The nutrients of crude rice are most suitable for the needs of the human body.

The nutrients of crude rice are most suitable for the needs of the human body.

After the rough rice has undergone the treatment of the three digestive juices (saliva, gastric juice, gastric juice), it will enter the stage of absorption.

Having said that, a sound human body cannot be quickly absorbed by grass.

Because after adding the above three digestive juices, it is necessary to add bile, duodenal juice and intestinal fluid, and then carry out fine digestion and absorption operations.

This type of operation is inconsistent with the achievement of all the scores of the light meters.

  About now, nutrition now advocates adding more than 30 foods a day.

In this way, the relationship between nutrition and life of each food is never taken into account, and the digestive organs are not considered.

  In this case, the type, concentration, and secretion of the digestive juice can only cope with those foods in a disorderly manner, so that when eating, the internal organs and nerves will be abnormally fatigued.

  For the dietary methods advocated by modern nutrition, the more faithful the observance, the more the burden of the internal organs and nerves will be aggravated.

  Because of this, there are many people who follow this method of eating, and the body is prone to fatigue and fatigue, and the waist is heavy and the eyes are tired.

Some people may have liver, kidney function deterioration, cancer, allergic constitution and other symptoms.

  The modern nutrition diet seems to be luxurious and rich, but when those foods enter the body, they will turn into uncollected garbage, injuring the organs and nerves in the body.

  The so-called nutrition is difficult to control the natural level of the human body, it is unreasonable, and it is an anti-natural rebellious behavior.

  It is best to take a very natural way of eating. As long as this can be done, the various functions in the body will become normal and will be of great help to our health.

  The above points can be easily achieved by eating coarse rice.

  Let’s take a look at the example of the coarse rice being absorbed by the human body.

The outermost layer of rough rice is guaranteed, and part of it will be transformed into the material of our skin cream.

In other words, the skin of micron meters contains a lot of ingredients that become human skin cream.

However, this is not the only way.

A part will combine with the germ of the center of the rigid rice to become a superficial membrane of red blood cells, parasitism, genetic factors and the like.

  In this way, the layers of the coarse rice can not only complete the positive and negative differentiation and transformation of the nutrients, but also reduce the burden of organs and nerves to a minimum.

  Because of this, as long as you eat a little rice, you can adjust the function of the internal organs in a short time.

So it can relieve constipation and improve our health.

The effect is better than eating more than 30 nutritious foods a day.

  In the process of digestion, if the sugar is corrupted because it is not completely burned, it will become lactic acid.

After intense labor or exercise, the muscles will feel pain, and the lactic acid (produced by sugar and old waste) produced by incomplete combustion cannot be metabolized and stayed in muscle tissue.

  Lactic acid sometimes turns into fatigue.

In order not to make lactic acid into fatigue, it is necessary to have vitamin B1.

  One hundred grams of crude rice contains 0.16 mg of vitamin B1.

These vitamin B1 levels are sufficient to activate the saccharide contained in the slender rice so that no fatigue is accumulated.

  In order for the white rice to be digested and absorbed, it is necessary to supplement vitamins and minerals from the body or other foods.

Therefore, eating white rice is easy to accumulate fatigue, eating white rice is equivalent to eating something that is easy to corrupt.

  Although alkaline rice and white rice are both attached, their role in the human body is very different.

People who eat white rice tend to have an unsound state and are unhealthy, so that they often get sick and need medical care and medicine.

  Food that meets our appetite is likely to become a toxin after entering our body.

This must be understood.

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