Super Hot Yoga Woman Decompression Book

Super Hot Yoga Woman Decompression Book

Despite having to work every day, 9 hours of MBA classes a week, and a lot of housework, Gisela, 31, is still full and never feels stressed.

Her secret is the now-popular weight-bearing yoga.

It is a type of yoga that combines ordinary yoga with strength training.

Let’s see how she does it.

  Squat rowing effect: Tighten your legs, hips, abdomen and hips A, legs tight together, hold a dumbbell in each hand, and squat backwards until your thighs are almost parallel to the ground.

(Beginners don’t need to squat so low.

) Keep the front flat, and look at the ground 2 feet in front of you.

With your palms facing up, press the ends of the two dumbbells together, taking care not to let your arms touch your wrists.

Don’t move your left arm, inhale, then bend your right elbows backwards and pull the dumbbells towards your chest.

Exhale, then lower, repeat with your left arm.

  B, repeat the above actions at the same time, keep this action, and then do a static contraction.

Lower and stand upright.

  Effects of three weight-bearing rotation movements: tighten legs, hips, abdomen and tibia A, support your body with your right foot, and place your left foot on your right thigh.

(Beginners can put their feet on the right calf, or just touch the toes gently with the ground.

) Lift the dumbbell over the front with your palms inward.

  B. Inhale, then lift the dumbbell in your right hand above your head, keeping your arms close to your ears.

Then exhale and pull your arm back.

Repeat the exercise with your left arm once, and then do both at the same time. You will lift your head over the same time at the same time. Keep this motion, do a static contraction exercise, lower your arms, and then support your body with another foot.

  Combat style one effect: Tighten your legs, hips, abdomen, tibia and biceps A, step your right foot back about 4 feet, turn your left foot apart, and turn your whole body to the left.

Keep your right foot forward and your head forward.

Bend your right elbow over your toes, knowing that your thighs are almost parallel to the ground.

Raise your left arm behind you to align it with your shoulders, palms up.

Keep your right arm above your upper right and palms down.

  B. Inhale and lift your right arm straight forward in front of your body to a level with your shoulders.

Exhale, then lower the dumbbell.

Just do it once.

Keep your right arm still, inhale, then bend your left elbow, bend the dumbbell toward your shoulder, exhale, and then return the dumbbell to its original position.

make once.
  C. Lift your right arm while flexing your left arm.

Keep this motion for a static contraction.

Return to the starting position and repeat with opposite legs and arms.

At the end, use your feet and extend tightly.

  Combat II effect: Tighten your legs, hips, abdomen, and triceps A, and move your left foot back about 3 feet.

Start leaning forward from your knee joint, place your right-hand dumbbell on your right arm socket, while raising your arms and elbows, straighten your left arm forward, level with your shoulders, and palms inward.

Lift your left foot off the ground, straighten your left leg backwards, and tighten your toes so that your left arm forms a straight line with your left toe.

(Beginners can put their outstretched arms on the back of a chair as a support.

) B. Inhale, then straighten your right arm backwards and turn your palms up.

Exhale, then return the dumbbell to the arm socket, do this action for 2 beats, and then keep this motion for a static contraction exercise.Return to the initial position, lower your arms and legs, and repeat with the opposite legs and arms.

  Yoga is a beautiful book for women, but be sure to follow the instructor or teaching tools and practice one step at a time to avoid physical injuries caused by wrong yoga postures.

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