[Baby food supplement fish ball practice]_ children _ how to do

[Baby food supplement fish ball practice]_ children _ how to do

When the baby is about half a year old, it is time to eat some complementary foods. When eating complementary foods, be sure to choose some high-nutrition foods. Fish balls are a good complementary food because its meat is very delicate., The nutritional value is also relatively high, and the effect on conditioning the stomach is also very good, which helps the baby’s nutritional intake.

It is a very good complementary food for babies, and the method is relatively simple.

The baby food supplement method is added into small essentials1. The fish ball is added separately or used for soup, and the noodles are very good.

If it ‘s for the little babies, the mothers have to split the fish balls into small pieces and eat them. It ‘s easy to feed the whole baby directly.

2, fish balls and biscuits are very similar, can “hide” some dishes that babies do not usually eat.

Baomas can replace the added vegetables according to the actual situation of the baby.

Ingredients preparation: one piece of sea bass, 30 grams of broccoli, 5 grams of starch, 1 egg step1.

Broccoli simmered in water, chopped stems.

Step 2.

The bass is cut at the tail first, but not cut.

The knife cuts in from the tail, walks against the fish bone, reaches the position of the fish head and cuts off the fish head, and then obliquely removes the obvious large spines on the fish.

third step.

One elbow fish tail, and the other hand with a knife blade from the fish tail to the fish head, scrape repeatedly.

In this way, the fish velvet can be scraped out, and the fishbone will naturally come out and be removed in time.

PS: It’s best to use a small knife or a dedicated chef’s knife for shaving scallops.

If you use a kitchen knife to scrape, Rong!




Fishbone will be scraped in (?
 ̄ ▽  ̄) b?

Scratch the fish velvet and grab it with your hand to check if there are any missing fishbone hiding inside.

Step 5.

Add fish, broccoli, egg whites and starch to the food supplement machine (no need to add water) and stir into a mud.

PS: If you are worried about the fishy smell, you can squeeze a little lemon juice in or add some green onions.

Step 6.

Bring the water to a boil and turn to low heat when the water is boiling.

Step 7.

Dip the water in the palm of your hand, dig a spoonful of fish paste into your hand, slowly knead into a ball, and add boiling water to heat until all fish balls float.

PS: If the fish ball particles are a bit large, add some cold water after floating, and remove it after floating again.

Step 8.

The fishballs that have been removed are then boiled in cold water to allow the fishballs to retract when cold, and the taste is more Q-elastic.

PS: Bao moms pay attention to cold water, not cold water!

Be sure to boil and let cool water!

Step 9.

It can be stored frozen and sealed for 7 days.

QQ bouncing small fish balls, baby love to eat, Bao Ma also come one by one, right?O (∩_∩) O ~~ Production tips 1- When scraping fish paste, generally press the fish tail with your left hand, and scrape from the fish tail towards the fish head with your right hand. After scraping to the fish head, continue scraping from the fish tail.

It is best to use a small knife when shaving fish paste. A large kitchen knife is easy to get tired by hand; the other is also easy to scrape the fishbone.

2- If your baby is allergic to egg white, you can add 30g water and 5g starch instead.
3- The remaining fish skin, fish head and fish bones can be used to make fish soup.

You can refer to the yellow bone fish soup I recommended a few days ago

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