Seven Ways to Cultivate Your Heart at Work

Seven Ways to Cultivate Your Heart at Work

Modern psychology research on seven ways to cultivate the mind of white-collar workers shows that fast-paced people have a sense of tension, stress and anxiety, and cause psychological stress reactions.

This psychological stress response has twofold characteristics: one is that it can make people learn to adjust through various factors to produce better adaptability, improve psychological quality, and be conducive to the success of the cause.

The second is that if the persistent stress state is difficult to relieve, it is easy to cause disease and mussels are harmful to health.

Therefore, alleviating psychological tension should be an important content of modern white-collar self-care.

The following suggestions can help you.

  Combining work and rest, there are Zhang Youchi. White-collar workers should objectively recognize and evaluate their ability to withstand, grasp their advantages, give play to their strengths, and learn to improve their psychological ability in a fast pace, and basically maintain their psychology in various eventsbalance.

It is necessary to arrange work, study and life scientifically, formulate practical work plans or goals, and leave room in due course.

No matter how your work improves, you should set aside some rest every day, “gasp” time, and try to give the mentally tight strings a chance to relax.

You don’t have to worry about your career setbacks, and you shouldn’t waste your heart or exhaustion on “magnificent goals” that you simply can’t achieve.

  Physical function and balanced utilization If you can use the physiological functions in a balanced way in your work, it can be very useful.

“Balance” is multi-faceted, such as the balance of brain power and physical strength; the balance of left brain (abstract thinking) and right brain (image thinking); the balance of each nerve center of the brain; the balance of standing, sitting, and walking;Ear balance and more.

In this way, the potential of physiological and psychological functions can be brought into full play, which is beneficial to human health.

Every mental worker should combine health care with work according to his own work characteristics.

  Psychological adjustment, sublimation of emotional work and life troubles are unavoidable, it is not appropriate to force the backlog of sorrow and pain into the bra.

When you are in a bad mood, you should try to find a way to “discharge” or transfer, such as talking to a close friend, spit it out, or go out and watch a movie.

TV and more.

In case of major grievances or misfortunes, it does not prevent you from crying.

Psychologists point out that crying is also a measure of self-psychological protection, which can restore the release and diversion of bad emotions. After crying, the mood will naturally be smoother.

When you are in trouble, you must see the bright side. When you fail, you have to look at your own achievements. You must have confidence and believe in your own strength.

This will help to clarify ideas, overcome difficulties, and overcome adversity.

  Pay attention to communication, make more friends to go out of the closed working environment and self-circle, make more friends.

Good interpersonal relationships are good for mental health and career success.

Mental workers should be willing to communicate, understand and express each other’s thoughts and feelings in communication, and they can both accept others and themselves.

  Hobby, the advantage of avoiding the shortcomings of modern white-collar workers can be used as a positive way to rest the brain “excitation stove”, effectively regulate and improve the process of brain excitement and inhibition, eliminate fatigue, make you from the nervous, boring, boring small circleOut of the country, into the realm of interest.

The hobbies are extensive, such as piano, calligraphy, painting, bird and fish breeding, flower bonsai, music and dance, tourist fishing, and so on.

You can choose according to your own interests and situations, make strengths and avoid weaknesses, invest appropriately, and it is best to form habits to ease tension.

  Exercise, the ancients to raise their minds and health said well: “Water does not rot, Hushu does not sting.”

For white-collar workers who often work at desks, it is important to develop the habit of physical exercise.

Because exercise can effectively enhance the functions of various organs and systems of the body, and can promote brain cell metabolism, so that brain functions can be fully exerted, improve work efficiency, and delay brain aging.

You can schedule an hour of exercise every day, or master it flexibly according to your own situation.

Prominent relaxation and physical fitness.

  Psychological consultation. If a health teacher is in a psychological crisis and is difficult to relieve himself or herself, and does not prevent him from seeking help from a psychological consultation agency, he can directly consult a psychiatrist or call a psychological consultation phone.

Psychological counseling is known as a “gentle spiritual massage”. Through the counseling, inspiration, comfort and education of a psychologist, it can make the person’s knowledge, emotions, will, attitude, behavior and other benign transformations, enhance confidence, and maintain physical health in boots.

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