the elderly and the weak, and it is understandable to supplement the deficiency.

However, the physical sense is also too common.

Just talking about the facts is not the truth, and it is not lost.

Just as Xu Lingtai said: “If you can be a long-term, you must have a unique place. If you are alone, you should make up your yin.””Yin”; “If there are winds, colds, sputum, wetness, etc., especially when they are eager to sneak out”, the current people, the standard of living has improved, often replenishing and lax.

However, the plain cream has a lot of taste and taste, and often the fat alcohol is overflowing, the body is too much, and the blood and blood stagnation has become a hidden danger.

Therefore, the law of diarrhea is also an important principle of anti-aging.

The “Tibetan Scriptures” said that “the person who is the real person, the nature of the declaration must extend its life”, that is what it means.

Five, diarrhea does not hurt the body to live the evil spirits, the Xuan Xie Tong Li Fang can balance the yin and yang blood.

However, in the health adjustment, we must also pay attention to the proper use of the law of attack and diarrhea.

It is not allowed to over-spray due to its physical fitness. If it is too violent, it will lead to the lack of vitality in the human body. Not only will it not be able to prolong life, but it will be counterproductive.

Therefore, the law of diarrhea in drug health should not be harmed by the principle.

Strive to achieve sweaty sputum, clear and cold, and sturdy and fierce. In practical application, the following points should be noted: 1 If there is indeed a stagnation, you can consider using the method of attacking and diarrhea;The medicine must be affixed, safe and effective; 3 the dose must be appropriate, just as appropriate; 4 can not be eager to seek, and strive for quick results.

Sixth, medication gradual aging is a complicated and slow process, and any method of prolonging life and longevity will not be effective overnight.

Drug health is no exception, and it is impossible to expect to continue to achieve health and longevity in a short period of time.

Therefore, the use of medicine should slow down its work, there must be a level of process, and should not be eager to achieve.

If you don’t know why, you can’t get it fast, it’s not beneficial, it’s harmful.

This is the principle of application in drug health, and it is also a thousand years of experience in the history of health caregivers. It should be at least enough to know.

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