Middle-aged couples favor trial divorce

Middle-aged couples favor “trial” divorce

Yesterday morning, the reporter met Ms. Song, 34.
Flowing long hair, fair skin, light makeup, raising her hands to exude the charm of a mature woman, this is a very temperamental woman.
The reporter commented in her heart when she saw Ms. Song.
  Ms. Song said to the reporter with some concern: “In fact, I hesitated to find the courage to come to you again and again. My husband and I used to love each other vigorously, but because of my derailment when I was pregnant, my heart was coveredShadow, I can’t forgive him.
Both of us have decent jobs. He is 6 years older than me and used to have a good relationship. Later, he had a scandal with a temporary worker in the unit, which made me sad. Children who were more than two months pregnant at the timeIt made me suffer, because I don’t think he deserves me to give him children.
The blow was a big deal for me. Although he and the girl were no longer involved, I couldn’t trust him as much as before.
  I had proposed a divorce, but he refused to live or die, and gave me a chance, and I was worried that I would regret it after divorce, because he was still very good to me.
In this case we have separated and it has been more than 3 months now.
At first he was n’t around me. I could n’t sleep well. I woke up several times in the night. Every time I thought of his betrayal, my heart hated.
Slowly, there is less and less communication between us. I am also used to this life. I eat a meal together every day and rarely speak.
Several times he wanted to move in and he was blocked by me and refused. I felt that I could no longer accept his body.
Moreover, he didn’t care much about everything.
The approach he took in the face of my indifference was to avoid, go online and find the opposite sex to complain and chat.
“Yi reporter said,” Don’t you think this way, will your marriage really break down in the end? ”
Why not actively find a solution?
“” 唉, I don’t want to talk to him more now, I have hate in my heart, I think I’ve started to adapt to the days without him.
He used to be texting with other women and I was still angry. Now I do n’t bother to care about it anymore, and I do n’t have that uncomfortable feeling in my heart anymore. I do n’t think I really love him anymore and do n’t care who he is.
Sometimes he deliberately sent greeting messages to other women in front of me, but I didn’t even have the desire to ask, and I saw that he was very lost.
In his words, ‘the personal space and freedom that I had longed for now are available, but there ‘s no sense of relaxation’.
I plan to go for a divorce recently. This kind of chicken-style marriage is not necessary.
“Ms. Song said sadly.
  In response, Bo Meimei, a senior marriage and family instructor and national second-level psychological counselor, said: “A separation divorce to a large extent reflects the rejection of one person in the other’s heart. Sometimes when someone is hurt, they doA separate space to heal, but a long separation will only deepen potential conflicts and is not conducive to the exchange of feelings between husband and wife, because a hug will often make the other person feel warmer, and more separated couples will think ofThe other party’s bad, long-term feelings will be indifferent because of lack of communication.
If the desired opposite sex happens at this time, the emergence of extramarital affairs is inevitable.
Therefore, trying to separate and divorce is not a solution to the problem. You must pay your sincere attention and consider the problem from the perspective of the other side to gradually solve the problem.

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