[Efficacy of Yunnan Dian Black Tea]_Function_Effect

[Efficacy of Yunnan Dian Black Tea]_Function_Effect

It is good to have healthy tea drinking habits, tea culture is different in each place, and the efficacy and role of some teas are not the same. You can wash according to your own needs, or according to your own requirements, etc., Choose a tea type that suits you.

Among them, people in Yunnan town are accustomed to drinking black tea. Yunnan town is famous for its black tea. The following is a detailed explanation of the efficacy and role of this black tea in Yunnan town.

Tea’s role: Helps prevent and fight cancer Tea polyphenols can interrupt the synthesis of various carcinogens such as nitrite chains in the body, and have the effect of directly killing quantum and improving the body’s immunity.

According to relevant data, tea polyphenols (mainly catechins) in tea are beneficial for the prevention and adjuvant treatment of gastric cancer, bowel cancer and other cancers.

Keeping the blood clean and weakly alkaline is the secret of tea.

Green tea can minimize the harm of cigarettes.

Tea Taboos: Do not wash your face with green tea on dry skin, let alone drink green tea before cocoa exposure to the sun, it is too extreme.

Tea polyphenols have strong antioxidant and physiological activities, and are scavengers of free radicals in the human body.

According to the results of the Japanese Okuda Takuyong test, it is confirmed that the anti-aging effect of tea polyphenols is 18 times stronger than that of vitamin E.


Those who work with “brain” every day, or those who stay up all night studying hard, should drink more jasmine tea.


People who exercise regularly or are engaged in military labor-based work → suitable for drinking oolong tea and black tea.


People who need to ride a motorcycle often, or suffer from dirty air → drink more green tea.


People who sit still all day and do not exercise anymore-→ drink green tea and flower tea.


People who do not leave their tobacco and alcohol → Drink more green tea.


Carnivores[People who feel nervous when they do n’t eat meat for a day]→ Drink oolong tea.


Every time I go to the toilet, I think it is a chore, people who often have constipation → drink more honey tea!


People with high plasma and high blood lipids → Oolong tea, green tea 9.

Modern people who “wrestle” with computers every day → Really drink more tea[as long as it is tea!

】 While fighting with the computer, it doesn’t prevent you from making a cup of tea, just drink a few sips when you have time. Not only can it prevent the harm of radiation, but it can also relax your bones and bones, and eliminate fatigue and fatigue.

Helps to delay aging tea polyphenols have strong antioxidant and physiological activities.

Tea polyphenols, which help to suppress cardiovascular diseases, play an important role in human micro-metabolism.

Promote beauty skin care 4.

Helps refreshing5.

Helps diuresis and relieve fatigue6.

Helps reduce fat and help digestion7.

Helps protect eyesight8.

Helps prevent and treat radiation damage (suitable for ordinary computer users) 9.

Helps inhibit and fight viral bacteria

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