Health Recipes of Chixiaodou

Health Recipes of Chixiaodou

Chinese medicine believes that the red adzuki bean is acidic and flat, which is good for water and dehumidification, and for purging blood and purging, reducing swelling and detoxification.

In addition to being used in clinical treatments, adzuki bean is a common ingredient in medicated diets.

The following experts in traditional Chinese medicine recommend several health and disease remedies for Chixiaodou.

  Nephritis Edema Recipe: 30 grams of red bean, 15 grams of watermelon peel, 15 grams of corn, 15 grams of winter melon peel.

Smash all the ingredients, put them into a casserole, and cook twice with water for 30 minutes each time. Combine the juices and make 300 ml.

100 ml 3 times a day.

  The side clears heat and detoxifies, and relieves swelling.

Suitable for nephritis edema, unfavorable urination, urinary tract infection, etc.

  Recipes for malnutrition edema: 30 grams of red beans, 30 grams of red beans, 20 dates.

Add the ingredients to the water pot, and boil over high heat and simmer over low heat.

Eat every morning and night.

  This formula is good for spleen and dampness, nourishing kidney and regenerating essence.

Suitable for malnutrition edema, anemia, etc.

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